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That looks just like my polished cobbler burgundy McAllisters that were purchased in November 1990 - insole and all.Chris
Wearing my Freiburgs for the first time this year - hey, it was 85 degrees Wednesday so boot weather was a bit late. After putting these on, I can confirm these are my favorite boots. I like my Higgins Mills, I like my Normandys, but I think the Freiburg is my favorite. Chris
Since I'm considering the Loden, I vote Loden. But I would do Snuff if I didn't already have some shoes in snuff suede.Chris
Anybody else wearing Normandy's on Veterans Day? First - Thank You to all the veterans on this forum. Second, these might be the most comfortable shoes / boots / anything that I own. Chris
Inaugural wearing for the Higgins Mills - finally cooled off enough here for boots! Chris
PSA - my local menswear / shoe store has 1 pair of black Normandy boots in 11D and they are marked $100. You can contact James Robert Hicks at Teena Hicks Company 405-235-4800 They will add actual shipping to the price. Subject to prior sale. Chris
great minds think alikeChris
I have the Odenwald on the B34. I wear 9.5D in all my AE's except Odenwald which I got in a 9D. However, the 9.5D Higgins Mill fits great.Chris
I really like my chili grain Bradleys
From the "you don't see these very often" section: Chili Winhalls Chris
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