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i read it as atri shard
its an umbrelli i think =]
[[SPOILER]] ripvanwinkle jacketpatrick assaraf teenonnative jeanskolor bootsnbhd/effector glasseswerkstatt ring & bracelet
its cool that you have the mental maturity of a child and think that trying to insult somebody by calling them a girl is funny/appropriate
never played DeS, but I like DS2 a lot so far. I'll wait to make my judgement, but all of the changes I thought i wouldn't like about DS2 actually make the game even more challenging in ways I'd never imagined.
still one of my favorite techno tracks ever
sounds like somebody hasn't seen monster camp
ds2 for pc is objectively better than for console, if only for the improved load times.and its 2014, just plug a 360/ps3 controller in, and you have the exact experience of the console version. plus mods.
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