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i dunno this is the only thread i read on this forum lolare there any other good threads on here? serious q
yea my point was basically that putting you into attachment and cdiem would just ruin whats creative and unique about your style. you definitely understand what i meant about the hivemind thing. imo banal chic bizzare would be perfect for you, tho. if i had $$$ i'd get so much bcb
when did i say sf hivemind. if you want unc to dress like sz, cool whatever good for you, but i like the fact that he wears shit nobody else does.i;d pick these instead
lol? just bc not a lot of ppl on this forum wear attachment or cdiem doesn't mean they aren't forum hivemind picks.
boring hivemind picksunc should start buying bizzare chic banal
all hail jay weird dodgers h&m unholy matrimony aa tee neked n famous docs
i cant even sign in, and when i try it won't let me browse the forums because i'm not auth'd or something
aoc hat back number jacket unholy matrimony flannel skull necklace aa tee ransom pants viberg boots
i never worked IT but i'm going to school for computer science now so soon enough i will(or something similar)
thanks man, i will try this. i have never polished shoes though ahhaha
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