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In my experience, the 333 last runs longer
I tried on the Rogues this week. I wear 9.5D in 95% of my AE's - several different lasts. And I have a relatively high instep. The Rogue fit me best in 9D. The 9.5D had toomuch volume in the toebox and looked like it would have some bad / weird creasing.Just my experience.Chris
I wanted to share my 201 last fit experience for anybody considering the Rogue or Warwick. I cannot guaranty you will have the same experience, but I wanted to share for some guidance. I wear 9.5D in 95% of my AE's. The only exception is 9D in 1 pair McTavish, 1 pair Black Hills, and 1 pair Odenwald. I tried both the Warwick and the Rogue at my local menswear / shoe store and in both the cases the 9D fit me best. The 9.5D was too big, especially in the toebox area. ...
Not at all too dressy. They are darker than the walnut calf they use on dress AE's. What you are planning to do is what I do with my Black Hills. I wear them with chinos / twills when it's raining / snowing, but not downpours or blizzards. And I wear them with jeans on the weekends to all kinds of events. I think they would fit perfectly in the uses you mention. And the mini lug sole will give you a little more grip if you are in grass, etc. on the weekends.Chris
Let's hope they never use Sioux Gateway Airport
It is supposed to be 85 degrees today so I'm giving the Strawfuts a run.
One of my favorite AEs - chili Benton today. Chris
Great minds think alike.
Here is a close up of my chili grain Bradleys
I haven't worn these in a while so chili grain Bradleys today
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