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current count is 35 - but I'm very tempted by the Townley currently on clearance.
I have the AE Sutter in burgundy. It was part of the Executive Collection and is not available any more. I think they used to make the Leeds in burgundy calf, I'm not sure though.Chris
I wear a 9.5D in all of my AE's except the McTavish and the Black Hills (both Rough Collection). I have several different lasts and all are 9.5D except for these 2 styles which are 9D. I even the the 5 last in non-Rough Collection styles and they are 9.5D. So I would suggest going down a half size on the Rough Collection based on my experience.Chris
The Hale is back on the Clearance section the AE websiteChris
Per the Allen Edmonds Spring 1995 catalog, the number 5675 (number inside your shoe) is the burgundy polished cobbler Park Avenue. So they are corrected grain. I have some corrected grain - some don't like them but like them. They are easier to maintain a shine on.http://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/spring-1995-catalogChris
I have an Allen Edmonds Chili wide basic dress belt.Chris
I would say you could wear the chili with just about anything you wear the walnut with except for lighter grays - the chili may be a tad too dark for that. But chili looks great with navy, tans, and medium/dark gray.I don't have any photos of the Lasalle, but here are some of my chili AE's. The Bradleys (first ones shown) look darker due to the grain leather.Chris
I treat my pebble grain Bradleys the same as all the others - cleaner conditioner followed by polish. No problems so far.Chris
I have been looking at the Townley's also. They look great in that brown. They had them in collection in 2010 or 2011, but they had the mini lug rubber soles. I have not seen the leather soled version - and I like the leather soled version they have on close out better.Being a blucher, they remind me of the Sanford without the perforations. I wear the same size in the 5 last (McAllister) and the 1-511 last (Shelton). So I would think you would be OK with an 8.5E.Chris
I really like my brown Hinsdales - I like the blucher / wingtip combination.You are correct - the 8 last (108 last not the 678 last). Same as the Parkland, Vernon, Delray, etc.Chris
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