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Great choice - I think your post put me over the edge.Chris
I love the brown grain on the Dundee 2.0's I got a little while ago so I have been looking at the brown grain MacNeil 2.0's at my local store. I have looked long enough - here are some quick and dirty cell phone pics when I got back to the office. I will post better photos tonight after some AE Leather Lotion and buffing.
Drizzly, cold, windy - perfect Dundee 2.0 weather
Mine are a little over a year old and look great. A little creasing, but the color and finish look like they did when they were new. I just put AE Leather Lotion on them every 4-6 months.The photo below was from just before Thanksgiving.Chris
Had the day off so Freiburgs and jeans today.
Go to the AE main website and there is a link at the top of the page to the 2nds sale.
Bourbon Strand today
Old School 5-eyelet Stanfords from the early 2000's with some flannel today
Chocolate Daltons with some flannel today
In the words of Bo Jackson on the AT&T commercials - that's a strong shoe.Chris
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