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I would put their quality above Sperry but below the Eastports - that's the only other brands of boat shoe I have owned. My Sebagos feel much better than my current Sperrys. My last 2 pair of Sperrys have felt flimsy and poorly constructed. The soles almost feel like they are going to fall off when they are brand new. I won't be buying any more Sperrys.I buy my Sebagos at my local menswear / clothing store. They are always a little off suggested retail. But they run...
Chino is a type of twill cloth usually made of 100% cotton. I have found most chino cloth to be a finer twill than other twills such as drill twill. I usually consider chino cloth to be lighter weight and a finer weave than other twills. Chris
They still make the Maxfield. But they also re-introduced the Woodstock. I have the Woodstock and Maxfield - I like them both and they both fit very similarly.Chris
I bought the Eastports. But I also have some Sebagos that are very nice - nicer than the Sperrys I have had. Chris
Yes, usually about 4 hours - take them off and put shoe trees in when I get home from work, box them up before going to bed.Chris
You are not alone. I keep all my shoes in their original box in the flannel bags with shoe trees in them.Here are some of my AE'sChris
Those look great - I really like the natural sole with the burgundy.Chris
If you are referring to "khaki" as the color also, I would suggest the natural tan or cognac McTavish, the tan Elgin, brown, olive, tan suede, or snuff suede Neumok, tan Black Hills, tan Stewart - and many other possibilities.Chris
I looked at the photos I posted last night and the colors do not look correct - I can never get browns to photograph well. So I did some color correction using the flannel AE bags as a reference. Here are my new McTavish and Jermyn. Chris
I will probably wear the Cognac McTavish with everything except black. They will definitely be casual - no suits. But other than that, I'm thinking they will go with just about everything - denim, cords, twills, flannels, etc.Chris
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