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Yes, I have the brown grain MacNeils and Dundees and both squeaked a lot the first couple of wears - and that was after I put some AE Leather Lotion on them before the first wear. But neither one squeaks now.I also received my brown grain First Avenues yesterday and they squeaked a lot when I tried them on and walked around the house.Chris
Due to the generosity of my wife and son - via an AE gift card for Christmas - here are my new First Avenues. Chris
Here are my 2016 AE's Brown Country Grain First Avenues were purchased in 2016 but won't be here until 2017. Chris
My wife and son got me an AE gift card for Christmas. I had to scrape up a little change to make up the difference, but I have a pair of brown country grain First Avenues heading my way. I really like the country grain / dainite combo and I won't wear these as dress boots. Luckily the brown grain was still available in my size. I will post some photos when they get here next week. Chris
My guess - Strand, Bartlett, and Parliament
Chocolate Daltons with some flannel - and it fits for wingtip Wednesday Chris
I don't know if those are cordovan - 4553 is the reference number for brown burnished calfskin McGregorsChris
Here are my brown grain Dundees
Here are mine
Nice fall day, so I went with the Higgins Mills. Chris
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