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These are a little over a year old. These fit very well and break right at the wingtip so not much creasing.
Continuing the boot rotation - Chocolate Daltons today Chris
I use AE Cleaner / Conditioner and AE neutral carnauba polish on mine.
Chili Shaker Heights today. I have decided I'm going to do a lot of boots this winter. Chris
The Clark Streets had never caught my attention, but when I saw them in person at the AE store, I really liked them. Dainite sole and chromexcel - perfect for wet weather. With the sale going on now, how can you resist?
I had the same thought. I considered the russet version but the black eyelets and black sole didn't do it for me. I went with the light brown mainly due to the eyelets and sole.Chris
Great looking boot. I love my Shaker Heights - I almost wore them today. They are getting ready to see a lot of time in the winter rotation.Chris
Here are my light brown Freiburgs - I really like them.Chris
I like the grain, it works well with this style in my opinion.
Have you looked at the Dundee in brown grain - it comes with the Dainite sole. I didn't know if you were interested in brown grain, but I got this version just for the Dainite sole and wet weather.Chris
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