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had that same mmm jacket years and years ago. favorite item i've ever owned, probably. sold it to yoallanface who has worn it into the ground ever since (recently the right sleeve completely fell off)would love to grab another one someday, if you ever wanna sell(or trade, i've got lots of shit i never wear) hit me up.
i went commando a couple years ago n never went back i've always wiped my dick off after pissing though, which is essential. people act like i'm weird when it comes up. i think its weird that theres an acceptable amount of piss to be in your underwear, but what do i know.
in what way is he a troll? because his criticism isn't delivered with kid-gloves?hes one of the few people who actually knows what hes talking about
^ good undo that top button though
i didn't mean shite as in its shit, just not my taste =] that last one however, is extremely my shit
this is so much better than your high waisted shite that i honestly don't care for one bitlooks really good
into the toilet
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