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Hoping AE brings out a new short wing blucher this spring. But in meantime I'm wearing my Hinsdales. Chris
Just a suggestion on your boot issue - try AE Shoe Creamhttp://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF560_1_40000000001_-1?style=507I had a pair of burgundy shoes that got a scuff - didn't damage the leather, but took the color off. Regular carnauba polish was not helping. My local menswear / shoe store recommended the burgundy shoe cream due to its high dye content. The salesperson recommended putting a dab of the shoe cream on the spot and letting it sit for a...
It's Friday so I had some fun with the Odenwalds Chris
Rush Streets this morning Chris
Check your local menswear shops. I purchased my first quality Daltons at 1/2 off and I purchased my first quality Oldenwald's at 1/2 off. They clear out boots in late winter / early spring at 1/2 off.I have also picked up some AE shoes at 1/2 off when they are closing them out or the season is changing.Some deals may be found at your local shops. I don't have an AE store near me, so local shops are all I can visit on a regular basis.Chris
I know there was some discussion about a week ago that AE didn't have Leather Lotion on their website. Leather Lotion is now back on the AE website - just in case somebody was needing some. Chris
Here are some of my AE recrafting experiencesChris
Burgundy Sanfords today Chris
Walnut grain MacNeils to start the work week. Chris
Had the day off, so broke out the Oldenwalds with jeans. Chris
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