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Perhaps GorillinFool could give GF a testosterone injection--I would think he has an animalistic excess of testosterone.
What if you stripped GF of his onsite legend status and awarded it to me? That seems both fair and equitable.
Lots of people quoting my posts, but nobody's liking them. At this rate I will never be an onsite legend, which is the only thing that truly matters to me.
Probably. Everything is nowadays.
Looks like this all went down about a year before I joined. I'm sorry to have missed it, although I probably would have just watched from the sidelines with a tub o' popcorn.
Every text should be a reminder of the upcoming family reunion and a request that he bring some potato salad.
You should send him a handwritten letter notifying him that there is literally nothing he can do unilaterally to remove himself from the family, despite his petty efforts.
Has it been dead for years? It seems like every time I stop in there are new things to read and make obnoxious comments about.
Don't let them oppress you!
You sound like you'll be a quality addition to the political landscape of the United States.
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