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Is this a notch lapel dinner jacket?
A allen edmonds second looks a lot better than that
looking (purposively) ridiculous is never advisable, no matter the cause
a happy accident
This is the smaller model (40''?). I think is more versatile than the 45'' one.
Why not get extra collars and cuffs from the same fabric? You can replace them every 3 years or so, when fraying becomes apparent. I believe this is standard procedure for most custom shirtmakers
I magnified the pic, and I see what you mean about the shirt fabric. However, it seems to be a royal oxford (as opposed to "normal", more casual oxford fabric), which is still it less than optimal for this kind of getup.
Shirt and tie are businessy, thus require a suit. Square looks -on my monitor -too red to work with anything really. Jacket, pants and shoes are nice though.
Excellent "berlusconian" look RDiaz. Wouldn't hurt if stripes on suit were wider though.
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