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I bought my Strawfuts in the same size as my other 5-last shoes and they fit the same.I have the brown/navy mesh version. From my understanding, the linen is a bit different as the linen has leather linings while the mesh is mesh only. However, I would think they would fit the same.Chris
I have the same issue - I can barely put the Randolph on due to my high instep. Try the Westchester - fits me like a glove. But they have been discontinued, so act fast!Chris
That looks great. I think the bourbon has a better contrast with the bone than the walnut does. Brown would have been a bit too stark, but the bourbon works very well.Chris
I like this shoe. I like the Leeds in brown and the titan rubber soles and poron will certainly make them more comfortable. AE need to do a plain toe blucher like these in their regular collection.Chris
I had that same issue with my AE Eastports. I wore band aids on the heels for 4-5 wearings but don't have the problem now.Chris
From my understanding, the W means the shoes have been worn. They may have been worn and sold by somebody. Or they may have been worn for other reasons. I bought a pair stamped with W and they had been used in a modeling event. The soles barely showed any signs of wear and they uppers were only slightly creased. But they had been worn so couldn't be sold as new.So the W could mean a wide range of things. You just have to look at them and see what you think.Chris
That is a great video - thanks for sharing.It's nice to see some things are still done like they used to be done.Chris
I say the McAllister and the StrandChris
I would say it is somewhere between Bourbon and Brown.Here are my Bourbon Strands for comparisonHere are my Brown Hinsdales for comparisonChris
Suede Strands just made the "gotta have" list.That PTB looks like the Black Hills I'm wearing today.Chris
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