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hi all, by any chance any of you might have this pair of SS12 hakamas in size 2 or 3 in black wool gaberdine or linen-blend that you're willing to let go of? or know of anyone that has a pair in good condition that's willing to sell them to me? been looking ALL over for them with no luck... the YYPH code is HB-P41-xxx. thanks!
yeah! finally a fellow MATSUDA fan!!!and in top of that related to Bruce Lee big fan too
Art Complex by Yohji Yamamoto - A Beauty Looking Back(見返り美人)
the magazine's not officially out yet; i snipped the images from their official weibo but i think you can order the magazine through this:http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=10613631136&&bucket_id=19not sure if they send overseas though... you can always try to contact the magazine to see if you can order from them: http://www.theoutlookmagazine.com/
china's The OUTLOOK Magazine's april 2013 issue is dedicated to yohji and edited by him:
wow that's insane... maybe that's why you don't see them in shops anymore ;P
just came across this... very cute, and cool did a full kids line ever launch? i've only seen miscellaneous baby stuff here and there in the shops but never this... from Y-3 AW09:
thanks for the advice am aware of that another question: did it come in a black version? or just navy and grey?
hi. anyone happen to have a set (or separates) of the YYPH AW09 reversible jacket + matching pants in size 2 in black or dark navy that you're willing to let go... please let me know! thanks very much in advance
looking for the multiple-pocket reversible blazer/jacket from YYPH AW09 in black, size 2... please email me at alex_moh@yahoo.com. thanks in advance if you happen to have the matching pants for waist 32" that'd be great too!
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