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I just snagged a pair of Dark Brown Long Branches from the Shoe Bank - I've been on the fence and decided to get some. If anybody has the Dark Brown Long Branch, please share some pics to make the waiting a little easier! Also a PSA - I was on the phone with the Riverhead NY store and he said some items were $50 off - he said the black and golden chromexcel Long Branches got the $50 off ($229 after $50 off). The Dark Brown wasn't included, but the Dark Brown were...
Finishing the year with the Berkshires. Chris
Yes, the Rush Streets fit just like my Strands.Chris
Here is one I don't wear very often - Manchesters I purchased about 20 years ago. They have been recrafted once. Chris
I wear them once every couple of weeks. All I use is Allen Edmonds Leather Lotion (I have only applied it once when I bought them). I brush after each wearing.Chris
Here are 2 shots fresh out of the cameraChris
I don't wear black shoes very often, but the black Bridgetons got the call today. Chris
Tis the Season - no rules around Christmas! Chris
Snuff suede Players with my OKC Thunder socks. Chris
Here are some better shots of the new Odenwalds. I just used some AE Leather Lotion and they are good to go. I think I'm going to like these a lot for weekend wear with jeans. Chris
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