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damn!!!its definitely the nicest piece of clothing i own. im glad its finally getting cold so i can actually wear it.
NN yep it is the 100% cashmere one, suzan i'm not sure what season, and i will sell it to you if i outgrow it(which i probably will the way the gym is going)
devoa reigning champ nicolas andreas taralis kolor bagjack/effector(no vis)
thx 4 the tip. gonna check some out i think.
brad are you 2 back together again? wayne gratzky if so
your opinion is WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
good shit ^
lol if you haven't been wearing loose pants for the past 3yrs and are ready to go back to skinny
ervell is for tall waifish boiz, gn is a semi buff manelt
good look
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