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I've finally gathered the courage to post this, in hope of getting some help, so here it goes. I'm 21 years old, but I'm only 174 cm tall and my weight is around 45-50 kg. Topman is the only one I know of who makes clothes (at least sweaters and outerwear) in my size (I have a 32" chest size). I know one option is to buy clothing for children, but the proportions often ends up being wrong. Also, it's quite hard to find quality clothing for children. Naturally, I also have...
I live in Norway and I find it rude if a guest dosn't take his/her shoes of when entering my apartment. Even at parties everyone leave theire shoes in the hallway. Yes, it sometimes causes a traffic jam when 8 people are going out for a cigarette at the same time, but I really don't mind. I once stayed a week with a family in the UK and I didn't feel comfortable at all leaving my shoes on when entering theire home, especially since there were wall-to-wall carpets...
Bought a Gitman Bros. tie from guy321 and a couple of Two Reis of New Haven ties from Steve Smith. Both sellers were excellent and the ties were in great condtion.
Payment made for #1
(not mine, but it looks just like it) Honda Civic 1.4 2008 Sport. It's a thrill to drive!
All i have to say is: Buy a Honda. I drive a Honda Civic 1.4 and i practically grew up in Honda Civics too. It's safe, reliable, fun to drive and they look great. Just look for youself: Everyone is always trying to get into the back seat by going in the front door. They all seem to miss the handle on the back door which is somewhat hidden and think it's a 3-door, but it is actually a 5-door and it's not tight either. I don't know what Civics costs in the US, but i...
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