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Old School - Bridgetons from the late 1990's. Complete with crappy office carpet.
My understanding is Bourbon is Walnut with black burnishing applied. I had a similar experience with Flatiron and Strand. I bought the Flatiron in Bourbon when they first came out. The Flatiron was one of the first Bourbon offerings I remember. I later bought a Bourbon Strand and noticed it was much darker and had more "depth" to it. My speculation is when they started doing the Bourbon color they weren't using as much black burnishing. But they gradually started...
Better pics of the new Brown Grain MacNeil 2.0
Dainite sole - that's one of the reasons I picked them up. I thought grain and Dainite would be perfect for rainy days.Chris
Great choice - I think your post put me over the edge.Chris
I love the brown grain on the Dundee 2.0's I got a little while ago so I have been looking at the brown grain MacNeil 2.0's at my local store. I have looked long enough - here are some quick and dirty cell phone pics when I got back to the office. I will post better photos tonight after some AE Leather Lotion and buffing.
Drizzly, cold, windy - perfect Dundee 2.0 weather
Mine are a little over a year old and look great. A little creasing, but the color and finish look like they did when they were new. I just put AE Leather Lotion on them every 4-6 months.The photo below was from just before Thanksgiving.Chris
Had the day off so Freiburgs and jeans today.
Go to the AE main website and there is a link at the top of the page to the 2nds sale.
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