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Another one of my more vintage pair of AE's. Burgundy Sanford from the late 1990's - with 5 pairs of eyelets instead of the 4 they used when the reintroduced them a few years ago. Chris
I'm going to call this "way back Wednesday". These are Bridgetons from about 1995 - this is what they called Bourbon back then. I have 3 of this style - black, burgundy, and bourbon. I still like this shoe. Chris
Rainy Friday - perfect Wilbert day Chris
Finally cooling off and getting some rain here. So the brown grain MacNeils with Dainite get the first run of the season. Chris
No they were purchased at a retail store. The color is a bit washed out - bad cell phone pic.Chris
It is finally cooling off here so I can start transitioning to fall. Not quite cool enough for boots, but the Cognac McTavish got the call today. Chris
My first pair was black Saratoga. My dad bought them for me when I was about to finish college. He warned me - after Allen Edmonds, you won't want to wear anything else. He was spot on with that advice.I wore the crap out of those Saratogas and they are no longer with me. But I still remember when I got them.Chris
PSA - if you want navy suede Dundees in 9.5D, some just popped up on clearance - first quality at $167. http://www.allenedmonds.com/clearance/mens-clearance/shoes/dundee-suede/SF1522.html?dwvar_SF1522_color=1522#prefn1=size&prefn2=width&sz=24&prefv1=9.5&prefv2=D&start=24 Chris
I have an interview today, so I pulled out the black Park Avenues. The receipt was in the box - paid $149.97 in May 1992 for these. New heel caps once, never recrafted. Maybe they will bring me good luck. Chris
Per this page from the AE catalog - the Duke is not recraftablehttp://www.allenedmondsdigital.com/publication/?i=151736&p=29Chris
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