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yeah but you're kind of a nerd
fuck bro stop blowing up navajo sterling
mumma always #1 mumma post fits again please
the whole point of the rebuild line is that they're literally rebuilt from old garments. its likely the garments it is rebuilt from were produced in pakistan, although i'm not familiar with that exact shirt.
steampunk guido
@sinnedk the Taralis denim is very very nice. Excellent cut and materials, details are great too. May need to hem them since they're cut for somebody much taller, though.
SLP leathers are around 5K i think
I actually have no idea which model they are, I just got them off of Rak City. I agree re: the fit, however. They're excellent.I can't comment on the sleeveless ones, as I didn't try them on, but I got two of the pocket tees and they fit very slim in the sleeves. I got a M and a L, and they're actually quite close in fit, other than the length.The fabric, colors, and finishing is wonderful. Highly recommend (just about) anything from her. Unfortunately the production has...
equip load, gotta keep that fastroll >: ]
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