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i'd rather they fit, than to sell, but that will never happen again.
lol i have a pair of cougar #1s(his first selvedge model ever) sz 30 that will never ever sell, i swear
i dunno how tall i am, somwhere bwtween 5-7 feet???
don't taper them
teger i got a 50 in the our legacy pants and im usually 31-32
i always resize my pics before uploading now, theirs sucks
yea pretty much. high armholes, boxy and loose. my kinda jacket.i literally only have 1 pec so i can probably bench 2-3 cats/small dogs in one hand and 3-4 in the other.
it is feminine. that isn't a bad thing. i think he looks good. smash the patriarchy! cis male heteronormative fuckkkers !!
ok lol i know i already commented, but this fit is proof god doesn't exist
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