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i want a volvo or a horse
kg learn to tie your fucking shoelaces god damn it they should align horizontally, not the way they are in that photo!!!!!!!!!! (this just means that the initial loop should be reversed, i.e. if you do right over left, do left over right. this is the only change you need to make to have them sit properly)
its 2015 and people still sign their posts. all is as it should be.
this is an ugly piece of shit wow
i'm kinda into paraboot 'michael' lately, and the hender scheme wallabees were NUTS too
its 2015, you can stop saying normcore now
wallabees fall under the iconic/classic footwear categorization, so if you don't like them your opinion is objectively wrong. thank you for your co-operation.
effector x nbhd labrat cdg homme dana lee diet butcher slim skin
mumma G.O.A.T.
god, i wonder what i own that they would hate the most? i still have an account i think.
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