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I don't have a real job either but I will frequently bore my clients by telling them about the fun things I did over the weekend. Sometimes they even seem a little interested.
It's sort of like this abomination: http://kitchenette.jezebel.com/kfc-weds-pizza-and-fried-chicken-in-unholy-matrimony-1716301498Except...who knows? Maybe sushi burritos are really good.
Why is it that the biggest supporters of this idea all seem to have fewer than 10 posts? Did you come here just to advocate for water fasts?
It sure looks like it.
Watching some of those guys sliding across the pavement just makes me shudder.Oh, and the guys running headlong into the pole. That's bad too.
It also came as a convertible.
This gem made the rounds on my FB feed. I pointed out that 100 proof was already essentially 50 percent watered down. My comment was not well received.
When I was in college I met a guy who had a friend who was supposed to read The Stranger in his senior English class. He didn't read the book, but had heard the Cure song and knew that it was somehow related to the book, so he tried to BS his way through his final exam essay by quoting parts of the Cure song.He got an F, unfortunately.
I love them. My knees are still fine but I can really tell a difference in fatigue level at the end of the day when I use my trekking poles with a full backpack.
Bump. We're getting ready for a 50-mile backpacking trip with our scout troop. We'll be hiking along the Tahoe Rim Trail (part of which is also the Pacific Crest Trail) from Echo Summit up to Tahoe City. I'm really looking forward to it.
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