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dana lee tees in charcoal and ice blue cute + tiny version of my werkstatt ring two tahe navajo cuffs eg bedford from my last fit
you're going to want to watch this video
always re-porter
i love care-tags >: ]
dawg you poaching care-tags fits now? did i get you started on there? i wonder who else i told actually reads that site. anyway i'll whip something up for this one i think.. if i can ever get time to take a damn pic
i work in tech, i agree with moo's decision. i just wanted an opportunity to call him a freakin nerd.
yeah but you're kind of a nerd
fuck bro stop blowing up navajo sterling
mumma always #1 mumma post fits again please
the whole point of the rebuild line is that they're literally rebuilt from old garments. its likely the garments it is rebuilt from were produced in pakistan, although i'm not familiar with that exact shirt.
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