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I have the black chromexcel Odenwalds. They still look like black calf without any color variation, etc. I apply AE Leather Lotion every few months and that's all I do on chromexcel.Chris
I'm going to suggest the Loden Suede Dundee 2.0 - you will have to put some extra with it, but I like the suede Dundee.Chris
PSA on Normandy boots. With all this Normandy talk I remembered my local menswear / shoe store had some Normandy boots on the clearance rack. So I went over to take some pics to let people know what they have. Well, I'm a sucker for a deal - so I'm thinking about getting the 10D brown you see in the pics. I am normally a 9.5D in AE, but the 10D was a tad big but very comfortable - and I figure I will be wearing thicker socks with boots so it should be good.Anyway, they...
I just bought the Higgins Mill in same size as 99% of my other AE shoes (9.5D) and it fits great.I recently tried on an Alden Indy boot. The store said everbody goes down a 1/2 size in the Indy boot but when I tried the 9D they had in stock (at half price) it was a bit too tight across the top of my foot. Maybe not an entire half size too tight, but too tight for me even at half price. They didn't have an Indy boot in 9.5D so I don't know if that would have worked.I...
I have probably close to 20 different AE lasts - some from long discontinued lines like Corporate Casuals and Executive. Off the top of my head, I have the following lasts in my collection: 65, 73, 97, 108, 201, 222, 333, 511, 678, 1757, B34, 114, 2592, and 606.
Received my brown Higgins Mills today - love this boot. One small ding on one toe (see pics) but not big deal. I ordered the same size as 99% of my other AE's and the fit is great. Maybe a tad big with the dress socks I was wearing when I got home, but not worth going down a 1/2 size. With the heavier socks I wear with boots, this should be perfect. First pic - right out of the box untouched These next photos are after one application of AE Leather Lotion Chris
PSA for anybody that is an 8.5EEE. There is a pair of tan grain First Avenue boots with Dainite on AE clearance (first quality) for $207. http://www.allenedmonds.com/clearance/mens-clearance/shoes/first-avenue-dress-boots/SF1198.html?dwvar_SF1198_color=1198 Chris
Haven't heard of nor seen the Calgary. But it looks a lot like the Freiburg with a lug sole.Chris
Thanks for the photo - mine are supposed to be here Friday. I'm glad you got the brown so I can see a real world photo. Your photo confirms I'm going to like this boot.Chris
Mine are supposed to arrive Friday - I will try to post some pics Friday PM.Chris
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