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I am weak - a pair of navy suede Dundees is heading my way. AT 55% off, why not?Chris
That looks like the sole instead of the heel. Probably not an issue. The welts are lock stitched so it shouldn't come undone. AE has only channeled the soles the past few years. Some of my 15+ year old AE's are not channeled and have the white thread they used to use before switching to black thread.But if it bothers you, you have every right to return them.Chris
Can't help with brown pics - I have the black Odenwald. But for sizing - I wear 9.5D in all my other AE's and the 9D in the Odenwald fit me best.Chris
I bought these at Teena Hicks Company in downtown OKC. http://www.teenahickscompany.com/Chris
I don't have a lot of Aldens, but I did pick up a new pair today. I got a version of Leisure Handsewn in a mahogany pebble grain that was a special make up for the store. I really like the color and texture - very unique. Chris
I think I found my next AE - that is a good looking boot.Chris
Low to mid 90s and humid - summer is here. So it's time for the Strawfuts
I have been traveling quite a bit lately and haven't been able to participate. But I am back and I can contribute to Walnut Wednesday with my McAllisters
I see the Sturgis 2.0 on clearance at $167 - for 1st quality. Now I'm interested at less than half price - Fall isn't too far away. Chris
Natual McTavish today - with a splash of blue.
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