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How much protection do those little knobs on the points of the horns provide? If a bull really got a horn into a person's back, would the knob keep the horn from penetrating?#nohroijoakspls
I don't think I have ever seen a 2002 at a car lot.
So sort of like a highfalutin' Twinkie, deep-fried with whipped cream on top?
I remember playing that back in the early-mid '80s. I never played any of the later iterations.
I'm strongly considering it.
I've got to say: the new Rubio's that opened here in town a couple of weeks ago makes a good cheap shrimp soft taco. My kids just swung by the office and brought me a couple and they were tasty indeed.
That's how I was with Skyrim. I hadn't played a video game since the '80s, then bought an Xbox for my kids and got hooked on Skyrim for about a year.I played through Fallout 3 after Skyrim, but then had to step away. I figure I won't touch another game until the next Elder Scrolls comes out.
Or perhaps an occasional flying squirrel.
I had to google "Schnucks" because I had never heard of it before. It turns out to be a grocery chain in the Midwest, as I had surmised.
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