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drkshdw isn't a diffusion line
apparently several pairs exist, will be displays for very large stores with viberg accounts, and will be made to order to the tune of ~$2000
you know what, as much as sq4you portrays himself as a dick on styleforum, this is a good, well thought out thread. of course $$ bragging in true sq fashion, but i enjoyed reading about his experiences with barneys in NYC vs LA, and the other points he mentioned. i'm also very interested to hear how his phone call went.
just found this stupid wristwatch print paul smith down jacket at a consignment store, again. when i first saw it the price was $120, today i got it for $34 hahahahahaha weeo weoo
its just brett's clothing line.and viberg are apparently going to make sneakers at some point. viberg x nike was a thing
he designed a cool mariners hat with a kingdome print on it
into the toilet >: ________________________________________________________)
norsedana leeengineered garmentsengineered garmentswings + hornsviberg3 year anniversary with the gf [[SPOILER]]
breast milk
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