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Going old school today. This was AEs bourbon in the late 1990s - early 2000s. The Sanford. Chris
I have quite a few AE shoes and all are the same size except for 3 (only about 8% of my AEs). The only AE's in a different size are the Rough Collection / casual shoes - McTavish, Black Hills, and Odenwalds. I went down 1/2 size on these and kept the same width.I have many lasts also - several handsewns and at least 7 different welted lasts.One thing that throws a wrench in this is the fact I have 2 McTavishes (natural and cognac) - the natural are 1/2 size down and the...
Hoping AE brings out a new short wing blucher this spring. But in meantime I'm wearing my Hinsdales. Chris
Just a suggestion on your boot issue - try AE Shoe Creamhttp://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF560_1_40000000001_-1?style=507I had a pair of burgundy shoes that got a scuff - didn't damage the leather, but took the color off. Regular carnauba polish was not helping. My local menswear / shoe store recommended the burgundy shoe cream due to its high dye content. The salesperson recommended putting a dab of the shoe cream on the spot and letting it sit for a...
It's Friday so I had some fun with the Odenwalds Chris
Rush Streets this morning Chris
Check your local menswear shops. I purchased my first quality Daltons at 1/2 off and I purchased my first quality Oldenwald's at 1/2 off. They clear out boots in late winter / early spring at 1/2 off.I have also picked up some AE shoes at 1/2 off when they are closing them out or the season is changing.Some deals may be found at your local shops. I don't have an AE store near me, so local shops are all I can visit on a regular basis.Chris
I know there was some discussion about a week ago that AE didn't have Leather Lotion on their website. Leather Lotion is now back on the AE website - just in case somebody was needing some. Chris
Here are some of my AE recrafting experiencesChris
Burgundy Sanfords today Chris
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