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The Hinsdale - shortwing blucher. Had to add some color to play off the yellow shirt I'm wearing. Chris
Chili grain Bradleys - this forum is all about the shoes isn't it? Chris
I will second the fact that the Wilbert is very comfortable. I bought my Wilberts in the same size as 95% of my other AE's. After 5 years, they haven't stretched and still look great.Chris
Close - they are a cream color. But yes, they do show off the boots and laces well.Chris
It is a cold rainy Friday - so I broke out the Long Branches. Chris
I know not everybody is a loafer fan, but I chose the Jermyn today. Chris
Bourbon with grey to start the week. Chris
Great minds think alike - I'm wearing my brown grain Dundee 2.0 today also.Chris
I bought the brown grain Dundee 2.0 in my usual AE size - 9.5D. I tried the 9.0D and it was borderline, but slightly tight. The 9.5D was slightly loose, but very very slight. I decided I would rather live with slightly loose than slightly tight. After wearing them the first day they feel great.Chris
I wore the Dundees for the first time today. They squeaked while walking from the parking garage to the office and maybe 1-2 hours after getting to the office. No squeaking the rest of the day.I did apply AE Cleaner / Conditioner and polish before wearing.Chris
New Posts  All Forums: