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Here are a couple of older photos of my brown grain Dundees. I don't know if it helps with your decision, but here they are.Chris
I wear my Long Branch to shovel snow and have not had any problems. You should be good for your commute.Chris
All the split-toe talk a few days ago made me dig out the chili grain Bradleys today Chris
I just use AE Leather Lotion on my Higgins Mills. I don't worry about the tongue - it's the tongue and will get creased up by the laces. If you feel you need to do something to the tongue, I use AE spray waterproofer for suede on my suede shoes.Chris
Inaugural run for the navy suede Dundee 2.0s today. Chris
It FINALLY cooled off here. So it's boot season - let's start with the chili Shaker Heights. Chris
Another one of my more vintage pair of AE's. Burgundy Sanford from the late 1990's - with 5 pairs of eyelets instead of the 4 they used when the reintroduced them a few years ago. Chris
I'm going to call this "way back Wednesday". These are Bridgetons from about 1995 - this is what they called Bourbon back then. I have 3 of this style - black, burgundy, and bourbon. I still like this shoe. Chris
Rainy Friday - perfect Wilbert day Chris
Finally cooling off and getting some rain here. So the brown grain MacNeils with Dainite get the first run of the season. Chris
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