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Oh, fine. Thanks for ruining our legal slappyfight.
Perhaps you could gain a lot of weight.
You ought to at least let them know the situation. If it was common-family ownership in the past the possession wouldn't have been adverse, it would have been permissive. The adverse possession would start once you know that they're using your land and you object to it. That's when you'd need to decide what you want to do about it.You don't need to be confrontational about it. You could just nicely let them know that you are the actual owner of the lot space and that you...
Learning about the architect hook-up has instantly made this thread worthwhile for me. I have several architect clients. Maybe it's time to call them up and take them to lunch.
My ZHP is BSM. I love how it looks right after I wash it. Even after eight years the paint still looks fantastic.I saw one of those on the back of a transport truck on I-5 today. I thought it looked pretty good in person.
I've had that same thing happen with other books. I don't think I could read Ishiguro as a light summer read, for example. But for whatever reason, it was the right book at the right 24-hour time for me. I've never read it again, though.
I wound up reading "Never Let Me Go" in a couple of long reading sessions over the course of about 24 hours. It really hooked me. I have liked all of his books, though.
I have drafted many contracts like the one you describe (including operating agreements for closely-held businesses, which are similar in spirit) and the simple fact is that an agreement works until it doesn't work. When someone loses a job, or gets married and has kids (when you don't), or otherwise has some life change that makes the agreement untenable, then that's that--having a document to cover you won't save the underlying relationship. So just keep in mind that you...
It's true, although I was sort of hoping that things were headed in an interesting new direction at the end of the last book. I never read any of the Dune books written after Frank Herbert died. I agree that the first three books were classics.
I'm still kind of bitter about that.
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