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So true. It was fun to watch it with the kids and laugh at the dumb dialogue and characters. It's good entertainment, though.
Some fightin' words being spoken up heah in this thread.
Same here. We even watched the old one in preparation to see the new one, but the reviews made us reconsider.
Is it hard to find decent cheese curds or can I just get some at the local grocery store? I live in CA.
Is it true that cheese curds squeak when you bite into them?
Gumbent nanny state just swiped a few more of my gun rights in CA. http://www.capradio.org/articles/2016/07/01/brown-to-act-on-gun-bills-friday/
You're not going to describe your idea so that someone can steal it? Fine.
I feel bad for asking that question now.
Ah, got it. Thanks!
I guess I don't know what happens when dry ice is left in a walk-in freezer: why is this so dangerous?
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