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mumma G.O.A.T.
god, i wonder what i own that they would hate the most? i still have an account i think.
moo got banned from sz? somebody please fill me in. i love sz banning stories.
read the last couple pages... - sinnedk has bad opinions. - suit talk puts me to sleep. - ojsimpson knows his shit. the idea that you need to post a fit in order to be able to formulate a valid opinion, or give valid criticism is ridiculous.
50cm for a 50 is VERY small.
*garth voice* eeewwwww
the.. the proportions.. *starts to tear up* they're.. beautiful
give it another 3-4 mos and nevergreen will be god tier. the prophecy will unfold. also hmu if you wanna buy some sz 48 black baleiciaga cropped wool trousers, 170 shipped NA
riri sux. lambo good. talon good. (nice) ykk good.
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