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I understand the point - and I really like that shoe in walnut.Chris
Yes, 201 has more room than 511 - especially in the instep.I went with the light brown. The russet looked a little too burgundy for me. And I wasn't a big fan of the black sole on the russet. I am thinking I will wear mine with khakis, jeans, cords, etc. I think the light brown will be more versatile for me.Chris
I wear 9.5D in all my AE's except the Odenwald (on the new B34 last). I tried on the Rogue which is on the 201 last. With the Rogue the 9.5D was slightly big and the 9D was OK with thin dress socks. I went with the 9.5D in the Freiburg as I figured I would probably be wearing thicker socks with these boots - more casual with jeans, etc.I have the Dundee 2.0 and went with the 9.5D as the 9D was a tad tight.Chris
I just ordered some Freiburg boots in light brown. I will post some photos and info when I get them. Chris
Oxblood Ascher with olive today
To Shoelover - they replaced the tassles on my Bridgetons
I know a lot of people here don't agree, but I like the walnut grain MacNeil with grey.
Bourbon Flatirons today
No - I would slip and fall on just about any surface.
Don't know about dropping off at the store. But here are the before and after shots of some chamois suede shoes I had recrafted.Chris
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