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Early Christmas present for me. Stopped by my local menswear / shoe store and they had some AEs marked 1/2 price. So I couldn't resist these Odenwalds. If you are wondering, the 9D fit best while 95% of my other AEs are 9.5D. Sorry for the bad pic - it's a quick one at my desk. I will try to get a better photo tonight after some AE Leather Lotion. Chris
I know a lot of people here aren't loafer fans, but the Jermyns made an appearance this Monday. Chris
Wearing the chili Shaker Heights today. Paired them with the AE casual rib socks and they fit great. Definitely the best $127 I have spent in a long time. Chris
Chili Bentons - kind of casual today. Chris
I really like the Walnut Strand - and I like those socks also!Chris
That was my experience. I had Sheltons in the same size as 95% of my other AE shoes and they were very tight across the top of my foot towards the toes. It was so tight I ended up selling the shoes.The Carlyle feels exactly like the Shelton when I tried them on at my local store.Note: I have a relatively high instep and this likely contributed to the tightness.Chris
Walnut McAllisters today. Chris
Here is a family shot. Some people say my closet looks like the back room of an AE store. Chris
I am waiting a while longer to break mine out - probably after the 15th.Chris
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