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I like the laces
Maiden voyage of the new Clark Streets - very comfortable from the start. Sorry, not a coffee drinker, so no coffee mug in the shot
Bourbon and grey - I like this combination
Oxblood Aschers with a bit of Christmas color
I really like mine. Very comfortable for me.
First Christmas party of this year tonight. I don't wear these often, but it's fun around the holidays.
Cordovan cream comes in colors so I would think that would be OK - as long as he used cordovan cream. Just brush them a lot and see what they look like.
It's Friday so it's Cognac McTavish and OKC Thunder socks.
Yes, that is the color since new.
I'm going to call this Throwback Thursday. Wearing these today. I got these chocolate chamois Holbrooks at the Michigan Ave Chicago AE store in 1996 or 1997. They have been recrafted once. These are from the long-gone AE Corporate Casuals Collection and they are extremely comfortable. And these are my McAllisters that I received as a Christmas gift in 1990 - recrafted once and going strong. Anybody else have some AEs that have been in the family for a while? Chris
New Posts  All Forums: