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Looking good =]
Thanks! Jacket is way too tight for knit, and I just love the mesh tee so much, but I agree a different color would be good under the jacket.
thanks bene =]
didn't take one, sorry
cheers guys, will do =]
those suit you very well, lorcan
yeah, i agree. i will need to do something, the thickness/stiffness of it definitely doesn't look good yet. its by far the nicest leather i've ever handled, though.also, re-porter is amazing, and everybody should buy something from him.
kg that ones nicey =] glasses via chris ripvanwinkle 4hm yang li nike leather is so damn thick and stiff, looks really weird right now, but as it softens up i think it should look more natural.
best recent rap imo is gilbere forte
mikeys last 2 or three have been real nice =]
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