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Happy Friday everybody. I went with the Chili Grain Bradley today. Chris
Went with the Bourbon Strands today. Chris
Gunboat Monday Chris
How about some weave today - wearing the Hampstead. Anybody else wearing woven today? Chris
Here is an AE short wing blucher - the Hinsdale. Complete with AE yellow laces (matches the shirt I am wearing). Maybe this will push AE to introduce another short wing blucher. Chris
Also take a look at the Carlyle, Leeds, and Strand - all in brown calf.Chris
Another vote for the AE casual rib socks - I wear them with my Cascades, Wilberts, etc.Chris
I ordered my Shaker Heights in the same size as 95% of all my other AE's (couple of Rough Collection shoes 1/2 size smaller than the rest) and they fit great. I can't say, but you might want to go with the 10.5 in the Shaker Heights.Chris
My latest AE acquisition - and it's not shoes. I decided to try some of their new socks. They look and feel great. I'm looking forward to trying them out. Chris
The calender says fall but it's supposed to be 94 today. Either way the Cognac McTavish got the call today. Chris
New Posts  All Forums: