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stitchy you look great. how long have you had that wall scouted for? abandon the front of your house photos >: ]]
ok i bought some actual stuff too cdg homme wool flannel (finally found my goddamn blackwatch plaid shirt) balenciaga
white/navey stam smiths. almost got the all black lmao
^ excellent
i have a pair of authentic OL 70s wash denim in sz 32 available. buy now, be a part of meme history.
the worst are the detachable hoods
i have never really liked much ss outerwear. knits/pants are fantastic, but i don't like hoods so most of the coats are not that appealing to me.
got the black swim sns fish crewneck. needed a sz L this year i made it.
mikey they don't only do motos, theres a bunch of bomber ish ones http://www.vansonleathers.com/prod-ENFIELD-350.aspx? but yeah, i get what you're saying.
mikey just get a custom vanson or something!
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