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well i've been wearing adidas sandals with white gym socks for a couple months now so just picture that with a black hoodie covered in food stains and you're 90% of the way there =]
^ nice
i would probably just quit if it took me 6 years to look like that, jesus
yall can laugh but i been wearing crop tops this summer is the summer of crop tops & mesh tanks
tell the kid if he ever hits you with an expired meme again you're gonna fk him up
screenshotted ur snapchat bb
im actually weeping im laughing so hard holy fuck
How dumb is ChronBong? dude has the MOST versatile shitposting i've ever seen...literally completely different shitposts from start to finish several times a week. I'm amazed at the creativity and confidence from this man. It must took so many years to finally find the "SHIT" factor...and still experimenting.
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