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I ordered my Shaker Heights in the same size as 95% of all my other AE's (couple of Rough Collection shoes 1/2 size smaller than the rest) and they fit great. I can't say, but you might want to go with the 10.5 in the Shaker Heights.Chris
My latest AE acquisition - and it's not shoes. I decided to try some of their new socks. They look and feel great. I'm looking forward to trying them out. Chris
The calender says fall but it's supposed to be 94 today. Either way the Cognac McTavish got the call today. Chris
Today is old school. These are Sanfords in the late 1990s early 2000s Bourbon. Chris
I have the natural and cognac McTavish. I wear the natural in spring / summer and the cognac in fall / winter. If I could only have one pair, it would probably be the cognac as the natural might be a bit to contrasty with navy, brown, etc.Chris
I chose the Walnut with grey today. I know some here are not big fans of this combination, but I like it. Chris
Congratulations on your new Oldenwalds! Per the AE website, they recommend Allen Edmonds Leather Lotion. I don't know if you got the football grain, leather, or chromexcel, but either way the Leather Lotion will work well. I wouldn't worry about waterproofing unless you plan to get them very wet quite often. And definitely get shoe trees. They will greatly extend the life of your shoes. I was taught if your feet aren't in them, shoes trees should be in them. Shoe...
Here is one from the "you don't see these very often" collection - the Winhall Chris
Just got my Shoe Bank Shaker Heights in Chili - very nice. Very minor flaws - slight indention very low on the toe near the welt and some slight wrinkles on the back (not any worse than what is on the boot they show on the AE website). I got the same size as 95% of my other AE's and these feel great. These are much more comfortable than my Daltons were when new. The Daltons have broken in nicely so I'm thinking these will be very comfortable. Here are a couple of...
Mine are supposed to arrive tomorrow - I hope I am as lucky as you with the small imperfections.I will post some photos when mine arrive, but I don't think they will be as good as yours - very nice photos!Chris
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