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my wife lol
wrong, i fuck my sock darts on the reg and they seem fine
thank you. its a good phone.
i got the pixel XL in case anybody cares. thanks to the guy who recommended it (not scrolling to find out who lol) cus i hadn't even heard of it til then
i am gnna get a google phone cus i hate privacy i think
so puma suede classic are the new cool shoe? see em everywhere
speaking of items made in sweatshops, i need a new phone.. what should i get? had a nexus 4 then a nexus 5, they were okay. need a GOOD camera, though.
good boy
one thing I've been wondering is how Japan/America/Canada etc actually compare to places like Bangladesh in terms of the enforcement worker rights/employment standards in clothing manufacturing. its one thing to boast that your laws prevent child labor/sweatshop conditions etc but its another to actually enforce these laws. the most relevant information i could find when i was trying to research this...
my pair is my favorite pair ever. definitely not on the same level as railroad worker fetishist denim, maybe not worth imported retail a la haven etc but i got mine from kindal for ~90USD and at that price i'd have got 3 more pairs if I'd known how much i'd wear em.
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