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The promotion on their website says 2 pairs of socks and a $35 coupon towards a new pair of shoes with each recrafting. I think you lucked out with 3 pairs of socks.(The Sizzle types a lot faster than me)Chris
I just picked up the Allen Edmonds multi-color shoe lace pack at my local menswear/shoe store. It has red, blue, olive, yellow, orange, and lavendar (with a "bonus" pair of black). Could you post some of your shoe / shoe lace combinations so I can get an idea of some color combinations I can put together? I have a lot of walnut, chili, brown, tan, etc. I also have the standard black and burgundy but I'm thinking I might be limited on the colorful lace combos with the...
What is everybody's thoughts on the new Webgem Hollywoods? I like them and I do not have a plain toe blucher in the collection right now. Chris
I only use AE leather lotion on my natual McTavishes. The color has not changed noticeable and the shoes look great.Chris
At that price point, look at some Cole Haans. My local menswear/shoe store has some nice Cole Haan lace ups at $198. Chris
Those look like chili grain Lamberts. Very good looking shoe.Chris
Yes, Fall 2013. Some of the Spring 2013 I saw late last year is out, but there are still some I saw that have not been released yet. I'm thinking you will see some more new styles trickle out for the next month or so.Chris
I just got a sneak peek at the AE Fall 2013 collection. I can't disclose any details and I cannot guaranty all these will make it to production, but here are some of the things I am seeing. several new loafers - some distressed, some not new boat style shoe - looks very nice lots of grain leather options some new monks - double and single some new lasts a wholecut some bold new colors and finishes more suede (I was personally glad to see that) several new boots some...
I have a high instep and cannot wear the Randolph. It's not bad when it's on, but I nearly tear the leather trying to put it on.The Westchester fits me very well. You might try that one. I really like the brown and walnut. And there is a cordovan option if you are so inclined.Chris
I like the Patriot, but I personally wouldn't go with black. I'm not a big fan of black shoes with light colored pants, especially khaki/chino type pants. I see a lot of people doing this, but it's not for me.I would suggest either the brown or burgundy Patriot (I know the burgundy is only available with tap sole, so if you want all leather go brown).The burgundy Randolph might be another one you should consider.Chris
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