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Yes, there are. I was at my local menswear / shoe store yesterday and they showed me the new Fall book. There is a Neumok like boot - unlined and available in blue - and the Long Branch which is the wingtip lug sole mid height boot I saw this Spring. There was also a gray boot - and it did not have that strap that was on the design contest boot.Chris
New AE's on the website. New Park Avenue colors - Granite Grey and Walnut Cloud New McTavish color - dark brown (already shown ealier on this thread) Players - now in Walnut and Black calf (not sure if that was there before) and the Bitter Chocolate suede is back Hamptons - now in brown burnished/brown grain and black/black grain Ridgeway is back Pierpont - gray / navy saddle Flagstaff - new casual penny loafer Parkway - new split toe blucher (black grain is a...
That's the one I saw when I met the AE sales rep earlier this year - it is on my must have list and my local store has them coming. I have the tan, but I think this color is going to be great for Fall.Chris
The one I saw earlier this year was called the Long Branch and it was a low boot. Check out this link to Amazon - the Long Branch is in the URL, but nothing on the page yet. I'm guessing August 1 for the release date.http://www.amazon.com/Allen-Allen-Edmonds-Long-Branch/dp/images/B008L36R28Chris
I saw several shoes, including the Park Avenue, in gray leather earlier this year when I met an AE sales rep.Chris
You have to buy from Lands End, but they are brown MacNeilshttp://www.landsend.com/pp/mens-allen-edmonds-macneil-wing-tip-shoes~206733_-1.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::BAL&CM_MERCH=IDX_men-_-shoes-_-regular-_-shoes&origin=indexChris
I have the McTavish in tan and it is a great casual / business casual shoe. I wear mine with just about everything but black - they look good with blues, olives, tans, browns, and even some grays. The black McTavish would be good with jeans, but I don't wear many black shoes unless they are with a suit.If you wear jeans a lot, either color would be good. If you don't wear jeans that often, I would suggest going with the tan.Chris
Personally, I wouldn't send them back. I figure there are going to be a few wrinkles after I wear them once. But they are your shoes and you need to be happy with them.BTW - great looking shoes. I think the brown Strands are way under rated. I know the walnut Strands are pretty, but I don't think enough people give credit to the brown Strands.Chris
I saw a boot like that in person in March when I met an AE sales rep. It looked similar to the Dalton but did not appear to go as high up the ankle as the Dalton. It also appeared to be not as sleek as the Dalton (lug sole might have played into that).Chris
New Allen Edmonds Boot I was at my local menswear / shoe store and they were showing me photos of a new boot that is supposed to be out this Fall. Think McTavish boot - wingtip low/medium rise balmoral boot with Rough Collection double soles. The colors shown - blue (like Neumok), dark brown, and light brown (not as light at McTavish). I'm looking forward to the Fall 2012 AE collection - from the previews I've seen, there are going to be some nice items available. Chris
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