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I really like my chili grain Bradleys
From the "you don't see these very often" section: Chili Winhalls Chris
I was going to say the same thing
The last several pairs of AE's I have purchased that had leather soles did not have the wheeling. But they have butyl soles and maybe AE never did that on the butyl soles.Chris
Per the AE website they changed the Dundee to the Dundee 2.0 by "raising the toe and lifting the upper to highlight the premium materials and artisanal layering visible on the natural sidewall of the split reverse welt"
Feels like Fall today so Dundees and cords. But back to mid 90's Monday so back to the other part of the closet. Chris
I treat all my shoes / boots before I wear them. The Higgins Mill is chromexcel and AE recommends their AE Leather Lotion only. That is what I used on all my chromexcel and it works great.Chris
Walnut grain MacNeils for this Friday Chris
Model 6275 and per the 1990 Fall AE Catalog they are polished cobbler. Yes I bought them new - actually they were a Christmas present from my wife so she bought them new.Here is the insoleChris
Wearing my oldest AE shoes today - my 26 year old burgundy McAllisters Chris
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