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shah and fuuma frickin headshot!!!
teger do you work for folk? or did you just start that thread
actually honestly the coolest in my opinion is the energy drink chugging guy http://www.youtube.com/user/DJENTERTAINMENT4LESS?feature=watch underdog write in for coolest internet personality and also my personal hero and also my #1 spot for the internet personalities i would like to shotgun energy drinks with
demoniusx is the coolest
raybandana leenaked & famousdana leerokinjas mb bagaccidentally got pre- sweetened chai the other day... don't ever want to feel that feeling again . . .
lmao no he was on TMZ dude
hey tween_spirit are you still one of the fyad big dicks? jw is dan quinn still funny? he just asked if he could rent my GF for USD$10,000,000 on facebook lol
safety is cool....
that sounds pretty dumb actually.
im on board with that facial hair, but you need it longer on top for it to look 'right' i understand you have to attend a wake on sunday and will be shaving before then? i recommend you growing a long flowing mane of beautiful curly brown hair, then growing the same goateee thing. i bet you will look v. cool on your tiny motorbike with your tiny goatee and a giant beautifully coiffed mane of flowing auburn hair.
New Posts  All Forums: