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Bourbon Flatirons today Chris
I wouldn't use cream on the Neumoks. The AE webiste recommends Allen Edmonds Leather Lotion (not available on their site ironically, but I think Kiwi Leather Lotion is similar) or saddle soap for the Neumok.Chris
How about my 20 year old chocolate chamois AE Holbrooks today. Chris
Yes, the box label says dark brown grain and number is 6021
I got the same size as the Dalton and the fit is very similar.Chris
I received my brown grain Long Branches from the Shoe Bank. No real issues - some slight marks on the leather (the grain leather hides them well and I figure they are going to get some marks anyway) and the left boot eye stays are slightly off, but not enough for me to send them back (my wife didn't notice until I pointed it out). The welt is darker than the AE website shows and these do have the Vibram Gumlite sole instead of the Vibram "yellow label" sole shown on the...
That is interesting since the Jodox was in the AE 2012 Supplemental Catalog with item numbers 6817 (black) and 6847 (brown). On the AE website now, the numbers are 4611 (black) and 4612 (tan saddle).Chris
I think the chili Shaker Heights bring out the gold and brown pattern in these grey slacks. Chris
Cognac McTavish today Chris
Snuff suede Players with new socks my mom and dad got me for Christmas (I guess you get socks for Christmas no matter how old you are). Chris
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