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Bourbon StrandsChili WinhallsChili has a bit more orange to it. Bourbon definitely runs more to the brown side.Hope this helps.Chris
It works in Firefox, but still nothing in Explorer - whatever. Chris
Here is the URL and it shows "No Items Found"http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/cati2_Shoes_1_40000000001_-1_1_image_0_N_120552_120552_146857_subcategory
I don't see them - are they gone already?Chris
I am a 9.5D and have the 9.5D in the Banff. My toes are almost at the end of the slipper. I also have a high instep and they are tight across the top.The 9.5D works for me but I think I would have been happier with a 10D.I would suggest 10.5, but I'm not sure exactly how snug you like your fit.Chris
In reply to Fabian 43: Here is what I posted on your earlier request one page back. Quote: Originally Posted by Fabian43 Any opinions on the Banff? My Ugg slippers are wearing out. 6pm.com has them on clearance for $86 I have the Banff and really like them. However, I would go up at least a half size as they do run a tad small. Chris
I have the Banff and really like them. However, I would go up at least a half size as they do run a tad small.Chris
Thank you - those look great.Chris
My next pair of Allen Edmonds is in the pipeline - a 6-8 week pipeline! I ordered the walnut grain MacNeil as I do not have a longwing. If you have any good photos of the walnut grain MacNeils, could you post them here to help me pass the time. The AE website photos are OK, but I know there are better photos out there. Kentyman's photos of the bourbon Strand put me over the edge on that shoe! Chris
I just got the Strand in Bourbon. I am in banking and I wore it with mid grey last week and it looked great. I think this could work as your brown dress shoe unless you are in an extremely conservative environment. I think these will look great with most greys, navy, olives, etc. Pretty much anything but black and very light khaki.To be honest, in my situation, most people don't even notice the shoes and most wear square toed bicycle stitched cemented shoes.Chris
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