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i cant even sign in, and when i try it won't let me browse the forums because i'm not auth'd or something
aoc hat back number jacket unholy matrimony flannel skull necklace aa tee ransom pants viberg boots
i never worked IT but i'm going to school for computer science now so soon enough i will(or something similar)
thanks man, i will try this. i have never polished shoes though ahhaha
yeah fk it i'll do whatever works. they are baggy jeans so the wear will take longer too. drew whats the prescription? i'll try whatever will work
anybody know a way of getting really nice looking fades from intentionally damaging raw denim?I've heard you can sandpaper them but I doubt that would look good? I have a pair of really cheap raws that I just want to beat to shit without having to wear them every day for years. I've been obsessed with these prewashed ones since I found them I'm willing to try whatever, I don't care if i ruin them since they were dirt cheap
your last one was ok but this one sux imo
just trade stuff 2 me tia
i think his fit would be good with a jacket instead of a hoodie, and a better photo. not nearly as bad as everybody made it out to be
why can't i like my own posts.. mods, fix please?
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