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Chili Grain Bradleys today (and I changed my calendar after seeing it was still on April in the photo)
I would send those back - that looks like the crepe sole on the Newberg they introduced this year. Something isn't right.http://www.allenedmonds.com/shoes/mens-shoes/casual-shoes/newberg-double-monk-strap-shoes/SF2776.htmlChris
Brown Jermyns with some really bad office carpet.
FR usually means factory seconds. No warranty usually means previously worn, sold outside channels, etc. I think FR can be recrafted. Not sure if No Warranty will be recrafted.Chris
I have recrafted a pair with the FR stamp.You can contact AE Customer Service and ask them these questions and they will be better able to answer them - especially the width / last question.Chris
Chili Bentons today - I even wore the AE argyles with them.
I know it's not Wednesday, but it is is Walnut for me
Burgundy Bridgetons from the early 2000's
Great looking shoes - and good luck on the interview.Chris
Another AE long discontinued - the Hampstead. It is supposed to be 80 here today (with possible snow Sunday - go figure) so I decided to wear something woven.
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