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Chili Shaker Height seconds - I consider these the steal of the century. Chris
Suede will definitely work with business casual. I think suede Strands would look good with flannels, tweeds, etc.Chris
Black Hills with denim today. Chris
It's Berkshire Friday Chris
I think the Bourbon Strands work well with grey. Chris
Chocolate Daltons today Chris
More AE Bourbon from the late 1990s with these Bridgetons. Chris
Walnut McAllisters with navy today. Chris
Not an MTO - these were from a few years ago before they offered the all brown version. My style number is 6144Chris
I agree with the woven section being smaller. I'm glad I picked up my Winhalls before they discontinued them.However, I do like my Hampsteads in the summer.Chris
New Posts  All Forums: