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god damn it
fuck me i want a pair so bad
nicolas andreas taralis is hot shit, if thats what you were referring to. worked under helmut lang, and hedi slimane, was creative director for cerruti in 06 to 08 or so. has won some awards.
will do. i've heard nothing but good things, made in france iirc.actually italy maybe? idk, but i will let you know.
http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/loop-online/item/s2146/thing would work for you, but is too small i think =[and i always just search in english, never really had any problems getting all the results i could possibly want
dries shirt taralis jeans
i hate those margielas so much
he is nicelynice
leather + silver werkstatt should be under 500, but for all silver you're looking at closer to 1k afaik
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