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I saw a sneak peek at the Spring 2013 offerings and the Strandmok was in there - as well as a Chukkamok.Chris
I agree about the Jermyn - I got the brown Jermyn and it looks much better than the website photos.Chris
Not the greatest photo, but here is a photo of my Bourbon Flatirons between Brown Parkway and Walnut McAllisterChris
For those with AE Bourbon shoes - they have another Bourbon belt on the website. The new Dearborn belt is available in Bourbon. So now you can get the Dearborn or the Manistee in Bourbon. They also have a new croc-embossed leather belt on the website. Chris
check page 931 of this topic - somebody just bought a pair and posted photos.Chris
That looks very similar to a model called the Fenwick I saw presented for Spring 2013 release. I don't know for sure as there is a slight difference in the vamp.Chris
I wear my chili AE's with anything but black.Chris
My Flatirons I just got do not have that tag.Chris
The heel was too wide on the 9E - a lot of slipping.Chris
The 9D was a bit too tight for me - the pinky toe was squeezed. The 9.5D was just a tad big, but OK. I think I would be a true 9.25D in the 333 last vs 9.5D in just about every other AE I own. So I opted for the "bit too big" figuring that's more manageable than "bit too small".Chris
New Posts  All Forums: