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Not an MTO - these were from a few years ago before they offered the all brown version. My style number is 6144Chris
I agree with the woven section being smaller. I'm glad I picked up my Winhalls before they discontinued them.However, I do like my Hampsteads in the summer.Chris
I really like my Cascades - great foul weather boot. I wish they would start making them again (or something similar). I like my Long Branches, but sometimes an ankle boot is more comfortable.Chris
I don't wear black shoes very often, but the black Fifth Avenues were picked today. Chris
I did the same size for the Daltons as my 65 last AE's also.Chris
If you are referring to my McAllisters, they are calf and they have been recrafted once - about 3 years ago.Chris
Burgundy McAllisters today. My wife gave these to me the first Christmas we were married - 25 years ago. Chris
Rainy Saturday - perfect day for the Long Branch. Chris
Friday means suede Players Chris
I have the Jermyn and Grayson and I have tried on the Westchester. The fit is very similar on all 3.Chris
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