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wow that's insane... maybe that's why you don't see them in shops anymore ;P
just came across this... very cute, and cool did a full kids line ever launch? i've only seen miscellaneous baby stuff here and there in the shops but never this... from Y-3 AW09:
thanks for the advice am aware of that another question: did it come in a black version? or just navy and grey?
hi. anyone happen to have a set (or separates) of the YYPH AW09 reversible jacket + matching pants in size 2 in black or dark navy that you're willing to let go... please let me know! thanks very much in advance
looking for the multiple-pocket reversible blazer/jacket from YYPH AW09 in black, size 2... please email me at alex_moh@yahoo.com. thanks in advance if you happen to have the matching pants for waist 32" that'd be great too!
ziggy chen has flagships at xintiandi, shanghai and sanlitun, beijing. elsewhere: eth0s, shanghai vertice, london daad dantone, milan pnp, florence hlorenzo, los angeles
MORPHOSIS of distinctly different ARCHETYPES
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