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I would say those would not work with a suit. The AE Rough Collection was not really designed for suits.Just my .02.Chris
Agreed. I am very glad there is an American-made shoe option still out there.I hope the AE folks are reading this and will pass on our appreciation for all they do right here in the USA.And I also want to send out my appreciation for all the workers in the USA that make this country great. Thank goodness we have a lot of great American-made things to go along with our shoes!Chris
I wear the same size in the 1,5, and 7 last.Chris
I bought my Strawfuts in the same size as my other 5-last shoes and they fit the same.I have the brown/navy mesh version. From my understanding, the linen is a bit different as the linen has leather linings while the mesh is mesh only. However, I would think they would fit the same.Chris
I have the same issue - I can barely put the Randolph on due to my high instep. Try the Westchester - fits me like a glove. But they have been discontinued, so act fast!Chris
That looks great. I think the bourbon has a better contrast with the bone than the walnut does. Brown would have been a bit too stark, but the bourbon works very well.Chris
I like this shoe. I like the Leeds in brown and the titan rubber soles and poron will certainly make them more comfortable. AE need to do a plain toe blucher like these in their regular collection.Chris
I had that same issue with my AE Eastports. I wore band aids on the heels for 4-5 wearings but don't have the problem now.Chris
From my understanding, the W means the shoes have been worn. They may have been worn and sold by somebody. Or they may have been worn for other reasons. I bought a pair stamped with W and they had been used in a modeling event. The soles barely showed any signs of wear and they uppers were only slightly creased. But they had been worn so couldn't be sold as new.So the W could mean a wide range of things. You just have to look at them and see what you think.Chris
That is a great video - thanks for sharing.It's nice to see some things are still done like they used to be done.Chris
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