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That was true until recently. AE was running out of model numbers, so now the last digit does not always match the last number.Chris
Here are all my Chili AE's - for color comparison I wear my Chili AE's with just about anything but black. I feel it is a very versatile color. Chris
My vote is for the Rush Streets - primarily because I just got a pair and love them. It is a great business casual shoe and with the Dainite sole, you have a great rainy day shoe.I'm not a monk strap fan - just a personal thing so don't let that weigh on your decision.Chris
I love my blue/brown Strawfuts. Great summer shoe. The brown may be more versatile, but I like the contrast - but you have to be OK with being out there a little bit.The Rush Street would be business casual only. I would do slacks / sport coat, etc. but definitely not a suit.
I guess they can delete if it violates any forum rules.Sierra Trading Post. $59.95 list price. But sign up for e-mail and "like" their Facebook page for coupons. It got the price down to $37 and $39 for me.Chris
I just received these from an online retailer I have seen mentioned on this site (I don't know if I can mention the name or not, but if you are interested, e-mail of PM me. It is not from the company on the label). With some discount e-mails, I got these for right at $40 each. I'm pretty happy with this $80 expenditure. These should be great for the summer. Sorry for the wrinkles and backdrop. I just took them out of the box (hoping the wrinkles will "hang" out). ...
Here are my suggestionsMerlot, Walnut, or Bourbon McAllister - you don't have a wingtipWalnut, Bourbon, or Brown Fifth Avenue - if you want to keep with the cap toe styleWalnut, Bourbon, or Brown Strand - pretty close to the SanfordWalnut or Brown Carlyle - you don't have a plain toeEither version of the Shelton - you don't have a saddleChris
I don't know if this qualifies as in the wild, but here are my Rush Streets.Chris
I posted them on page 2696, but here they are againChris
My local menswear / shoe store only carries AE boots in the Fall / Winter. About a month ago, they had 2 Cholcolate Daltons left and one was in my size. Since I buy most of my clothes and shoes there, they sometimes throw me a bone. They said they would do 1/2 price on the Dalton in my size. I couldn't pass that deal up.Chris
New Posts  All Forums: