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Here is a list I have - it doesn't include the newest models, but it has a lot of the retired models. Beware, some of the model names shown have been reused for newer models - i.e. the Dalton shown on the list is the loafer I purchased in the early 1990's, not the current boot.AE Model - LastAndrew - 7Ashland - 4Ashton - old 8Astor - 7Auburn - 7,1(Euro)Beaumont - ?Becker - 2Bedford - 3Belgium - 4Belmont - 1Bennington - 0,5Benton - 8Bergland - 1Berkley - 4Berwick -...
There was a big fire at the AE facility a few years ago. They said they lost a lot of lasts in that fire. That may be what happened to the lasts for those boots.Chris
I have a high instep and the Randolph did not work for me. The Patriot also did not work for me.The only current loafer that fits me is the Jermyn and it has been discontinued.Chris
Those were a shoe AE did a few years ago called the Holiday. They made them around Christmas for a few years, but I haven't seen them made in a while. I guess it was the former version of the Jingle Mok they are doing now.Here is a photo I took of these shoes.Chris
If you like loafers, the Grayson is a great shoe. I would wear Merlot Graysons with grays and navys. Some people won't wear loafers with a suit, but I think the Grayson is dressy enough for a suit - just my personal opinion, not a rule. However, I think the Merlot Grayson would be great with slacks and sport coat - tie or not.For more formal occassions - evenings, interviews, court rooms, etc. - I would stick with a lace up shoe. But again, that is just my personal...
With the discontinuation of the Westchester, the Patriot or Randolph is about all they have left. But try them on - I can't get my foot in either one due to my high instep.Chris
Allen Edmonds Shelton in Walnut/Brown in size 9.5D. These were purchased new by me at a local menswear / shoe store. 1st quality. Includes original box and burgundy flannel shoe bags. Worn sparingly - see photos. Always had shoe trees in them. Only selling because my high instep gets pinched with this shoe. So if you have a high instep, please consider that. $135 USD. Price includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail within contiguous 48 United States. Can accept...
Walnut, Bourbon, Brown. Sorry for bad photo, but hopefully this helps. Disclaimer, my Bourbon Strands were very different from my Bourbon Flatirons - your mileage may vary.Chris
They have new webgems on the AE site. Merlot calf - including MacNeils and Strands and some others. Chris
I'm in the same boat - I can't wear the Patriot due to a high instep.The loafer that fits me very well is the Westchester - but it has been discontinued. And the Jermyn also fits me well - but it is also discontinued.The Nashua fits me very well, so if you can go a bit more casual I would suggest you try that one.I'm hoping for something new as I cannot wear most loafers currently offered by AE.Chris
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