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I read this too fast and assumed you were talking about L'Inc. The rest of the post didn't really make any sense after that.
All good points. I will be curious to see whether Luke says anything about how he feels about Vader and his legacy in the upcoming movies. From what I read of the new book that's coming out, the big revelation that Vader was Leia's father (between ROTJ and TFA) effectively torpedoed her political career (at least for a while).
Oh yeah: I forgot about the whole "Palpatine just threw Vader under the bus" part. It's true. It certainly makes for a more interesting movie than a character who undertakes years/decades of penance.That would be boring AF.
I sometimes wish that more people would pay attention, actually. There's nothing like sitting in a theater watching Batman v. Superman with a bunch of sobbing little kids because mom and dad thought that it would be fine to take them to a "comic book" movie. I still remember the mass exodus from the theater during the first five minutes of Lord of the Rings--screaming kids and upset parents who apparently hadn't done even the most basic research into the movie.
I suppose in order for it to be analogous to Christianity there would have to be some intergalactic Savior who had already paid for Vader's sins, but whatevs. I recognize that what Vader did was of great benefit to the galaxy, but I can't help but think that Vader only turned on the Emperor when it was apparent that the Emperor was going to kill his kid. I'm not sure that that's a great example of heroism--only the lamest and most evil person would stand by and let his kid...
Nah, you can definitely forgive me. I've only killed like 80, maybe 90 130 people so far. But I was kind to my dog today so that counts for something.
Which brings up a point that has always sort of bugged me about the SW universe: how is it that a mass murderer gets to be "redeemed" by a couple of virtuous acts? Vader killed countless people but somehow turning on the Emperor and saving his son one afternoon made that all okay? Kylo murders his own father along with a bunch of helpless villagers, but we're all fully expecting him to somehow turn things around and maybe get Leia a Mother's Day card by this time next...
If anything, I'd say that this conversation plays right into the movie's narrative. I think it was intentional that viewers would watch Rey and think "WTF?" and question how she could be capable to doing the things she does. I've been thinking that she's sort of like a spacegoing Jason Bourne. She has lost her memory of who she is, but she still retains a lot of her skills and apparently some of her other talents are closer to the surface than others.
We just got home from seeing Civil War. I really enjoyed it.
Our vet's office has separate entrances for dogs and cats (and their associated persons), and the lobby is divided with a plexiglass wall between the two sides. We just started going there and I laughed a bit when I first saw the two-door setup, but it's actually really nice if you have to wait a few minutes.
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