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So back in the day when clans were chopping each other up with claymores to the rocking tunes of the pipers, would the pipers be spared if their clan got all chopped up? Or would they get chopped up too? Seems like a bit of a career liability.
That is pretty badass.
Butt-raped by the British and beaten within an inch of his life?
It's dat Gaelic, right?
Yesterday my wife bought a bunch of candy to put into a Christmas gift box for our daughter in Japan. Unfortunately, it didn't all fit in the flat-rate box she was using, and the next size up would have cost like another 60 bucks, so the candy stayed in the US and wound up in our fridge.So, of course, I wound up eating almost a whole bag of Reese's peanut butter candies (not cups, but bells, because Christmas). It was awesome and also sort of gross.But mostly awesome, so...
Full disclosure: I have never actually watched a full one. So perhaps my statement that there's five minutes of angry rambling is incorrect.
Yes. It's a bad thing. "Yo, I want to take a minute to talk about people who are on their phones when they stand in line at Starbucks, yo. Then they get to the front of the line and they aren't ready. What's up with that? [five minutes of inane, angry rambling]"Generally posted by people who are trying to "go viral" and somehow become Internet Famous(TM).
Dat determination letter: good as gold!
I'm digging the Dave Brubeck (Holiday) channel on Pandora. It's good background for working at the office.
Even though everyone else has moved on, I feel the need to register my support for owning a convertible, at least if you live where I live (California, Sierra foothills).
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