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Burgundy Sanfords today. These are the old version with 5 pairs of eyelets. Chris
Still drizzly and foggy today so I chose the burgundy Lombards. Chris
Walnut Lombards today. Essentially the Players with the Executive rubber sole Chris
I agree with the same size in 65 and 333 last - that is what I did. However, the 333 last will feel more roomy than the 65 last. Chris
I have had all except the Clare sole - the Clare sole appears to be a dress shoe sole. The VIP is comfortable and wears well, but is more of a dress shoe sole with no lugs for traction. The Othello sole has some small lugs for traction but, as others have mentioned, is soft and wears quickly - but it is very comfortable. The Hamlet sole is pretty thin (I have them on my Nashua loafers) but they do have some small lugs for traction and are very comfortable.None that I...
Saddle Browm AE Parliaments from the previous Executive Collection. One of my most comfortable AE shoes. Chris
Rush Streets today. I like them with grey. Chris
I believe the streaking is from the burnishing that occurs after the shoe is made. Not sure, but that is the impression I got.Chris
I know it's nothing like what our New England friends are getting but snow and 0 wind chill made me pick the Long Branches today. Chris
Cascades for this Saturday. Chris
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