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How'd you do?
It would be cool to know that the money you donated was going to be used to pay for the school's legal fees or maybe for a PR campaign to help rehabilitate its tattered reputation.
Definitely! Although there are people out there who take them pretty seriously and run them in under 15 minutes.Back in the day I ran lots and lots of half marathons and even one marathon, but these days I'm mostly just about enjoying a fun and short event with friends.
You're not even a real Vader! You just have a Vader picture in your avatar!
I liked it back when I was the only one.
I'm not sure whether I posted this already or not, but we got a new dog a couple of weeks ago. He's a goldendoodle puppy. It has been fun watching him start to get settled in and begin to understand some of the things we're saying to him. I hadn't planned on having another dog but this was a decision that sort of...uhhh...got made for me, nawmean? He is super cute and goofy, so that's a plus. He seems to be pretty smart, too.
I'm planning to run one next Saturday with some friends. I will probably come in next to last place (last place in my age group, though).
You'd better not try that in California. Forty-five days in the slammer for you.
One of the great pleasures of middle age is hearing people stressing about finals and realizing you didn't even know it was finals season. Delightful. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
You think he might be dead, then?
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