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nah thats his leather coat thing iirc
yeah, i love nonnative, but you're right i never see anything above 3 on rakuten, and size 3 is pretty scarce.
that NN size 4? nice coat
http://store.nomadshop.net/collections/new-arrivals/products/car-marb-sweat-whti would imagine they ship to america
http://shop.carhartt-wip.com/gb/men/sweats/sweatshirts/I017996/marble-sweatshirt?? lots of people stock WIP
stitchy you look great. how long have you had that wall scouted for? abandon the front of your house photos >: ]]
ok i bought some actual stuff too cdg homme wool flannel (finally found my goddamn blackwatch plaid shirt) balenciaga
white/navey stam smiths. almost got the all black lmao
^ excellent
i have a pair of authentic OL 70s wash denim in sz 32 available. buy now, be a part of meme history.
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