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I saw that video on their Facebook page - pretty nice. I want a copy of that 90th Anniversary book they show in the video. Chris
I have the Black Hills and I think they would be a good choice for your needs. Treat the leather with some AE Leather Lotion and they should be good to go. The Rough Collection leather is a bit tougher so they should hold up for your needs - but I wouldn't go hiking in an rocky area with them. The lug soles are great for wet days. I usually wear mine only in the fall/winter with jeans/khakis/cords.I have some AE Cascades I wear on weekends in the fall/winter. It is a...
I tried on the Flatiron at my local menswear / shoe store. It was probably the best fitting AE shoe I have put on my foot, so I guess my foot was made for the 333 last. I liked the Flatiron sitting on the display table, but it was kind of borderline. But I loved how it looked on my foot. I am tempted as this Flatiron at the local store was in Bourbon and I really like that color.They had the Parkway in the dark brown, but I wasn't a big fan of the pronounced stitching...
The Neumok is unlined with a single leather sole while the McTavish is lined with a double leather sole. So the Neumok will likely be more comfortable and be a bit more casual. The Neumok is available in some colors not available in the McTavish, so that might be a deciding factor.I have 2 pair of McTavish (tan and cognac) and I really like them. They are a heavier shoe but I feel they are great in the casual / business casual setting. I do not have the Neumok so I...
Mid 40's a I love my Wilberts. If you like them, wear them.Chris
I agree - walnut grain PA
I thought the McTavish was fairly popular and wouldn't warrant discounting.
I was surprised to see the McTavish also included.Chris
I own the Benton in Chili. I really like the shoe - it is one of the most comfortable AE shoes I own with the padded insole. I feel the style works great for business casual, but I don't wear mine with suits. The leather is on par with my other AE's. I have the Benton in the same size as 95% of my other AE shoes (same size as all my non-Rough Collection AE's).Chris
I'm going to suggest a pair of black McAllisters. You have a captoe with the Strand, so get a wingtip. In a perfect world - Walnut Strand, Brown Fifth Avenue, Black McAllister. Chris
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