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MORPHOSIS of distinctly different ARCHETYPES
ZIGGY CHEN 'The collection is inspired by Shanghai between 1900 to 1920. The designs strike a balance between being sartorially interesting without overwhelming the wearer. The fabrics contain a certain ruggedness that never comes off as tough. Just like Shanghai in that period, characterised by an embrace of modern avant-garde, of a positive and collaborative east-west fusion.' 'Ziggy Chen sources textiles from various mills around the world to Shanghai where the...
thanks for the correction
not really sure what to think of it... sounds more like another Y3-esque commercial cop-out thing trying to rub off the yohji name... can't see any 'yohji-ness' at least through the pics at all... from the blurb, i guess EDWIN made/produced yohji's previous jeans all along? which, imo, weren't spectacular nor special in any way at all...
just came across this: Yohji JEANS EDWIN and designer Yohji Yamamoto combine their efforts in the launch of a new co-branded line known as “Yohji JEANS.” Sourcing the history and expertise of EDWIN with the progressive approach to design of one of Japan’s longest standing designers, the collection’s starting point, “Naked,” will emphasis the purity and simplicity in a wardrobe. An initial launch begins June 2012.
great pants!!! please let me know if you come across someone selling a pair; would love to have a pair am a waist 32".
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