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I agree - and apparently AE agrees. I heard a rumor that the Rush will be back for Spring 2013.Chris
I wore the same size in the Randolph as I did in my 5 last and 8 last shoes - just my experience, others may vary. However, I ended up giving my Randolphs away as my high instep didn't work well with the Randolph. So fit-wise, you should be the same size. But if you have a high instep, try them on first because they may be way too tight across the top of your foot.Chris
I would suggest the Merlot McAllister and Brown Strand. That should round out your collection.Chris
Just my experience and your mileage may vary. I wear 9.5D in 95% of all my AE shoes. The only exception are a couple of pair of the Rough Collection in 9D. I tried on the Westchester at my local menswear / shoe store and the 9.5D was the fit for me. Just my experience - I have a high instep and I think that affects some of how shoes fit me.Chris
Check these...
I saw a sneak peek at the Spring 2013 offerings and the Strandmok was in there - as well as a Chukkamok.Chris
I agree about the Jermyn - I got the brown Jermyn and it looks much better than the website photos.Chris
Not the greatest photo, but here is a photo of my Bourbon Flatirons between Brown Parkway and Walnut McAllisterChris
For those with AE Bourbon shoes - they have another Bourbon belt on the website. The new Dearborn belt is available in Bourbon. So now you can get the Dearborn or the Manistee in Bourbon. They also have a new croc-embossed leather belt on the website. Chris
check page 931 of this topic - somebody just bought a pair and posted photos.Chris
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