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i dunno how tall i am, somwhere bwtween 5-7 feet???
don't taper them
teger i got a 50 in the our legacy pants and im usually 31-32
i always resize my pics before uploading now, theirs sucks
yea pretty much. high armholes, boxy and loose. my kinda jacket.i literally only have 1 pec so i can probably bench 2-3 cats/small dogs in one hand and 3-4 in the other.
it is feminine. that isn't a bad thing. i think he looks good. smash the patriarchy! cis male heteronormative fuckkkers !!
ok lol i know i already commented, but this fit is proof god doesn't exist
gats look so fuckin dumb here imo
yo gettoasty do you have some sort of IM? also, for the ideal mesh tank styling check out http://raddlounge.tumblr.com/ about 10 (edit: found one around 8 pages in and around 14-16, so around there) or so pages back they had new mesh tanks which they styled with everything. also, this
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