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I can't find the post now, but I think I remember someone asking if the brown grain MacNeil 2.0 use the same leather as the Dundee 2.0. I took this photo today - it looks to be the same leather. Chris
I have purchased about 5 pairs of AE's from the Shoe Bank. I have not had any real issues - a little wrinkle here and there, some stitching not quite perfect, etc. On a couple of the shoes purchased from the Shoe Bank I have not been able to spot any flaws. Probably the biggest issue I had was with my Long Branch boots - one of the boots has the eyelets not quite lining up perfect. Much less noticeable when laced up and can't see it under my jeans when I'm wearing them...
Finally cooled off so I wore the new Dundee 2.0's for the first time today. Very comfortable - I think I'm going to like these. Chris
Same phone and the same desk for this photo. Cleaner / conditioner and polish sure make a difference.Chris
Personally I would not. First - you risk any residue getting on your pants and / or shirt. Second - the belt is probably not going to see any water.Just my .02Chris
And here are the after polish photos. The color didn't change that dramatically - that's due to a better camera and better lighting. But the cleaner/conditioner and polish definitely took away the cloudiness and deepened the color.Chris
I didn't have any loafers in Oxblood - hey that's excuse enough for me. My local menswear / shoe store has an anniversary sale going on and these called my name. Aschers - I usually can't do loafers due to my high instep. These are a tad tight going on, but very comfortable when they are on. I think this style in this color is going to be very versatile. Sorry for the quick and dirty cell phone pic. I will polish them up tonight and try to get some better pics. Chris
OK, I'm going to join in the McTavish pics Chris
Finally cooling off here, so I am officially declaring it Fall and switching from the Natural Tan McTavish to the Cognac McTavish. Chris
Just my personal experience. I tried the Warwicks on and the 9D fit best. I wear a 9.5D in the Strand. I have a high instep, so take that into consideration.Chris
New Posts  All Forums: