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fakes are all over www.taobao.com
yohji's inspiration for aw15: Liu Dan's THE DICTIONARY, 1991
... and really hate the 'residue AW14' 'loud' pieces...[tongue]
AW15 seems like a back-to-basics kind of 'reset' collection... not terribly exciting on the catwalk, but much more wearable and practical... classic yohji in a way that can fit/dialogue with all his peak collections... in stark contrast to AW14, which was spectacular on stage but not so practical/useful/'bearable' as daily wear... not a very winter-y collection though; am surprised at the scarcity of heavy coats, shawls, scarves, knits...
a nice snipet from Obscura Magazine: Ziggy Chen FW2014 Collection A collision of East and West, old and new For many, clothes are simply clothes -- pieces of fabric cut and sewn to cover the body. In the hands of the right designer, however, they become much more, encompassing ideas of place, history and culture. Based in Shanghai, Ziggy Chen is one of the bright lights in a burgeoning Chinese fashion scene and a designer who takes inspiration from his hometown, as well...
from LE PARADOX: The history holds a certain deep power which sometimes man’s arts are able to convey. Digging into the rich tradition of his Chinese roots, Ziggy Chen imbues precious antique stories into his highly personal design vision. Something quiet and mature characterizes his experimental aesthetic, which organically blends together Eastern and Weastern suggestions creating a worldly language. This transcultural vision takes shape through a fine and meticulos...
it's a shop specializing in vintage pieces, many of them museum-grade, of mostly japanese 'masters' in shanghai; it's a very unique place in and of its own, opened by a friend of mine. beautiful pieces, updated regularly, and pieces don't last very long in there ;P
i remember seeing one of these coats at Old Lyric, Shanghai a couple weeks ago for those interested http://www.oldlyric.com/
haha, just came across this pic taken in Hong Kong, 1941 by Harrison Forman... seems very in line with the AW14 collection ;P
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