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No one on StyleForum would deign to take a measly $500K/year job.
This. A substantial part of our practice is re-drafting crap documents people buy from LegalZoom.
It doesn't look like you'd be buying the whole thing--only a majority share.
Thanks! The carbs are actually Dell'ortos. I'm getting ready to swap them out for a Weber 38/38 downdraft--they're just too finicky for a daily-driven street car (that has to be maintained by me).The color is Anthracite Gray, which was a one-year color (1975). I'm planning to go with more of a Steel Gray or something with a little more silver-blue in it.The last picture shows the bumpers I have now. I was able to retro-fit the earlier chrome bumpers instead of the...
Wow. I lucked out--mine is almost rust-free. California cars FTW, I guess. I will find some pics and get them up.
I have a 1975 2002 that I'm plugging away on. I'm planning to remove all of the trim and fill the trim holes in the bodywork. I'm not going for a full restoration, but I want it to be a good, solid daily driver. We're making good progress.
Nice! Did you eliminate the body trim? It looks like the trim holes have been filled.
Winds of Winter preview chapter: http://www.georgerrmartin.com/if-sample.html
We just picked up a 1995 GTI for my daughter, who will be turning 16 in a few months. It's actually a really fun car to drive and I'm impressed at how solidly built and durable it is. In particular, the seats look almost new and the engine and transmission are solid and strong. Over the last couple of weeks I've found myself grabbing the keys if I need to run a quick errand. I love my E46 ZHP convertible, but the GTI is a fun little car and a tremendous value.
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