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I've been eyeing a pair of Left Field denim from Context and was wondering if anyone could help identify this model: Is it the Nisshinbo Mills model? Natural slub? Something that is out of season? Thanks.
Does anyone know which J. Crew stores in SoCal carry the slim shirts? I tried Costa Mesa, Rolling Hills, and El Segundo with no luck. I even called Costa Mesa before driving there, and the woman assured me they had them in stock (whoops). If anything, does anyone know if there's a huge difference in size between XS and S? I ordered some XS shirts online, and they fit me just right everywhere but the neck (too suffocating when buttoned). Willing to drive to some stores...
Will there be any restocks on XS dress shirts before the holidays?
what style of glasses is schwartzman wearing in this photo?
Quick question about BoO sizing: I bought a Black Overdyed shirt. Is it supposed to fit a size smaller than non-overdyed shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho New Band of Outsiders stuff is in! We're adding it on to the online inventory as we speak and everything should be up by the end of tonight! Did those black overdyed shirts sell out of smalls that quickly or did you just not get any restocked?
Sale in-store only?
Bure, I already said the waiting time wasn't important. It was just one of those funny exaggerations people make. It's not that we expected him to drop everything. He asked us a question and interrupted our answer. THAT'S OUR GRIPE. I also said I took my complaint back. There it goes... gone forever. Edit: We're arguing our opinions on customer service, and that will obviously get us nowhere. My testimony of "annoying" customer service is obviously not indicative of Self...
Ouch. You're so scathingly witty. Fine fuckers. I'll rescind my fucking complaint. Kiya, you run a fine store NO MATTER WHAT I LOVE YOU STILL.
There was a couple ahead of us. One was standing outside while the other was trying on a pair of jeans. You're missing our gripe here. Neglect the waiting time because that wasn't so much a problem as it was amusing (honestly I was content to try more clothes upstairs). It was the interruption that bothered us the most. Guy: Hey, can I help you? Us: You sure can. Can we get a size 27... Guy: Sike. I can't help you. Crude way of putting it, but that's what it...
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