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You can't go wrong with the wide basic dress belt - high quality, classic looks, goes from formal the business casual well. I also like the Manistee, but I would be somewhat hesitant to wear that model with a suit - just a personal thing with me.Chris
I had mine in the same size as 95% of my other AE's. However, I gave them to a co-worker because that style did not work well with my high instep. Once they were on, they were great, but it felt like I was going to tear them when I put them on.Chris
Rainy morning so the Rush Streets got the call. But I decided to go with the blue laces they included in the box. Chris
I like the walnut / blue combination - well done.Chris
Chili Bentons today. Very comfortable. Chris
It's throwback Monday. These are Sanfords from the late 1990s - early 2000s before they were discontinued, reintroduced, and discontinued again. And this was AE's Bourbon back then. Chris
Wearing my burgundy Lombards from the Executive Collection.Chris
The Wilberts are perfect for a rainy Friday. Chris
That looks like the brown leather they used on the San Marcos.Chris
Wearing the AE Parliament in saddle brown today. Very limited production, not seen very often. On the 678 last which is perfect for my high instep and rubber executive sole for the rain today. And I'm wearing my OKC Thunder socks for tonight's home game. Chris
New Posts  All Forums: