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Not sure if this allowed here, but I wanted to pass along some great deals on some AE's. PSA - anybody that wears what may be considered "non standard" sizes. My local menswear / shoe store (authorized AE dealer) is closing out some AE's in less popular sizes. Details and prices below. And if you call in the next few days, they are offering 20% off the sales prices shown here. You can call them and they will do credit card over the phone and ship (shipping costs will...
You are set for the holiday season now! Here are mine from last December. Ready to break them out again.
Great choice. I really like mine.
Brown Grain Dundees after I got them home and polished them. Chris
A couple of better shots to the brown grain Dundee 2.0 Chris
Yes, those are the Normandy boots. I didn't try them on so I cannot give any input on sizing, fit, etc. I really liked the leather - very soft and a nice grain. However, I wasn't a big fan of the distressing. It appears as if they some sandpaper over some spots to give it a distressed look, but it seemed artificial to me. And I think the leather had enough character, grain, crease, and color variation on its own and did not need additional man made distressing. Also...
I have been looking at the brown grain Dundee and the wait is over. My local menswear / shoe store got a new batch of AE's in today and they had the brown grain Dundee in my size. They squeak a little, but I'm thinking some conditioning / polishing will take care of that. Here are the pics - sorry but I only had my cell phone with me And here are some more photos of the other new styles the got in. Chris
I just noticed mine was addressed to someone else. The address was correct, but not the name. A quick search shows there is a person with that name in my town - he's in the behavior health services area.Sounds like AE's mailing database had a slight error.Chris
Old school today - Bridgetons in what used to be Bourbon (in the late 1990's) Chris
Dark Brown Grain - style 6021.Chris
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