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Do they not have a 12 1/2 D?
It's Friday so it's cords and the Berkshires Chris
I like the black Shaker Heights. I'm glad they sold out of my size because they were very tempting.Chris
Snuff Suede Players today. Chris
Mine are chili.I ordered mine in the same size as 95% of my other AE's (including several 5 lasts) and they fit great.Chris
No I haven't had any. All I did when I received them was put AE Cleaner / Conditioner on them then used neutral paste wax.Chris
I have never had squeeking issues with new boots. Maybe I have been lucky.Chris
Brown and Chili are still available in my size at $127 at the Shoe BankChris
It was 21 degrees this morning in OKC so it is officially boot season. Inaugural run for my new Shaker Heights - best $127 I have spent in a along time Chris
Happy Friday everybody. I went with the Chili Grain Bradley today. Chris
New Posts  All Forums: