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rais is dope, if u don't think so you can go to heck
prurient, just checked out your tumblr. excellent taste in techno.
because faust is 5'4 and jealous of kunk's physique
bagjack pogo
thanks y'all i'm going to get a bagjack, just don't know if i'm going to get a NXL line or the regular messenger, OR a baicyclon 4 cheap i wanna get a NXL one but i know i don't need it lol
recommend me a good bag to carry whilst riding a bicycle was looking at the HP+ on haven but its sold out. under $300 preferably.
dude on sufu posted about how the hender seller may have scammed him, but who knows edit: oh it was you haa
casey seems like a nice fellow =]
just add accessories. fit looks good.
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