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I think that belt would be fine, but also take a look at the Manistee belt. I got the bourbon one with my bourbon Strands and it looks great.Chris
I agree with MrWN. I have the Flatiron on the 333 last and it is wider and longer than the 5 last. My right foot is slightly larger than my left foot. On a 5 last, the right foot is slightly tight and the left foot is perfect. In the same size on the 333 last, the right foot is perfect and the left foot is slightly loose. Please note, but fit fine. On the 333 last, I feel my left foot could go a 9.25D instead of the 9.5D I wear. On the 5 last, my right foot could go...
These were included in the photos of the Fall 2013 collection I saw.Chris
I agree - the 333 last is much wider than the 5 last. I have the 9.5D in Flatiron and Strand, but the Flatiron fits much looser. The Flatiron still fits, but it is a different more roomy fit.Chris
I have a bottle of Cole Haan chamois oil I found at a local shoe store.Chris
My Holbrooks were purchased in 1998 and are model 1568 in chocolate chamois. 1558 is the chromexcelhttp://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/fall-1998-catalogChris
I use Chamois Oil on mine. Chris
I have a pair of Holbrooks that look like that - they are made of chocolate chamois. I'm thinking that is what you have.Chris
I don't know how casual you are wanting, but also consider the McTavish.chris
If you have a Steinmart nearby, I would start there. Chris
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