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unc has potential to be my fav waywt poster. his fit today was a homerun imo, even the glam hair fit in with it. grunge/glam hybrid is dope, unc toj is dopehe is cool but i just wish he would admit to mirin' jaw brah and get it over with
lol i didn't look at it past the mcnairy ties so i just assumed they wear $$ stuff
bro think about it. se is about vintage shit and cheap shit tailored to look more gooder-er than designer shit. those frech guys wear $$ stuff.
teger i didn't know you followed my tumblr
mine is da bomb
that unc fit is one of the best in the last 10+ pages
lol y'all nutted over that style belt when berlin report did it
edwin national anthem w+h viberg x hobo
tite but why not just use self timer?? would look so much gooder
j weird king of waywt
New Posts  All Forums: