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I have some dress cords from Lands End. They have several wale counts - from 8 to 18 I think, so you can pick your preference. The Lands End cords I have have the seam front pockets and button through rear pockets like dress slacks. The more casual cords I have seen have the patch rear pockets (like jeans) and slash front pockets. I wear my Lands End cords to work where we are business casual (wool slacks, no tie, sport coat, etc.) and they are fine. I personally...
I suggest you look at the Allen Edmonds Black Hills. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF2905_1_40000000001_-1 They look better in person than the website photo. Chris
I like them - I especially like the color. Chris
I would agree that the brown Strands would be more versatile than walnut. You can wear brown with just about anything but black. With walnut, you have to be more careful with which gray you wear it with and some people do not like walnut with navy (I personally like it).I am considering the brown Strand as my next purchase.Chris
I would suggest the Sanford, Strand, or McAllister in whichever shade fits your wardrobe best. These are long-time favorites and timeless classics.A little more "out there" suggestions - MacNeil, Hamptons (in brown), Bradley, Larchmont, Delray, etc.Good luck in your search.Chris
Do a search for the Allen Edmonds North Platte. It was offered for a brief time last Fall and it is essentially the Dalton with a lug sole.You might contact the AE Shoe Bank and see if they have some laying around in your size. Or there may be some on "the bay" in your size.Chris
Congratulations on your new additions - great choices in my opinion.I have always liked the brown Fifth Avenue. Now I really like the brown Patriot - thanks for the photo.I am going to have to look at the brown Patriot and try it one. That may be my next AE purchase.Chris
I'm not as impressive as some on here with custom racks, etc. - I am impressed! I keep my shoes in their original boxes - I can stack them 5 high on the top shelf in my closet. I figure if the stores can keep a lot of inventory stacked in the boxes, I can do the same in my closet. And it keeps dust off them. Chris
I would put their quality above Sperry but below the Eastports - that's the only other brands of boat shoe I have owned. My Sebagos feel much better than my current Sperrys. My last 2 pair of Sperrys have felt flimsy and poorly constructed. The soles almost feel like they are going to fall off when they are brand new. I won't be buying any more Sperrys.I buy my Sebagos at my local menswear / clothing store. They are always a little off suggested retail. But they run...
Chino is a type of twill cloth usually made of 100% cotton. I have found most chino cloth to be a finer twill than other twills such as drill twill. I usually consider chino cloth to be lighter weight and a finer weave than other twills. Chris
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