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I don't have a lot of Aldens, but I did pick up a new pair today. I got a version of Leisure Handsewn in a mahogany pebble grain that was a special make up for the store. I really like the color and texture - very unique. Chris
I think I found my next AE - that is a good looking boot.Chris
Low to mid 90s and humid - summer is here. So it's time for the Strawfuts
I have been traveling quite a bit lately and haven't been able to participate. But I am back and I can contribute to Walnut Wednesday with my McAllisters
I see the Sturgis 2.0 on clearance at $167 - for 1st quality. Now I'm interested at less than half price - Fall isn't too far away. Chris
Natual McTavish today - with a splash of blue.
Yours might be cordovan - they would have JR soles.Chris
Chili Grain Bradleys today (and I changed my calendar after seeing it was still on April in the photo)
I would send those back - that looks like the crepe sole on the Newberg they introduced this year. Something isn't right.http://www.allenedmonds.com/shoes/mens-shoes/casual-shoes/newberg-double-monk-strap-shoes/SF2776.htmlChris
Brown Jermyns with some really bad office carpet.
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