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I don't wear black shoes very often, but today I went with the black Fifth Avenues
I got my Freiburgs in the same size as my 65 last shoes and they fit very well.Chris
Chili grain Bradleys today
Chili Bentons today - with my OKC Thunder socks.
brown grain MacNeils 2.0s today
I never see these posted here, so I'm posting my Berkshires
It depends on how often you wear your shoes. If you only have 2-3 pairs of shoes, you might be polishing monthly. If you have a larger rotation and only wear each shoe 2-3 times per month, you might only be polishing every 6 months or so.And some people are harder on their shoes than others and will polish more often.You will be able to tell when your shoes need polishing.Chris
Chocolate Daltons today
Went with the oxblood Ascher today
I think the Dundee 2.0 in brown grain would be great for you. I bought a pair for wet / rainy days and really like them. I was going to also suggest the MacNeil 2.0 in brown grain, but with the chili McGregors you already have a wingtip and you don't have a chukka.Another option may be the Clark Street in brown (not sure if they have your size). I have that shoe and it is great for rainy days and would work well with your wardrobe.Chris
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