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Went with the Bourbon Flatirons today Chris
After yesterday's navy / walnut choice I went monotone with brown Jermyns today. But now we can discuss tassle loafers. Chris
I have my MacNeils in the same size as 95% of my other AE's. The only AE's I have in a different size are from the Rough Collection.Chris
Walnut grain MacNeils today. I know a lot of people don't like the walnut with navy, but I like it with a sport coat. Chris
double check that 38 and see if it is 3E (they use an "E" that looks like a backwards 3). Usually that middle number / letter is the size / should be size, width, style on the top row and some control number on the second row.
I like shortwing bluchers. Here are mine.And my only longwingI think the longwing is a bit more casual than the shortwing. But I don't think the difference is enough to move to one choice or the other.Chris
I decided I needed an "in the wild" shot of my Rush Streets. I think this is one of the better ideas AE has had recently. Chris
This is my first "in the wild" shot and my first mobile post. Walnut McAllisters today
I recently picked up the Dalton in Chocolate. This was my first AE boot besides the Cascade ankle boot. I really like my Dalton - in fact I'm a bit mad that boot season is ending and it will be the Fall before I can start wearing these again. I was afraid a boot would not be as comfortable as a shoe, but I was wrong. The boot does feel different, but it is extremely comfortable.Here are my chocolate DaltonsChris
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