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My local menswear store carries Jack Victor and I think they have some very nice suits, sport coats, and slacks for the price. I have purchased Jack Victor slacks and sport coats, but not their suits - I don't wear suits very often. I can wear a 44R off the rack in just about any brand and Jack Victor 44R sport coats fit me with no alterations required. I had to go up one size on the slacks - the sales person said the pants tend to run a little slimmer and a little...
I would say you would be fine to wear them before putting the cleaner/conditioner on them. The cleaner/conditioner shouldn't be too far behind. Just apply it when it arrives and you should be OK.Chris
I like that shoe - in fact they have it in my size and I am tempted. But I don't wear burgundy very often, so I still haven't jumped on it yet.I think it is a nice modern version of the penny loafer. And I'm a big fan of the executive rubber sole for rainy days.Chris
The Shoe Bank has a 2 for $200 sale going on. Check the AE website and contact the Shoe Bank and they will send you a list of available styles in your size.
What does everybody think about the new Allen Edmonds Webgems? I'm liking the tan/khaki twill for summer and the brown/olive twill for fall. I'm liking this new Webgem program - it's kind of nice to see some limited edition / limited time offers every now and then. Chris
AE has the 678 last for orthotics. Here is the info from their website.8 Last (678) Modeled after the 4 last, but with a fuller fit and additional depth to accommodate Allen Edmonds removable orthoticI have the Parliament (no longer made) and the Benton in this last and they are both very comfortable. I have a variety of AE lasts and the 678 last is one of the best fitting for me. They currently offer 2 shoes on this last.Chris
I believe going up in width increases the heel as well. I tried some 9E in the 5 last to see if the would fit better than my usual 9.5D. The length was OK, but the heel was huge on my foot.Yes, E is next after D.Chris
My local menswear / shoe store has the brown grain San Marcos and they said they would sell them to me at half price. I tried them on and really wanted to like them (at half off!). But the right shoe digs into my foot where it creases when I walk. The San Marco is on the 222 last which is the same at the Players, Lombard, and Sutter. I have all 3 of these and they all fit great. But for some reason, the San Marco cuts into my foot - maybe it is just that particular...
I just got a list of shoes in 9.5D from Freeport. While there weren't any shoes that I need right now, I wanted to pass along they both the Bayfield (black or brown) and North Platte in brown on the 2 for $200 sale. Both are available in 1st quality. So if you are looking for these boots in 9.5D, contact them quick as they only have 1 or 2 available in each. Contact is freeport@allenedmonds.com Chris
Congrats on your new Strawfuts - I love my brown/navy Strawfuts. I agree - these are very comfortable and the perfect summer shoe.Chris
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