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Today I'm wearing the other pair of my dad's shoes - black Saratogas
They are black Saratogas
Sometimes shoes are more than shoes. My dad always wore Allen Edmonds. In fact, he bought me my first pair of Allen Edmonds and it has gone on from there. I bought my son his first pair of Allen Edmonds also and I'm hoping the tradition continues. As my dad got older, health issues prevented him from dressing like I always remembered him dressing - suit and tie. So his wardrobe became more casual and he did not wear AE's. I didn't know what happened to his AE shoes -...
I bought these about 4 or 5 years ago. I don't know how long they were in production.
This is my only Christmas special - The Holiday
I got my First Avenues in the same size as my other 40 pairs of AE (several different lasts) and they fit great.Chris
I think that is fixable. I had a pair that got a scuff similar to that - maybe not as big, but similar. My local menswear / shoe guy told me to get AE Shoe Cream in burgundy - it has a high dye content. Dab some on the spot (just the spot trying not to get too much on the surrounding area) and let it sit about 30 minutes, then wipe it off. After doing this 4 or 5 times, the scuff gradually darkened to match the surrounding area. I then polished the entire shoe with...
I'm from a part of the country where I think I know what they are talking about - concealed handgun license.
I am also in OKC - I hear you, it can be rough. Maybe it's kind of like the "Rolox" watches you see for sale on the street corner.I usually go to Teena Hicks Company downtown for my AE's.Chris
Inaugural run for the new brown country grain First Avenue. I had to squeeze them in between the -3 degrees with snow Friday and Saturday and the 70 degrees forecast for Wednesday. Never a dull moment in Oklahoma. These were very stiff and squeaked a lot at first - I had to tell my co-workers they would hear me up and down the hall way. More comfortable and less squeaking by lunch and very comfortable and 90% of the squeaking gone by the time I went home. Chris
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