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It would be one thing it it's an architect or engineer or someone who works with plans/blueprints--I know several old guys who write in all caps just because almost all the writing they did was on those kinds of documents (and the way they do it actually looks pretty cool). But if it's just some kid who never really learned to write by hand, then that's pretty shameful.
That would bug the crap out of me. I don't think I could read a whole paragraph of that, to say nothing of an entire essay.
I've only ever had one, and I think it was sort of half-hearted (it was 15 years ago and I'm still alive, so...). Plus the guy was dumb enough to say it right in front of the county sheriff, so that made things sort of awkward.But no written death threats, so I guess I have yet to arrive.
I just got back from a lunch appointment with a client. We wound up shooting the breeze for almost an hour, and the server just kept right on refilling my Diet Coke, over and over again.At a certain point, I became aware that I was starting to turn into a jittery mess, so I realized that it was time to end the lunch and get out of there before the client started to think I might be a crackhead.Thanks, Diet Coke!
In my life I have consumed many gallons of those kinds of things, but I had never heard them referred to as "hotdish." They were always just casseroles or "hamburger noodles" or things like that.
I think it's well worth it just to avoid the possibility of liability for screwing up the withholding/reporting.
I had never heard of "hotdish" until I read it here a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, less than a day later there was a story on NPR where they were talking about some sort of Midwestern neighborhood thing and there was a big segment on hotdish. So I suppose I'm happy for the cultural education this forum has provided me.
I don't think I've ever seen one like that. Most of the ones that pop up on my FB feed are from people who are dying of cancer or some other horrible disease and are looking for funds to cover health care expenses or other things (like the mortgage).
I guess I will just have to track down a couple I can shoot and then go from there. Thanks to everyone for the feeback--I was mostly worried that someone would come along with a horror story or two.
That's good advice. My son's acoustic is a used Martin (not a super-expensive one) that we got for about $400 under retail. The previous owner hadn't even peeled off the protective plastic sheeting from the pickguard.
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