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theres 2 versions of the camo pants. one is the straight up camo and one is the camo overdyed in grey.
best place to order some maine guide boots? I would like either the cerise or buccaneer models (with the yellow tongue) in a US 11. Thanks bros.
fourhorsemen said they got it in on their twitter, not up online yet though
Was just gonna post about this.Anybody have the Mali boots period? I imagine the sizing would be the same as the standard DB but any info would be sweet. [[SPOILER]]
durrrrr its september now dude.
Agree that they're shit but I'd rather see all the guidos and people with no taste wearing these than slim raws.
Hahaha didn't think I'd get so much fire for thinking N&F sucks. My experience with them is that their denim is mediocre and their fits suck. NBD. Glow in the dark is still cool though.
Exactly. Some of the pants look like they came from Wally world. I can understand not being super skinny, but this baggy is kinda of ridiculous and looks like shit IMO.
Brilliant. Too bad such a shitty company came up with it.
Do you know if they take phone orders?
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