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It was really cheap and thin like an APC summer shirt if that makes any sense to you. I would say nay unless its like 50%.
not just you. that site is pretty bad.
they mark down the value alot. ordered twice with no fees
I wear a 29 in PS (31 true waist) and took a 29 in the slim raws. they have loosened up with about 5 wears but are still a great skinny fit. would def recommend.
They don't really do codes, sometimes they'll do like "20% off outerwear" for a week or so, etc.Other than that they do their huge winter sale every January I believe.
Mr. Porter carries them and has a 20% discount right now, check the sale thread.
That jacket is a monster. I spent last January in Milwaukee and I feel that it would have been great for that.
how do the CP combat boots fit? I'm a 43 in achilles but there's only 42 and 44.
I believe the parka is levi's made and crafted
Can anybody comment on the fishtail's true colour? Half the pics I see online are green, half are brown.
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