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my pair is my favorite pair ever. definitely not on the same level as railroad worker fetishist denim, maybe not worth imported retail a la haven etc but i got mine from kindal for ~90USD and at that price i'd have got 3 more pairs if I'd known how much i'd wear em.
i have the same scale but i use it to weigh food. not sure why you'd need to weigh your passport, but to each their own.
'there was never a decision to buy clothes that looked like they were from 1996, there didn't have to be a decision, it was a conclusion'
nbhd x2 tenderloin x2 soloist x2 champion x stussy
they are not matching wtf who would make 100% cashmere pants are u mental dude?!?!??!?!
based on your post history i can extrapolate that your care levels are at an all time high, actuallyactually buddy PM me if u want some devoa pants 4 cheap spacepope bought the jackey but not the pant
nice opinion............ not
hey guys
hey thaanks man white mountaineering x porter size 0
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