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Friday means suede Players Chris
I have the Jermyn and Grayson and I have tried on the Westchester. The fit is very similar on all 3.Chris
Bourbon Strands today Chris
Cognac McTavish in the morning sun. Chris
Late 1990s AE bourbon and current walnut belt comparison. Chris
Not much patina on these. I also have some bourbon Bridgeton loafers from the late 1990's - early 2000's and they are the identical color.The color is close to walnut, but with a touch more orange to it. I am wearing my walnut belt today and when I held the belt up to the shoes you can see the difference better.Chris
I like that one a lot.Chris
Going old school today. This was AEs bourbon in the late 1990s - early 2000s. The Sanford. Chris
I have quite a few AE shoes and all are the same size except for 3 (only about 8% of my AEs). The only AE's in a different size are the Rough Collection / casual shoes - McTavish, Black Hills, and Odenwalds. I went down 1/2 size on these and kept the same width.I have many lasts also - several handsewns and at least 7 different welted lasts.One thing that throws a wrench in this is the fact I have 2 McTavishes (natural and cognac) - the natural are 1/2 size down and the...
Hoping AE brings out a new short wing blucher this spring. But in meantime I'm wearing my Hinsdales. Chris
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