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I am going to recommend the black Sanford and the brown Strand. I think those would fit most of you needs. Some folks don't like bluchers with suits (the Sanford), but I don't have a problem with that. If you don't want to wear a blucher with suit, my second recommendation in black is the Fifth Avenue - I like the little bit of perforation on the cap. Chris
I have a high instep and none of my shoes completely close at the laces. Not a problem for me as long as the gap isn't too big.Here is a picture from one of the AE catalogs and there is a gap. I'm guessing they wouldn't feature it in the catalog if it wasn't OK.Chris
I read that some of the pre-worn AE's are stamped with a "W" on the bottom and AE will not recraft these. This may be incorrect, I have not tried to have such a pair recrafted.Chris
I would say you don't need a winder unless you want the convenience of not having to reset your watch. You won't damage your automatic by winding - the only downside is if there is a screwdown crown, the water resistance will gradually be reduced by unwinding and winding the crown. But I would have the seals checked on a regular basis if I actually dived with the watch. The only precaution I take is to make sure a watch gets wound (or gently shaken with the automatic)...
If you purchase from AE, they are.Chris
I have some of their rib casual and wool dress socks and both are very nice. I wear the rib casual socks with jeans all fall / winter - they are great with my Cascades, Black Hills, Wilberts, etc.Chris
Welcome to the forum. I read that post - I must have missed it when it was originally posted. I didn't see one brand mentioned, so I am going to suggest you look at Jack Victor. They carry them at my local menswear store and while I haven't purcased one of their suits, I have purchased a couple of their sport coats and some of their slacks and they are very nice. The suits run about $700-$800. I understand they are manufactured in Canada, so you should be able to find...
I don't know what your definition of inexpensive is, but I am going to suggest you look at a pair of Cole Haan's with the Nike Air Technology - maybe the Air Madison. While I do not own any, I have tried them on at my local menswear / shoe store and they are very comfortable - almost like wearing a tennis shoe. And they look pretty good also. Just a suggestion - good luck in your search. Chris
I would say you did fine. You buy what can fit your budget. At least you bought something that looks good and fits well - that's is what really matters. I have seen people spend a lot of money on clothes that do not fit and really look bad. I would much rather see someone get something that looks nice and presentable like you did. Chris
Thanks for the pictures - much better than the AE website. Now I am seriously considering the brown Hampton. I really like the grain/smooth combination.Chris
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