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really good
day shavu must be groundhog day
ugh somebody already made that joke nevermind. i got a bee cardigan tho so this post isn't quite ruined yet
i love speed runs. i love to watch them play the game fast.
wow you weren't kidding, first result is a pair in my size for 25€
its unbelievably nice, i agree. at first i didn't like the long sleeves/somewhat cropped body, but when you wear it with appropriate bottoms etc its such a great look.i'm trying to stop wearing so much black, so most/all of my nice black clothing is up on the chopping block.
lol thats my listing. i also have other really nice stuff listed. please buy it.
tenderloin, remi relief, yaeca, sassafras, arcteryx (present from a client)
i put a bunch of stuff on the bad site this weekend and i've yet to have any lowballs......... or offers at all
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