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yeah ronnel is dope. nice jesus piece ronnel
not jp, but french: eric lebon the man himself, in his own clothes if you like it go on his site, check out the collection under denim awards 2008 http://www.ericlebon.com/
old post, but i want that first look bad
veronique branquinho triple five soul american apparrel ransom giuliano fujiwara
nice fit bud
sick jay weird!sick mr shamod pls change my name to kim jong chill
thanks. this is them before i got brass eyelets put in and got proper leather laces for themthey are also a lot more beat up now, lots of dirt/scuffs etc
ma-1 rogues gallery n&f paul smith belt our legacy viberg
no that makes sense. i was trying to do like really big bulky top then skinny jeans but idk the pics didnt turn out that well
i dont get what you mean, you think that the ma-1 should be worn with tighter stuff?? or baggier?? all the stuff i have on there other than the flannel and ma-1 fit pretty slim so idk wat to tell you
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