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Saddle Browm AE Parliaments from the previous Executive Collection. One of my most comfortable AE shoes. Chris
Rush Streets today. I like them with grey. Chris
I believe the streaking is from the burnishing that occurs after the shoe is made. Not sure, but that is the impression I got.Chris
I know it's nothing like what our New England friends are getting but snow and 0 wind chill made me pick the Long Branches today. Chris
Cascades for this Saturday. Chris
Snuff Suede Players today. This is for the poster a couple of days ago asking about suede and business casual. Chris
Chocolate Chamois Holbrooks from the long gone AE Corporate Casual collection. I got these in the late 1990's Chris
Chili Shaker Height seconds - I consider these the steal of the century. Chris
Suede will definitely work with business casual. I think suede Strands would look good with flannels, tweeds, etc.Chris
Black Hills with denim today. Chris
New Posts  All Forums: