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I have always used a shoe horn - some metal, some plastic - and have never damaged my shoes. Quite the opposite - you will damage your shoes if you do not use a shoe horn.Chris
I just went to the bay, searched for shoe horn, and the first one was a 24 inch shoe horn for $11.89 with free shipping.I just sent you a PM - I don't think they want links posted here.Chris
I don't know your definition of cheap. But how about this one? Free shipping.http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF599_1_40000000001_-1_The bay has some - 3 for $11 in stainless and it looks like you can get free shipping. Just go to the bay and search for shoe horn.Chris
Very nice, I think I like that a lot better than the Strandmoks.Chris
With the distressed leather, you are going to develop creases and different shading is a lot of areas of the shoe. I have noticed this withy my tan natural McTavish, but I have noticed it more on my cognac McTavish.I would say put some AE Leather Lotion on them and wear them. That is the look I want with a distressed leather, so I would keep them. But they are your shoes, so you have to be sure you are OK with them.Chris
This is what I do with new calf shoes. I use AE Cleaner / Conditioner, buff, apply AE paste wax, buff, wear.Chris
For the Long Branch, I would use AE Leather Lotion, not a polish.Chris
I don't know what is available in your size, but I would suggest a blucher as you have 3 balmorals.It would depend on your usual dress - casual vs business. But you can get a blucher in either style.Chris
I have the Sanford in the same size as my Strands and the fit is very similar for me.Chris
I would go with the Sanfords. The Sanford is a blucher and you seem to be OK on balmorals.I also feel the more casual walnut and more formal Park Avenue style can conflict a bit.Chris
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