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My local menswear / shoe store has the brown grain San Marcos and they said they would sell them to me at half price. I tried them on and really wanted to like them (at half off!). But the right shoe digs into my foot where it creases when I walk. The San Marco is on the 222 last which is the same at the Players, Lombard, and Sutter. I have all 3 of these and they all fit great. But for some reason, the San Marco cuts into my foot - maybe it is just that particular...
I just got a list of shoes in 9.5D from Freeport. While there weren't any shoes that I need right now, I wanted to pass along they both the Bayfield (black or brown) and North Platte in brown on the 2 for $200 sale. Both are available in 1st quality. So if you are looking for these boots in 9.5D, contact them quick as they only have 1 or 2 available in each. Contact is freeport@allenedmonds.com Chris
Congrats on your new Strawfuts - I love my brown/navy Strawfuts. I agree - these are very comfortable and the perfect summer shoe.Chris
Great choice - I have seen several here getting the walnut McAllisters. I picked up a pair myself a week or so ago and I think they are great - style, color, everything.Chris
Here are my Bridgetons before and afterand my Holbrooks before and afterChris
Does anybody have the Finch? I'm liking the tan/blue version. I have the Shelton which is on the same last and I'm wondering they 2 styles fit the same. I am wondering because I needed to go down 1/2 size from the McAllister to the McTavish which are also on the same last. Chris
Thanks for the suggestion"Thank you for your interest in Allen Edmonds.Yes, the Kenwood style is manufactured right here in the USA at our Port Washington, Wisconsin factory. All of our shoes using the 360-degree Goodyear welted process are manufactured in the United States of America.Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.Allen Edmonds Customer Service"
This process of making shoes is referred to as Goodyear welt construction, as the machinery used for the process was invented in 1869 by Charles Goodyear, Jr. the son of Charles Goodyear. But I'm sure I'm wrong about this also.I can tell you won't give me any credit about anything and you always have to be right, so I'm going to leave this one alone.Chris
The EEE might make the heel very wide and make it slip more. I wear a 9.5D, if I go to a 9E, I can slip a finger on each side of my heel. Chris
Pretty strong coming flat out and saying I'm wrong. I beg to differ.The handsewn shoes are also built on lasts - all AE shoes are built on lasts. Quote from AE site - "Handsewn Styles are constructed on one of six lasts. Look below to find the characteristics of each last"The uppers are on the handsewns are sewn by hand vs machine sewn. That has nothing to do with how the sole is attached to the upper. Granted some handsewns are constructed via cemented construction -...
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