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thanks, saw that. but don't like the front 'Post No Bills' phrase ;P
hi guys, i know this might be a long shot, but, in case anyone of you have one of the AW07 knit-combo embroidered 'script' jackets in size 2 that you might consider letting go, PLEASE give me a holler will also consider the coat/cardigan/sweater versions if any thanks alot!!!
i know this is a long shot, but in case anyone has one of the YYPH Knit-Combo items with the embroidered '"script" detailing in size 2 (or 1), please give me a holler. looking mainly for the basic blazer version (pic), but the coat, long cardigan, sweater versions will do too thanks in advance!
that's Y-3, understandable... but this is mainline... ???
WTF??? Yohji Yamamoto x adidas adizero f50
price adjusted
Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme SS10 SUIT - immaculate condition - 100% wool (100% cotton half-lining (body)/100% cupra lining (sleeves) - SIZE 2 _ JACKET - 4-button; no vent - subtle graphics @ chest pocket + inside lining (YYPH kanji name) - functional sleeve buttons - shoulder-to-shoulder: 45 cm - sleeves: 66 cm - pit-to-pit: 54 cm - length: 75 cm _ PANTS - double-pleated - waist: 88 cm - rise: 29 cm - inseam: 82 cm - length: 109.5 cm - hem: 17.5 cm - USD 800...
WT----? Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto x adidas_Super Position
hi all, by any chance any of you might have this pair of SS12 hakamas in size 2 or 3 in black wool gaberdine or linen-blend that you're willing to let go of? or know of anyone that has a pair in good condition that's willing to sell them to me? been looking ALL over for them with no luck... the YYPH code is HB-P41-xxx. thanks!
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