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I have the tan McTavish and use only the AE cleaner/conditioner and AE leather lotion on them. Keeps them looking fine for me. Chris
I strapped on my Winhalls this morning and noticed they are also on the 8 last - so one more for the list.Chris
I just received a Lands End catalog and they had some 18 wale cords that looked nice. I have some Lands End 8 wale and 12 wale cords and I really like them. Great pants for the money in my opinion. You might give them a look and see what you think. I have not heard of Lambourne, so cannot help there.
Yes, but not on a regular basis. I have a few other burgundy wingtips in the collection now. But the McAllisters still make it out for special occassions. They have been recrafted once - here they are (photo taken this summer).Chris
Here is a list I got somewhere a little while back showing a lot of the AE models and the lasts. It does not include any of the newer models from the past few months. No guaranty on accuracy, I am just passing the list along. It is in Word format. Chris  
My vote is for Allen Edmonds. I feel the quality / value / style combination is great for me. And I like to buy American-made products when I can. There is also a sentimental connection - my dad has always worn Allen Edmonds and he bought me my first pair of Allen Edmonds just after I graduated from college. And I have a pair of Allen Edmonds my wife bought me for our first Christmas together 22 years ago. Chris
When travelling for business, usually 2 - 1 on my feet, 1 in the suitcase.On vacation, I usually only take 1 pair of AE. When on vacation I like to be casual so it's usually Sebago boat shoes or something along those lines most of the time. AE's would only be for a nice dinner, etc.Chris
I use Allen Edmonds Leather Lotion on my belts. It keeps them from cracking and it has no color so it won't rub off on your pants. Chris
I really like the Grayson in snuff suede.Chris
yes - I go up 2 inches from my pants waist size and I use the middle hole on the belt.33 is kind of tricky - but I would probably go with the 36 beltChris
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