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Art Complex by Yohji Yamamoto - A Beauty Looking Back(見返り美人)
the magazine's not officially out yet; i snipped the images from their official weibo but i think you can order the magazine through this: sure if they send overseas though... you can always try to contact the magazine to see if you can order from them:
china's The OUTLOOK Magazine's april 2013 issue is dedicated to yohji and edited by him:
wow that's insane... maybe that's why you don't see them in shops anymore ;P
just came across this... very cute, and cool did a full kids line ever launch? i've only seen miscellaneous baby stuff here and there in the shops but never this... from Y-3 AW09:
thanks for the advice am aware of that another question: did it come in a black version? or just navy and grey?
hi. anyone happen to have a set (or separates) of the YYPH AW09 reversible jacket + matching pants in size 2 in black or dark navy that you're willing to let go... please let me know! thanks very much in advance
looking for the multiple-pocket reversible blazer/jacket from YYPH AW09 in black, size 2... please email me at thanks in advance if you happen to have the matching pants for waist 32" that'd be great too!
ziggy chen has flagships at xintiandi, shanghai and sanlitun, beijing. elsewhere: eth0s, shanghai vertice, london daad dantone, milan pnp, florence hlorenzo, los angeles
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