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I have the Sanford in the same size as my Strands and the fit is very similar for me.Chris
I would go with the Sanfords. The Sanford is a blucher and you seem to be OK on balmorals.I also feel the more casual walnut and more formal Park Avenue style can conflict a bit.Chris
I am going to agree with you. I think the Walnut Strand is much more versatile than the Rush Street. I recently bought the Rush Streets and they are great - but they are definitely a more casual shoe. I personally will not wear my Rush Streets with a suit.The Walnut Strands can do a suit and can also pull off jeans.Chris
The orthotic is just a removable footbed. It is not any more bulky than the AE's I have with the poron insoles. I had another pair of my AE's with the "orthotic" recrafted and they put in new footbeds, so this is actually a positive for me as you don't get the insoles replaced during recrafting.You can buy these "orthotics" from AEhttp://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF594_1_40000000001_-1_You can see they are not bulky.I bought the Bentons in the same size as...
Sorry these aren't side by side, but I hope this helps a little with your decision.Here are my snuff suede PlayersBourbon StrandsBourbon FlatironsChili BentonsChili MaxfieldsChili Grain BradleysChili WinhallChris
I bought my 333 last shoes in the same size as my 5 last AE's - 9.5D. They are a bit roomier, but I don't think I could go a 9D. They feel like a 9.25D would be perfect. But I would rather have a shoe a tad on the big side than a tad on the small side. I usually try to wear a little bit thicker sock with the 333 last shoe.Chris
I really like my MaxfieldsI also like my NashuasBoth of these will get a lot of wear this summer.Chris
I would use AE Cleaner / Conditioner (or Lexol is probably very similar). I would go with neutral polish as any brown would only make them darker.I am wearing mine today. They are definitely dark brown, but mine wouldn't pass for black. I bought mine in a store so I could make sure I was good with the color. They are definitely a lot darker than the bourbons you see out there.Chris
New Dark Chocolate Daltons picked up today. I have the Cascades, but those are lower and far more casual. I am really liking these. I was wearing some medium gray wool slacks when I tried them on and it looked very nice. I just put on a little AE Cleaner / Conditioner and buffed them. Chris
I have a chance to get some first quality brand new Dalton boots in the dark chocolate calf at half price. I have never had this type of boot - I have the Cascade but that is much less formal. So I'm not sure how to wear a "dress" wingtip boot. Please show me some examples of your Dark Chocolate (or any color) Dalton boots to convince me to pull the trigger. Thanks Chris
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