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I like both - I have several AE's in chili and it is a very versatile color. I do not find it too red.You can also throw in the Bourbon McAllister if you think the chili is too red and the Walnut is too light.Chris
I like the New Orleans, but I believe it is on the 2 last, so make sure it fits your foot.As far as the boat shoes, I vote for the Shortstop. I really liked that shoe as soon as they announced it. If I didn't have a pair of Eastports, I would have been all over the Shortstop.Just my .02, not worth much more than that.Chris
Those are great photos - I am about ready to pack up and head to Montana. My brother-in-law went to college in Missoula and said it was a great place to live.Chris
Allen Edmonds has another book for sale on their website - The Allen Edmonds Story. It is a great read and it gives a lot of history about the company I did not know. It is a bit dated as it was published before the current ownership group came in, but still a great book in my opinion. Chris
Are you referring to the Allen Edmonds 90 Stories for 90 Years book? I just received my book after being notified I was included in the book.Chris
I had not realized that - I have some shortwing bluchers, but AE no longer makes them.HinsdaleLombardsPlayersI didn't see any shortwing bluchers in the photos of upcoming Fall 2013 AE shoes. You bring up an interesting point. And I like shortwing bluchers.Chris
I am going to suggest the Wilbert. I have a pair and usually wear them on the weekends. Very comfortable, rubber sole, blucher lacing.Chris
It is on the infamous 2 last - it runs very narrow.My local store has them at 1/2 price in my size - I cannot wear them. They fit too tight across my high instep.Chris
They are on 8-108 last.Chris
I bought them in August 2010 and they were being discontinued. I'm not sure when they started making this style, but I don't think it was around more than 3-4 years.Chris
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