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That's a good way to wind up with an air embolism in your bloodstream. Bad news.http://www.aircontrolindustries.com/us/products/personnel-cleaning/dangers-of-compressed-air/
Sorry to hear it and I hope it all works out okay.
NEST's competitive advantage: its products are powered by the ground-up souls of the damned.
Yeah, if taxes are included it doesn't make me so hibbeldy-jibbeldy.
$2038 in HOA fees/month?
I wonder if there's a maximum number of sock-puppet accounts allowed on this forum.
Dang it--you got me. My wife's sister doesn't lie.She doesn't even exist. Neither does my "wife."And I don't know anything about trains. Or wrecks.Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuhdge.
I'm sort of hibbely-jibbely that this post came immediately after my post, as if to suggest that my post triggered your false-o-meter.
My wife has a sister like that. Not surprisingly, her life is a bit of a train wreck.
Some people just can't help but lie about stuff, even when it does them no good or provides no advantage whatsoever.
New Posts  All Forums: