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Walnut grain MacNeils to start the work week. Chris
Had the day off, so broke out the Oldenwalds with jeans. Chris
Friday before a 3 day weekend so I picked my favorite casual shoe - the Wilbert. Chris
The Lombard is from the previous AE Executive Collection. The description of the Executive Collection (when it was available) included this:"The collection has the benefits or a heated cork layer under the forepart and a Poron® padded insole for instant, out-of-the-box comfort."So I would say yes, the poron has cork underneath it. The wording above says forepart; however, the Executive Collection also included the 270 degree welt to tighten up the heel, so that is why...
I don't have any shoes in Bob's Chili, but I use AE neutral carnauba wax on my Bourbon Strands and it maintains the burnishing.Chris
In the past, there has been some discussion of poron insoles vs leather insoles and the fit. I decided to do some very unofficial research since I have some AE styles that are basically the same except for the poron vs leather insole. I have the Players (leather) and 2 pair of Lombards (poron), I have the Strand (leather) and the Rush Street (poron), and I have the Dalton boot (leather) and the Long Branch (poron). I have worn both types of insole with similar weight...
Bourbon Flatirons today Chris
I wouldn't use cream on the Neumoks. The AE webiste recommends Allen Edmonds Leather Lotion (not available on their site ironically, but I think Kiwi Leather Lotion is similar) or saddle soap for the Neumok.Chris
How about my 20 year old chocolate chamois AE Holbrooks today. Chris
Yes, the box label says dark brown grain and number is 6021
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