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I have recrafted a pair with the FR stamp.You can contact AE Customer Service and ask them these questions and they will be better able to answer them - especially the width / last question.Chris
Chili Bentons today - I even wore the AE argyles with them.
I know it's not Wednesday, but it is is Walnut for me
Burgundy Bridgetons from the early 2000's
Great looking shoes - and good luck on the interview.Chris
Another AE long discontinued - the Hampstead. It is supposed to be 80 here today (with possible snow Sunday - go figure) so I decided to wear something woven.
Today I'm wearing my oldest AE's. Burgundy McAllisters that were a Christmas gift from my wife in 1990. They have been recrafted once.
Hinsdales dressed up for St Patrick's Day
Gunboat Wednesday - walnut grain MacNeil
I tried some on at my local menswear store and they are very comfortable. I didn't buy any because all the styles available are duplicates of what I already have. But I would say these would be a great alternative to Rockports, etc. And, in my opinion, they look nicer than Rockports.Chris
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