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I managed to get some cell phone pics of the new boot from the catalog at lunch today - shhh, don't tell anybody.I will post them tonight when I can get them off my phone and uploaded. Sorry, no smart phone here, so it will be a bit more of a wait - but not much.Chris
I am hearing late September for boots - so hang on and they will be there soon.
Two new styles on the AE website this morning. Aberdeen - check out the grey on this one. Also available in tan and brown http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF8022_1_40000000001_-1 Regent Street - looks very similar to the Aberdeen, but uses a different last. I really like the chili / chili grain version. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF5104_1_40000000001_-1 Chris
I'm in OKC, OK - we haven't had any rain since the first week of June!On a more serious note - that photo was taken when they were almost new, worn maybe 2-3 times. I use AE Cleaner/Conditioner and AE Leather Lotion and they still look pretty good.Chris
I really like my Black Hills - great business casual / casual shoe and good for rainy days.Chris
I wonder if this is some college school color shoes for the upcoming football season. It looks like they are trying to show the versatility they have - I don't think this is representative of what will be in their regular line.I remember on the CEO's blog a while back they showed some people at the Rose Bowl. One guy had some custom AE's in green and yellow and the other guy had some custom AE's in red and white.
wow - what is that grey shoe in the upper right corner?
I really like the boot - I saw it in person when I met an AE sales rep earlier this year. I thought "must have" as soon as I saw it. I saw the brown - I will have to see the grey to get a feel for it.When I first saw the natural McTavish, I didn't like it. But I have a pair now and really like them. So the grey might grow on me after seeing it in person.No word on release date. The store said they will start getting the new AE's in a couple of weeks. But they don't...
Wingtip blucher, but not a long wing, that is a bit shorter than the Dalton. And it has the lug sole intead of leather. Somewhat distressed - kind of like the new darker brown Mctavish. In the photos they have red laces.
The boots didn't look to be that dark of a grey - they are kind of disressed where the grey is a bit lighter than the Park Avenue. Take a look at the Pierpont on the AE website - the grey is closer to that, but maybe just a tad darker than the Pierpont grey.Chris
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