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This is the kind of thing that can come back to wreck a promotion if you're talking about a direct report. "You really want to know why I passed you over for this position?"
I have to chuckle, though: my daughter (who is on a church mission in Japan) usually e-mails us every week. Those e-mails show up instantly, of course.Last week, out of nowhere, we got an actual handwritten letter from her. I started to read it, and realized that most of what she had written was totally out of date--we had already responded (and maybe even gotten another response from her) in the time it had taken her little letter to cross the Pacific and get 150 miles...
I ordered a Pixel phone from Google. It was shipped by FedEx Ground. The scheduled delivery date is Wednesday by the end of the day. Unfortunately, they e-mailed me a tracking number, so now I know that the phone arrived "in transit" to Sacramento on Sunday. It has been "in transit" ever since and apparently will be so for the rest of today and all of tomorrow. I get that they don't want to deliver things sooner, because that undermines their more expensive shipping...
When you posted this and I got a notification my first thought was "WTF? I never posted in that thread."
It's amazing to me how much less weight I can lift when I do sets of 15 reps as opposed to sets of five reps.
No work for me today. We're going to pile into the car and head down to Sutter Creek to wander the shops (mostly antiques and local art galleries) and get some lunch (and maybe dinner, depending on how long we stay).
I will definitely be sending my wife to kick your ass. You've been warned.
Disagree. My wife put "ALPHA" in big vinyl letters on the mirror in our bathroom so that I could remind myself of that each morning as I flossed my teeth.It's only on my side, of course--my wife wouldn't let me put "ALPHA" in big enough letters to cover the whole mirror.
I don't really know anything about how they are compensated or how their workloads are allocated, but I'd assume that most UPS/FedEx drivers have little or no incentive to stick around once they drop and knock/ring. The longer they wait at the door, the longer their delivery day is going to be, I assume.
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