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a bird in the hand is worth two birds with one stone
wayne gratzky =]
you should ask the really tough questions, like how to size APC jeans
care-tags GOAT
the answer is equally as boring for me. i just bought a ton of things that didn't work out for me, for whatever reason, and i analyzed what about them wasn't doing it for me. rise & repeat. i guess if i were to phrase this in an answer to the actual question i was asked, i would say that i try not to let those cultural influences dictate my personal style. just because something looks cool in a wong kar-wai movie, doesn't mean it will look good on me.
not really. maybe 5+ years ago i had some pretentious idea of what my style was, but nowadays i just like to buy cool things and wear them =]
all of this is good advice, but i would recommend folding, not stirring. the extra agitation will make it slightly more acidic.
pharrell is doing viral marketing for arbys
thanks. afaik nobody outside japan stocks it, i bought mine from re-porter. i paid %40 off of the commission price, which was just under 850, retail was 3300.
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