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"300 years ago, black was the color of the farmer and the lower-class samurai. It wasn’t exactly black but an indigo blue dyed so many times it’s close to black. The Samurai spirit is black. The Samurai must be able to throw his body into nothingness, the color and image of which is black. But the farmers liked black or dark, dark indigo, because the indigo plant was easy to grow, and the dye was good for the body and kept insects away." Yohji Yamamoto_New Fashion Japan_1984
my first 'encounter' with yohji yamamoto was not his clothes but his signature in my pre-fashion-conscious pre-teen years... did/does he actually individually 'sign' each of his store signages upon opening (and then had the signages etched according to his signature)? kinda kool if he did/does...
yohji (right) and his childhood friends; boy in the middle is Goi Hayashi, his business partner: (source: TheOutlookMagazine April 2013 issue)
back to yohji: as guitarist for ruichi sakamoto, 1999
duh i believed you too ;Pstill have some Matsuda lookbooks stashed away in storage somewhere as well as a few pieces that managed to move with me through all the different cities/countries i've been through over the years... came across a eyewear dealer in taiwan a few years ago with a backstock of vintage matsuda glasses and ended up buying almost all of them anyway, whatever happened to the brand and kobayashi?
hi all, by any chance any of you might have this pair of SS12 hakamas in size 2 or 3 in black wool gaberdine or linen-blend that you're willing to let go of? or know of anyone that has a pair in good condition that's willing to sell them to me? been looking ALL over for them with no luck... the YYPH code is HB-P41-xxx. thanks!
yeah! finally a fellow MATSUDA fan!!!and in top of that related to Bruce Lee big fan too
Art Complex by Yohji Yamamoto - A Beauty Looking Back(見返り美人)
the magazine's not officially out yet; i snipped the images from their official weibo but i think you can order the magazine through this:http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=10613631136&&bucket_id=19not sure if they send overseas though... you can always try to contact the magazine to see if you can order from them: http://www.theoutlookmagazine.com/
china's The OUTLOOK Magazine's april 2013 issue is dedicated to yohji and edited by him:
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