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Thanks, Dana Lee is one of my favorite labels now after having handled a bunch of it, and its definitely my favorite label I can easily get my hands on(i.e. buy in the city I live in).notwithit - its Hoyne brewery devil's scream IPA. The brewmaster at Hoyne actually taught the guy at Driftwood, and Driftwood makes the #1 beer in Canada(Fat Tug IPA)DLSter - its just the beach at Parker's park on Vancouver island BC, most of the beaches here look like that.
bag & shoes.. dana lee national anthem our legacy yuketen jas mb
i was only 15% joking though. runway shows are just the designers presentation of their work, when you look at individual pieces of his they seem much more wearable. shit is $$ - $$$ though so you might not be that into it, since it is 'risky' if you aren't into that sort of thing.
tween this thread makes me so happy i want to poop on u
knucks ignore these jokers and go full WvB
i think surplus levis and tims would looks p good.
so what? you think you need to spend $$$ to look good?
that coat
yes willy's scrotum is unusually long so most of his body heat is spent keeping those low flying birds warm
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