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Brown grain Dundee 2.0s with some flannel today.
I went to issuu.com and looked up old AE catalogs - I believe I looked at 1995 for this. At the back they had information on the lasts. I don't know if they did this each year, but you might look at some older AE catalogs on issuu and see what they have.Chris
I just looked it up and it is on the 79 last. Per the AE catalog, the comparison to 65 last (for size 9D) is as follows:65 last length = 11 7/16 inch, girth = 9 1/4 inch79 last length = 11 3/16 inch, girth = 9 7/16 inchChris
For me they fit a tad larger than the 65 - but not enough for me to changes sizes. They feel like they have a bit more width than the 65.I have a high instep and these are one of the few loafers that are very comfortable for me due to the vamp being lower. I can't hardly get a Randolph or Patriot on my foot but I can put the Bridgeton on almost without using a shoehorn.Chris
That is the Bridgeton from the late 1990's - early 2000'sChris
Here are pics of my AE's - let's swing this back to "appreciation". Chris
Skaker Heights with jeans today
These are the brown
I bought the Freiburgs in the same size as 95% of my other AE's - 9.5D. The only AE's I went down 1/2 size were Rough Collection and Odenwald boots.The 9.5D Freiburgs fit me like a glove.Chris
Maybe the Clark Street in Natural Chromexcel?http://www.allenedmonds.com/rough-collection/clark-street-casual-shoes/SF1902.html
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