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One of my favorite AEs - chili Benton today. Chris
Great minds think alike.
Here is a close up of my chili grain Bradleys
I haven't worn these in a while so chili grain Bradleys today
Great looking shoes. Are those the Sanfords?Chris
With the Rogue, 9D fit me very well. I am a 9.5D in the 5 last and about 95% of my other AE's. The 9.5D Rogue fit OK, but there was a lot of volume in the toe box and it looked like there would be some weird creasing. The 9D Rogue fit me like a glove. I could not try on the Warwick - they sold the 9D and 9.5D before I could get over there! But they have some more coming. Chris
Great shot of the Odenwalds. I like my black Odenwalds - now you are making me consider getting a pair in brown.Chris
Here is a shot I took today at my local menswear / shoe store. Ascher, Warwick, and Rogue. Chris
One of my favorite AEs- walnut McAllister. Chris
I think I found my next AE. Dark Chili Rogue. I saw it in person today and I like it much better in person - I like it better than the Walnut. And I found the 9D fits me better than my usual 9.5D. The 9.5D has a bit too much depth in the toe and looks like it would crease badly. The 9D is almost perfect. Here are a couple of pics. Chris
New Posts  All Forums: