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I just noticed mine was addressed to someone else. The address was correct, but not the name. A quick search shows there is a person with that name in my town - he's in the behavior health services area.Sounds like AE's mailing database had a slight error.Chris
Old school today - Bridgetons in what used to be Bourbon (in the late 1990's) Chris
Dark Brown Grain - style 6021.Chris
Fall officially starts Wednesday. Even though it is 90+ here still, I know boot weather is not far away. So with that in mind I am posting my boots to get ready! My local menswear / shoe store has some brown grain Dundees coming in, they might find their way to my closet. Chris
I have the Dalton boot and I got the same size as 95% of my other AE's - including the Strand - 9.5D. They fit like all the other AE's I have. The only AE's I have that are not 9.5D are the Odenwald and one pair of my McTavish, both in 9D (strangely enough, the other pair of McTavish is a 9.5D).Just my experience.Chris
PSA - there are some black Shaker Heights in 9 1/2 D on the Shoe Bank for $127. Fall is coming up and the Shaker Heights is a great fall boot. Somebody buy these so I am not tempted! http://www.shoebank.com/FactorySecondInventory.php?STY=8722S&DIM=D&SIZE=095 Chris
My local menswear / shoe store had one.
The photo of the Overlord in AE catalog is much better looking than the photo on the AE website.
Lots of new styles on the site - including the Normandy and First Avenue boots. Chris
These were made as a regular option for a while by AE. It was before they started doing seasonal items via Webgems. I bought these from the Shoe Bank in the summer for $99. I figured I could have a limited-wear fun shoe for that price.Chris
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