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bru na boinne, facetasm, labrat
nice tiny fit
whoever got my cdg homme coat on kind-u i fucking hate you
man you know whats funny? i just sorta caught up on this thread, saw that fit.. i wore basically the same thing tonight to a family dinner(homespun, kolor khakis, cdgh shirt, dbss leather shoe). shoulda taken a pic but i got no camera now.homespun gang >: ]]
just when i thought i couldn't like you any more than i do, you do this
fuck you if your favorite game isn't quest 64
fucking great
nn that is one ofmy favs from you, definitely my fav lower silhouette. would also be good with that other cool blazer by a designer with a complicated name too.
damn!!!its definitely the nicest piece of clothing i own. im glad its finally getting cold so i can actually wear it.
NN yep it is the 100% cashmere one, suzan i'm not sure what season, and i will sell it to you if i outgrow it(which i probably will the way the gym is going)
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