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wow - most confusing size description ever?
thanks bud. it has changed quite a bit.
schneider, og helmut
thanks. haven't ordered from this rakuten store before so I don't know if they mark actual value or not. looks like worst case scenario is like $85 total duty/tax, so not horrible, but might as well get it new it feels like.
Anybody know if importing silver from Japan to Canada is any different from just buying common materials? E.g. customs / taxes wise
Name names. I wanna know who not to sell to.
Fok is right. My Ann D sneakers are probably the lowest quality sneakers I own. The materials are simply awful, same with construction. look nice though...
ok this made me laugh
come hang out in the rft discord i'm getting sick of @bows1 talking about airports
kolor coat kolor midlayer yaeca long shirt margiela pants diet butcher slim skin derbies werkstatt ring etc
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