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Happy to Help.
If only someone would have tipped off the group earlier
If only Henri had stock to sell....
Calling now!
Thanks for the update!
The refund is instant on our end. Depending on your credit card company or bank 2 or 3 days to see it hit your account.
Ok guys, I am home for the night so I might maintain radio silence. Its Saturday tmrw so I'll probably sleep in till 7 and be back on the grind around then. Helped quite a few of you today
This was one heck of a day. Started early and just keeps going. Re: the flippers. I had some one contact me today looking for several pairs and various sizes. Then told me it he didnt care whst model or sizes he got. Took me all of two seconds to figure out what he was up to before I put the Axe on that deal.
I'm hitting the gym. Got blue tooth / WiFi rig set up on the treadmill keep emailing.
Six thirty am. I'm up on the hunt for more shoes. Spoo: pretty much but they had it coming.
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