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New Dark Chocolate Daltons picked up today. I have the Cascades, but those are lower and far more casual. I am really liking these. I was wearing some medium gray wool slacks when I tried them on and it looked very nice. I just put on a little AE Cleaner / Conditioner and buffed them. Chris
I have a chance to get some first quality brand new Dalton boots in the dark chocolate calf at half price. I have never had this type of boot - I have the Cascade but that is much less formal. So I'm not sure how to wear a "dress" wingtip boot. Please show me some examples of your Dark Chocolate (or any color) Dalton boots to convince me to pull the trigger. Thanks Chris
I use AE Cleaner Conditioner and AE Leather Lotion on my natural McTavish and have no noticeable color change.Chris
I love my Chili WinhallsChris
I have Sanfords and Manchesters on the 7 last and they fit the same as my 5 last shoes. I wear the same size in both.Chris
Better pictures of my new Rush Streets. The other photos I posted were the sales rep's samples in the store. These are mine after a coat of AE Leather Lotion. These show the color more accurately. Chris
The Rush Street has landed. They just came in at my local menswear / shoe store. The shoe fits great (at least for me). It fits just like my Strands, but the chromexcel is softer and the Dainite sole is more flexible than the leather. I think this shoe will get a lot of wear as it will go with just about everything I wear except suits.They also got the Carlyle in. Beatiful shoe in Walnut. But it was too tight across the top of my foot - I have a relatively high...
I have the Jermyn and Manchester and both fit similarly.Chris
It was a one of those "right place at the right time" days. I was at my local menswear / shoe store and the AE rep was there with the new Spring 2014 shoes and the preliminary Fall 2014 shoes. There are some great shoes coming in the Fall - suede, boots, loafers, etc. Lots of good stuff. He stated it's guaranteed they will all make actual production, but I bet most of them make it. And I think I found my next purchase - the Rush Street. They look good on the website...
I would use AE cleaner / conditioner and follow with the AE neutral carnauba wax.That is what I use on my Bourbon Strands and it works well for me.Chris
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