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Personally, I prefer the Sahara. I was never a big fan of the dark brown / white sole combination. But as mentioned before, these will be your shoes, so go with what you like. Chris
I personally like the poron insoles. The extra cushion coupled with the cork make them very comfortable. Chris
I have some Ralph Lauren Green Label wool slacks I picked up at Stein Mart. They were marked $69.99, but you can download coupons from their website for 20%-30% off. They also have a wool blend priced at $59.99. I know RL Green isn't the greatest, but they are fine for me and they seem to be holding up fairly well - I've had them about 2 years. I don't know the rise, so they might not work for you there. But if you have a Stein Mart nearby, you might check them...
It looks like AE has more sizes available on the clearance Elgins. A while back they only had 2 sizes, but now it looks like a full list. If you missed out on the clearance Elgin, you can check it out now and they might have your size. Chris
Congratulations on your new shoes.I always put some AE cleaner / conditioner on the shoes before wearing them. Then I use the AE carnauba polish as needed. I also use the AE cleaner / conditioner every so often to keep the leather soft.Alway use shoe trees - if your foot is not in your shoes, cedar shoe trees should be. Also, wipe off or brush your shoes after each wearing to keep them looking nice.Chris
My local menswear / shoe store has a pair coming for me. I agee - the dark brown looks great on that style.Chris
I believe it is the top part of the shoe that is stitched to the sides - that's why there is the stitching around the toe. A lot of other types of styles just have the one piece of leather pulled over the toe.Just what I have been told the overlay plug is. My Wilberts have the overlay plug.Chris
Per their Spring 2012 catalog, they say the Dress Bridle belt is the coordinating belt for the Kenilworth.Chris
it looks like the walnut is February, but the other colors are August
Congratulations on the Strands. I am about to give in and order a pair of Strands in the brown calf.Chris
New Posts  All Forums: