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i want some moires so bad still agh but only this version
lol if you think reg date / post count mean anything
wrong blogging platform teger.
afaik blanc & noir is no more dana lee is from vancouver, and lots of it is made in canada, but the label is out of nyc
both shirts are unholy matrimony. necklace was from chris on sufu from 08 or something.
unholy matrimony unholy matrimony acne nike
hows the zara in kuwait
lol can't believe i only found that tumblr last week. of course its hit and miss like any of those fkn blogs but the times when its funny, its really funny
fyi tilak is da bomb.. acronym bought them after their first season or(im pretty sure) so and use them for their production. tilak was the czech government's before afaik. http://www.tilak.cz/
well i dunno about the techwear specifically but the classic example is canada goose being used at all the antarctic research stations as official wear
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