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rayban gitman timex lvc cp lady at the hair salon gave me the dirtiest 10sc stare when i told her i just wanted to pay for a buzz cut and only on the sides and back.
polos are fuckin cool lmao if you buy into the bullshit *posts that thing on third looks with the wtaps supreme varsity and a white/red fp polo* *posts cassette playa polos*
lol so many people on here throw out coke dealer as a style thing.. i'm guessing you guys don't know too many coke dealers? i've never met a coke dealer that was well dressed outside of a club bro context
imo that needs white gym socks and white af1 mids
i'd rather they fit, than to sell, but that will never happen again.
lol i have a pair of cougar #1s(his first selvedge model ever) sz 30 that will never ever sell, i swear
i dunno how tall i am, somwhere bwtween 5-7 feet???
don't taper them
teger i got a 50 in the our legacy pants and im usually 31-32
i always resize my pics before uploading now, theirs sucks
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