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description on an ATO shirt on rakuten "Oh, it is a toe"
i'm not going to comment on this anymore but it would take any of you guys like 10 minutes of googling/reading to understand what i'm trying to tell you
its great that there are so many white guys in here who are experts on whats offensive to black people!
nah but you definitely ignorant
saying ninja is just the same as saying ratchet or ghetto when you really mean black just as racist
thats just as fucking stupid, moo
really good mel
completely disagreelove the way the pants fall with that amount of break.don't love the hoodie underneath the jacket, but it still looks really good.
really slim in the sleeves and body, and pretty long. fairly big neck opening. i wear a M, and always get shirts/outerwear that are close to 51-53cm pit to pit.i really, really like them.
dana lee tees in charcoal and ice blue cute + tiny version of my werkstatt ring two tahe navajo cuffs eg bedford from my last fit
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