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i was wearing one in my last fit but you can't really see it well. the sleeves are so tight on me that they constantly ride up when i move my arms around, which i sorta like since it makes me look *buff*
this is not the size you're looking for
god damn it =[i meant that i was gonna snatch it up, just PMed himfor all we know thats the one kg has though
no there isn't
description on an ATO shirt on rakuten "Oh, it is a toe"
i'm not going to comment on this anymore but it would take any of you guys like 10 minutes of googling/reading to understand what i'm trying to tell you
its great that there are so many white guys in here who are experts on whats offensive to black people!
nah but you definitely ignorant
saying ninja is just the same as saying ratchet or ghetto when you really mean black just as racist
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