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I agree - for $10 with free shipping, order a pair from AE. It's the right way to go.Chris
I would think about what time of year you will be wearing them most. I have both the natural and the cognac McTavish and for me, the natural McTavish more of a summer shade for me and the cognac is more fall/winter.Chris
I suggest you look at the McTavish - great casual wingtip that would fit your situations. 4 colors to choose from.Maybe the walnut grain MacNeil - a bit less casual, but would still fit your situations.Chris
Great looking shoe!I think I know where they got the idea for the new AE Winter Park (photo from the AE website)Chris
The catalogs on Issuu show the bourbon Sanford from 1997 to 2000.By the way, I really like mineChris
By dad bought me my first AE's when I was in college. He said you won't want to wear anything else. He was pretty much correct - I now have 37 pair of AE the oldest of which is a pair of burgundy McAllisters that were acquired in 1991 (the one's I got in college finally gave out).Chris
Lombard is no longer offered, but you may find them (and possibly some Players) at the outlets.Current blucher wingtips are MacNeil, Larchmont (both longwings), Williams (longwing from the Independence Collection), Banchory, and Aberdeen (two from the Rough Collection).Chris
I have the AE Eastport and really like it. I have Sperry's and Sebago's also. The last Sperry's I bought a couple of years ago are really poor quality - much worse than the Sperry's I bought 5-6 years ago. The Sebago's I recently purchased are vastly superior to the Sperry's. The Eastports are much nicer than the Sebago's - more comfortable, lined inside, and the leather is much nicer.Granted the Sperry's were cheapest, the Sebago's next higher priced, and the AE's...
I have 2 pair of the older Sanfords and they have 5 eyeletsChris
Love the Tan Nashua and Bourbon McAllister. The others are going to have to grow on me.Chris
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