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As far as socks, I just go with what I like. No real matching - I don't usually wear a tie or pocket square. I usually wear slacks and a sport coat with no tie. Today I am wearing a blue check shirt and blue/grey faint patterned sport coat. I really like these sock with tan slacks so they got the pick this morning.When I wear suits, I don't go with loud socks. I keep it more subtle - maybe a pattern, but nothing that stands out.Chris
Another short-lived AE model - the Parliament. One of the most comfortable AE shoes I own (on the 678 last) and rubber Executive sole perfect for rainy days.
These don't feel any different than my other AE's.Chris
From the "you don't see these very often" files - burgundy Lombard from the short-lived Executive Collection.
Rainy day here - one of the reasons I bought the Clark Street.
I know loafers aren't too popular here, but it is the Nashua for Friday
It's almost March (would be if it wasn't for leap year) and it's going to be 75 degrees today - so I went with woven. Chili Winhall
I have worn these about 5 times since I got them Thanksgiving. But I have a lot of shoes, so none of my AE's get worn a lot. I have the Odenwald in black chromexcel and I wear them most weekends and they still look almost new. I really like the chromexcel for its durability.I wear the Clark Streets to work with wool slacks and twills coupled with a sport shirt and sport coat and I like the look. I also wore them once with jeans and I really liked that combination.I...
I haven't noticed any scratching. But the chromexcel is great - any small blemish disappears with brushing or simply rubbing your finger on it.
My personal opinion is the walnut. For me, black is a bit formal and the Dalton is not that formal to me.However, I do have the black Odenwald (local store owner convinced me to try them) and I really like them with denim. But they have the brown edge / welt, light colored laces, and exposed eyelets.So I guess I'm kind of on the fence. I think the black Daltons would work with the jeans part of your dress code, but I don't know how well it would work with the rest.The...
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