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I have the AE Eastport and really like it. I have Sperry's and Sebago's also. The last Sperry's I bought a couple of years ago are really poor quality - much worse than the Sperry's I bought 5-6 years ago. The Sebago's I recently purchased are vastly superior to the Sperry's. The Eastports are much nicer than the Sebago's - more comfortable, lined inside, and the leather is much nicer.Granted the Sperry's were cheapest, the Sebago's next higher priced, and the AE's...
I have 2 pair of the older Sanfords and they have 5 eyeletsChris
Love the Tan Nashua and Bourbon McAllister. The others are going to have to grow on me.Chris
Check the AE website - new models. Nashua in English Tan, Ashton in Brown, McAllister in Bourbon (with combination sole), Chukkamok, Strandmok, and Banchory look interesting to me. And there are a few more new styles and colors. Chris
I agree - and apparently AE agrees. I heard a rumor that the Rush will be back for Spring 2013.Chris
I wore the same size in the Randolph as I did in my 5 last and 8 last shoes - just my experience, others may vary. However, I ended up giving my Randolphs away as my high instep didn't work well with the Randolph. So fit-wise, you should be the same size. But if you have a high instep, try them on first because they may be way too tight across the top of your foot.Chris
I would suggest the Merlot McAllister and Brown Strand. That should round out your collection.Chris
Just my experience and your mileage may vary. I wear 9.5D in 95% of all my AE shoes. The only exception are a couple of pair of the Rough Collection in 9D. I tried on the Westchester at my local menswear / shoe store and the 9.5D was the fit for me. Just my experience - I have a high instep and I think that affects some of how shoes fit me.Chris
Check these...
I saw a sneak peek at the Spring 2013 offerings and the Strandmok was in there - as well as a Chukkamok.Chris
New Posts  All Forums: