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Here is a family shot. Some people say my closet looks like the back room of an AE store. Chris
I am waiting a while longer to break mine out - probably after the 15th.Chris
These are the laces that came with the boot from AE.Chris
AE Parliament in Saddle Brown today. From the discontinued Executive line, 678 last, rubber executive sole. Chris
Chocolate Daltons today Chris
Rush Street for Friday. Chris
I know some here don't agree, but i like the Bourbon Strand with grey. Chris
I had my Manchesters and Bridgeton recrafted and they replaced tassles on both even though they weren't torn off. They were just a little frayed.Chris
I bought the AE multi color lace pack and I try to match my laces to my shirts when I go for a more casual look. I have used yellow, orange, and blue laces with my brown shoes.Chris
Do they not have a 12 1/2 D?
New Posts  All Forums: