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Speaking of Lolcats.... I subscribe to this daily email: Its just what i need to start the day...
My folks are in Delray Beach. Lake Worth isn't that far North. Sure, i'd like to find something a little closer or better yet that i could ride to but at this point i'm just exploring and seeing what's out there. Btw, i'm not looking for a peleton to race/practice with but anything a notch or more below. Chill rides, easy flat spins, anything with climbing. (not in that part of FL as i recall). 18-21 mph is probably ok for me in the flats. Thanks. steve
Thanks Jon, Depending on my schedule and whether i bring my road bike with me or just buy something inexpensive down there, you may just hear from me. Here in LA, there are a ton of different riding groups and all seem to have websites that post their schedule and the type of riding they do. I'm training for the Aids Lifecycle next June and have been riding about 100+- miles per week lately and don't want to lose the momentum. Thanks for researching and any...
I'm heading back down to the Del Boca Vista area again to visit my family and relatives this coming holiday season again. I usually just dive on my vacation but this time i'm looking for some groups to ride with on my road bike. Anyone have some website links or groups to suggest? ImageWis? Thanks, stevo
My buddies and i have been playing Ghost Recon on the PC and Macs for several years and are looking for a new(er) cross platform game that we can all play. It doesn't have to be some brand new game. We'd also like to find a game that has a similar playing style like GR where we can work as a team fighting the baddies. We've heard Battlefield 1942 might be an option? Thanks. stevo
This will be my first ALC ride. I've followed it closely last year through the audio podcasts, the daily photos, blogs, etc. I also have many friends who've done it. Although some people like to do the "princess plan" meaning stay in hotels near the campsite each night, i want the total experience and happen to love camping. You can check out my page here and click on the 'experience the event' link to the left for more info or to follow the daily...
Anyone sign up or planning to ride? I'm #6001
If money is no object, there is still the B&O Serene and they are just about to release a new cell phone too. s
I've got a Scott CR1 SL CD with full Duraace and Ksyrium elite wheels. Starting to train for the Aids Lifecycle ride from SF to LA next June. Stevo
I've often thought about starting a thread entitled "Sally's or Pepes"? It seems to be one of the age old debates. For me, Its always been Sally's Apizza. Pepe's was good but a little soggy. Plus i worked on the "Home" Show back in 88-89 when the show went to CT to cover the First Brick oven Pizza place in CT. (at the time celebrating its 50th Bday) stevo
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