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No I haven't had any. All I did when I received them was put AE Cleaner / Conditioner on them then used neutral paste wax.Chris
I have never had squeeking issues with new boots. Maybe I have been lucky.Chris
Brown and Chili are still available in my size at $127 at the Shoe BankChris
It was 21 degrees this morning in OKC so it is officially boot season. Inaugural run for my new Shaker Heights - best $127 I have spent in a along time Chris
Happy Friday everybody. I went with the Chili Grain Bradley today. Chris
Went with the Bourbon Strands today. Chris
Gunboat Monday Chris
How about some weave today - wearing the Hampstead. Anybody else wearing woven today? Chris
Here is an AE short wing blucher - the Hinsdale. Complete with AE yellow laces (matches the shirt I am wearing). Maybe this will push AE to introduce another short wing blucher. Chris
Also take a look at the Carlyle, Leeds, and Strand - all in brown calf.Chris
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