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I have that same box of laces and I use them all. Granted, it's mostly a Friday thing, but I match the laces to the shirt I'm wearing, the socks, etc. I figure have some fun. Unless you are in a really conservative environment - law firm, court room, etc., I say try them all.Orange, lavender, and olive look great with walnut in my opinion. The blue looks great with my Rush Streets.Here is one example of mineChris
I really like mine. They work great with denim.Chris
I finally got to see a Road Warrior shoe in person. My local menswear / shoe store got the LGA in and they had my size to try on. Here is my take on this line - take it for what it's worth. The shoe is extremely lightweight and it reminds me of the Corporate Casual collection from the mid 1990's (yeah, I'm old). The leather feels the same as the other AE shoes - I compared the LGA to the Rogue and McAllister that were sitting right by it and the leather felt the same...
Perfect AE for a rainy day - the Rush Street Chris
Pesonally, I would go with the Bourbon Strand or Dark Chili Rogue - just my personal taste.Chris
Periodically, AE will do special makeup shoes that are only available for a limited time online only. They call these Webgems.They are usually standard models (Strand, McAllister, etc) but with different leathers, colors, etc. They have done exotic skin Webgems in the past. But you don't know what they are going to be until they show up on the website. They will usually have a link to the Webgems on the opening website page.Chris
Here are my Walnut Mcallisters and Bourbon Strands for comparison Walnut has a bit more orange. Chris
The orange is due to lighting - it doesn't look that orange in person.It isn't smooth like the calfskin, but it isn't textured. If you have seen the AE Rough Collection shoes, you will get the idea. I'm guessing it is leather and not calfskin.Chris
Here are my Black Hills. They are a bit darker than my walnut McAllisters. I went with a 9D vs a 9.5D in 95% of my other AE's. Actually, they feel like a 9.25 would have been perfect so I could have gone 9D or 9.5D - but the 9D was on closeout.Chris
I tried the Warwick on. I am a 9.5D in 95% of my AE shoes. The 9D fit best in the Warwick. Just my personal experience, your mileage may vary.Chris
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