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hey tween_spirit are you still one of the fyad big dicks? jw is dan quinn still funny? he just asked if he could rent my GF for USD$10,000,000 on facebook lol
safety is cool....
that sounds pretty dumb actually.
im on board with that facial hair, but you need it longer on top for it to look 'right' i understand you have to attend a wake on sunday and will be shaving before then? i recommend you growing a long flowing mane of beautiful curly brown hair, then growing the same goateee thing. i bet you will look v. cool on your tiny motorbike with your tiny goatee and a giant beautifully coiffed mane of flowing auburn hair.
Mmmm that is one heckuva nice looking pair of denims, mind if I ask who makes them?
WOW! Phenomenal denim, may I ask what they are????
He was the lead singer of the band Nirvana, he was gunned down outside a club in las vegas in the 90s
drew don't do it. it would be cool, but those church jils are already pretty rare. do what you want, but if i were you i'd just grab some other shoe to puta crazy sole on, and keep the jil x churchs as they are.
the facial hair makes you look like the guy who i don't give change to every morning on my way to school
lane, i liked the last couple but this one doesn't do anything for me.
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