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Thanks, guys. It's not unexpected but still a bummer. I'm just hoping he can go peacefully.
They're going to put my dad on hospice/comfort care at the hospital. He went in for surgery on a perforated ulcer in his small intestine (which went okay) and then in the aftermath his body just started shutting down. This has not been unexpected. I expect he'll be gone before the end of the weekend.
Around here "large" means a quarter, because a quarter is the largest coin in common circulation. So "five large" would be $1.25.
I guess it's okay to be proud of something like that.
If you describe anything as your "signature [insert thing here]" and you're not doing it in a self-deprecating way, you're probably a tool.
I don't roll that one out very often.
Oh well. They keep life sort of interesting, I guess. All the drama comes from a relative handful.
Now the usual FB suspects have moved on to a story about a Muslim woman in NYC who was "literally set on fire on the street" as she walked along, minding her own business. Turns out she was walking along, felt scorching heat on her sleeb, shook her arm, and discovered it was (barely) on fire. Turns out someone had tried to ignite her sleeb with a cigarette lighter. This is being treated (by the article writers) as a horrible hate crime, despite the lack of evidence of...
I don't know. That's why it's in the "don't get" it thread. My initial responses are 1) I remember seeing lots of pictures of people falling. It doesn't seem like they were airbrushed from history to me; 2) I have never heard anyone suggest that the people who jumped were cowards. So perhaps you're right that this is all just something that someone dreamed up in an effort to create controversy. But it's not like I'm an expert on history or, especially, 9/11, so perhaps...
I suppose the specific drama is from an article I saw circulating discussing how the images of people falling/jumping seem to have been "airbrushed from history." Here's a link to an article (which was written in 2011 but is making the rounds on my FB feed): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2035720/9-11-jumpers-America-wants-forget-victims-fell-Twin-Towers.html The article seems to suggest that people don't want to talk about how hundreds of people jumped from the...
New Posts  All Forums: