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That is interesting since the Jodox was in the AE 2012 Supplemental Catalog with item numbers 6817 (black) and 6847 (brown). On the AE website now, the numbers are 4611 (black) and 4612 (tan saddle).Chris
I think the chili Shaker Heights bring out the gold and brown pattern in these grey slacks. Chris
Cognac McTavish today Chris
Snuff suede Players with new socks my mom and dad got me for Christmas (I guess you get socks for Christmas no matter how old you are). Chris
I just snagged a pair of Dark Brown Long Branches from the Shoe Bank - I've been on the fence and decided to get some. If anybody has the Dark Brown Long Branch, please share some pics to make the waiting a little easier! Also a PSA - I was on the phone with the Riverhead NY store and he said some items were $50 off - he said the black and golden chromexcel Long Branches got the $50 off ($229 after $50 off). The Dark Brown wasn't included, but the Dark Brown were...
Finishing the year with the Berkshires. Chris
Yes, the Rush Streets fit just like my Strands.Chris
Here is one I don't wear very often - Manchesters I purchased about 20 years ago. They have been recrafted once. Chris
I wear them once every couple of weeks. All I use is Allen Edmonds Leather Lotion (I have only applied it once when I bought them). I brush after each wearing.Chris
Here are 2 shots fresh out of the cameraChris
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