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cool, my aunt used to work at the lodge so i've spent a little bit of time there. definitely beautiful
rayban dana lee dana lee our legacy viberg
do what fuji did (deadlifts)iirc he is pretty tall as well
reg chucks would be better unless those don't have the heart on them (only because i like chucks to be plain)i think it needs a different shirt but im biased, as i don't like the rg fencing shirt at all
from wikipediawhy
this is what i was gonna post.if he got a really short, high fade i think it would look cool.
i think this is why toj jackets, especially non bomber(non elasticized cuffs) ones, look so good on
theres a pretty cool mini documentary about baldessari thats narrated by tom waitsedit: that was posted already rofl thanks bows now i look like an IDIOT
take notes, this is it.
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