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i'm kinda into paraboot 'michael' lately, and the hender scheme wallabees were NUTS too
its 2015, you can stop saying normcore now
wallabees fall under the iconic/classic footwear categorization, so if you don't like them your opinion is objectively wrong. thank you for your co-operation.
effector x nbhd labrat cdg homme dana lee diet butcher slim skin
mumma G.O.A.T.
god, i wonder what i own that they would hate the most? i still have an account i think.
moo got banned from sz? somebody please fill me in. i love sz banning stories.
read the last couple pages... - sinnedk has bad opinions. - suit talk puts me to sleep. - ojsimpson knows his shit. the idea that you need to post a fit in order to be able to formulate a valid opinion, or give valid criticism is ridiculous.
50cm for a 50 is VERY small.
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