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My brown / navy mesh Strawfuts fit the same as my McAllisters. - but more comfortable as the mesh is very forgiving. If you are looking at the linen Strawfut, they are fully lined, so I would think they would fit the same as a McAllister.Chris
I have Strands, Park Aves, and Flatirons. The 333 last definitely feels wider than the 5 last, but not much longer. The 333 last is much more fully fitting in the toe box. I wear a 9.5D in the 5 last and the 9.5D in the 333 last fits me. However, I feel a 9.25D would be perfect in the 333 last. I tried a 9E in the 3 last and the heel was too big.
I still use my colored laces. I like to match them with socks or the shirt if I'm wearing a brighter color shirt. I don't know if the trend is over. Where I am located I don't know if I have seen anybody else with colored laces. But that's fine - I also see a lot of square toe shoes and other "fashion" choices I don't follow.Chris
Here is a link from their website.http://content.allenedmonds.com/catalogs/2013_AE_Fall.pdfChris
I would say those would not work with a suit. The AE Rough Collection was not really designed for suits.Just my .02.Chris
Agreed. I am very glad there is an American-made shoe option still out there.I hope the AE folks are reading this and will pass on our appreciation for all they do right here in the USA.And I also want to send out my appreciation for all the workers in the USA that make this country great. Thank goodness we have a lot of great American-made things to go along with our shoes!Chris
I wear the same size in the 1,5, and 7 last.Chris
I bought my Strawfuts in the same size as my other 5-last shoes and they fit the same.I have the brown/navy mesh version. From my understanding, the linen is a bit different as the linen has leather linings while the mesh is mesh only. However, I would think they would fit the same.Chris
I have the same issue - I can barely put the Randolph on due to my high instep. Try the Westchester - fits me like a glove. But they have been discontinued, so act fast!Chris
That looks great. I think the bourbon has a better contrast with the bone than the walnut does. Brown would have been a bit too stark, but the bourbon works very well.Chris
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