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anybody in japan that likes facetasm http://facetasm.tumblr.com/post/154400149031/family-sale
dita is good. my frames are dita & i really like them. next pair probably will be mykita
thanks fellas. one of, if not my favorite coat i own. was a complete chance rakuten buy since it was so cheap. unbelievable tailoring & materials, fit is spot on etchabitant we had some snow but its gone now. never really sticks for more than a day
brain dead hat labrat coat remi relief shirt nbhd pants common projects that are nearly 10 years old
lol @ lin manuel's high school bully being immortal technique.. that one was unbelievable
seriously that first pic of him on the damn car is unREAL. perfection.
you look like a sexier version of john waters with that stache and i mcfreakin love it. good pics. a+.
ChronBong, Some us us have money for both. Nice try tho
on a scale of zero to sufu i'd say its at about a 9
jesus i was just going through old threads. that OL 70s wash debacle... i regret starting that fucking meme omg it was so dumb. btw if anybody knows any light washed denim they can recommend I'm all ears.
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