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I am hearing word that the price of AE Calf Dress Collection (most of their shoes) is going to $385 effective August 1st. So if you are on the fence on a first quality offering, you might want to act quickly. Chris
It's Friday so I went with the Ellsworth from the old AE Corporate Casuals collection with Friday appropriate socks and pants. Chris
I finally got a somewhat decent shot of my Strawfuts. Chris
Here is one you don't see very often - Bridgeton in the color AE used to call Bourbon. Chris
I only use AE Leather Lotion on my Rush Streets. It works great.Chris
You can't go wrong with the wide basic dress belt - high quality, classic looks, goes from formal the business casual well. I also like the Manistee, but I would be somewhat hesitant to wear that model with a suit - just a personal thing with me.Chris
I had mine in the same size as 95% of my other AE's. However, I gave them to a co-worker because that style did not work well with my high instep. Once they were on, they were great, but it felt like I was going to tear them when I put them on.Chris
Rainy morning so the Rush Streets got the call. But I decided to go with the blue laces they included in the box. Chris
I like the walnut / blue combination - well done.Chris
Chili Bentons today. Very comfortable. Chris
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