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After yesterday's navy / walnut choice I went monotone with brown Jermyns today. But now we can discuss tassle loafers. Chris
I have my MacNeils in the same size as 95% of my other AE's. The only AE's I have in a different size are from the Rough Collection.Chris
Walnut grain MacNeils today. I know a lot of people don't like the walnut with navy, but I like it with a sport coat. Chris
double check that 38 and see if it is 3E (they use an "E" that looks like a backwards 3). Usually that middle number / letter is the size / width.it should be size, width, style on the top row and some control number on the second row.
I like shortwing bluchers. Here are mine.And my only longwingI think the longwing is a bit more casual than the shortwing. But I don't think the difference is enough to move to one choice or the other.Chris
I decided I needed an "in the wild" shot of my Rush Streets. I think this is one of the better ideas AE has had recently. Chris
This is my first "in the wild" shot and my first mobile post. Walnut McAllisters today
I recently picked up the Dalton in Chocolate. This was my first AE boot besides the Cascade ankle boot. I really like my Dalton - in fact I'm a bit mad that boot season is ending and it will be the Fall before I can start wearing these again. I was afraid a boot would not be as comfortable as a shoe, but I was wrong. The boot does feel different, but it is extremely comfortable.Here are my chocolate DaltonsChris
Here are some of my thoughts - some will match what others have posted and some are new ideas.The oxford cloth slacks are great for summer. Linen is good, but will wrinkle quickly.I am also going to suggest pincord slacks. They are usually available in a pale light blue that would show off your Boca Ratons and Strawfuts nicely. Here is are some corded cotton slacks as a suggestionhttp://www.southerntide.com/products/Corded-Cotton-Pants.htmlAnd if you are a fan,...
New Posts  All Forums: