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I have the Bourbon Flatiron and Strand. On both shoes, I used AE cleaner / conditioner then followed with AE neutral carnauba polish. No problems and the shoes look great.Chris
I have that exact shoe - the bourbon looks great on that shoe. I also have the Bourbon Manistee - I really like that belt. I would say you have a great combo there.I believe the Flatiron is on the new 3-333 last which I found to fit well on my foot.Chris
I have two pairs of AE from the now defunct Executive Collection that feature executive rubber soles. I also have some other Vibram soled AE's - Benton, Ellsworth, Wilbert, Black Hills, etc. I wear on rainy / snowy days.Chris
I have some AE corrected grain shoes (I believe they used the term "polished cobbler") I purchased in the 1990's and they look great. I don't have a problem with corrected grain - granted it might not have the depth and character of the regular calf, but it still looks good in my opinion. I don't feel bad about wearing my corrected grain AE's - I don't look at them as lesser shoes.Chris
I have always shined my own shoes. Probably always will. Chris
I am going to suggest burgundy McAllister and walnut (or bourbon) Strands.Chris
Look at the Oris Artixhttp://www.oris.ch/en/watches/oris-artix-date/01-733-7642-4051-07-5-21-81fcor Oris Classichttp://www.oris.ch/en/watches/oris-classic-date/01-733-7594-4091-07-5-20-11Chris
I would suggest something in burgundy since you have black and brown. Perhaps the burgundy Park Ave or burgundy McAllister. AE has the burgundy Hancock from the Independence Collection on clearance right now - might check to see if they have your size.Chris
That is my next pair of Allen Edmonds. I have been thinking about them for a while and your photo just put me over the edge.Chris
Heads up on AE Clearance - they have the Hancock from the Independence Collection on clearance. $397 vs $475. They have black and burgundy - not sure on size distribution among the colors. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF7677_1_40000000001_-1 Chris
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