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Here are some better pics of my recently acquired navy suede Dundee 2.0 Chris
Quick and dirty cell phone pics of my new navy suede Dundee 2.0 (on AE clearance). I will try to get better photos at home tomorrow night. I am going to say this is one of my better "bang for the buck" AE purchases. Chris
I am in the same boat. I bought some Randolphs and they really bit me on my instep. After a few wearings I couldn't take it any more. We hired a new kid out of college (I can say that since I'm 50) and he was asking about Allen Edmonds. Turns out he was the same size as me so he got some near new Randolphs (fit him like a glove) and a couple of other pairs of AE I hadn't worn in a while.Look at the Grayson if you don't mind a tassle. Those fit me fairly well. Maybe...
MacNeils and Dundees are up to $435 also. Glad I just picked up my Dundees on clearance - that makes it 60% off now.Chris
I love the Leiden in brown grain / tweed. I really like my Cascade boots so I'm glad to see those come back. And the loden suede Strand is getting my attention.Chris
That is how they came. That photo was taken right out of the box before they were even worn.Chris
Mine aren't cordovan, but my Daltons are the same size as 99% of my other AE shoes on probably 10-12 different lasts and they fit great. I have some Long Branches and due to the poron insole they are a bit snug across the top but are not unbearable and get better with each wearing.Here are my chocolate DaltonsChris
I would bet you are like me - the only pair of AE shoes in the entire Wal Mart.Chris
I am weak - a pair of navy suede Dundees is heading my way. AT 55% off, why not?Chris
That looks like the sole instead of the heel. Probably not an issue. The welts are lock stitched so it shouldn't come undone. AE has only channeled the soles the past few years. Some of my 15+ year old AE's are not channeled and have the white thread they used to use before switching to black thread.But if it bothers you, you have every right to return them.Chris
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