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yes please
please move this discussion to the 'how to platonically get another guy's number' thread
i don't have a ton of experience with his label, but i like it a lot. if you've got a pair made in france, i'd be interested to know when it changed/which items are made where.
strange, since all the taralis i've seen is made in italy
kapital, EG
@nevergreen rolling gives those pants a strange shape, which is probably why you think its off try unevenly rolling them, i.e. the outer side rolled one or two rolls higher than the inner one. will help balance out the hourglass shape each leg is getting.
i already have a cotton bedford, but i got the same one as kg, the homespun one
i always say 'yeah i can take a photo sometime this week'but i'm either working or too hungover to get dressed whenever i'd be able to do sosomebody come take them for me????
yes! thank you for the tip, btwuntil kg posted that i had no idea such a thing even existed. can't wait to get it then wait another couple months til its cold enough to wear i!the kapital polo i got might be 2 small but its also really cool and cheap so i wanted to buy it anyway =]]
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