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I have an interview tonight for a board position on a foundation that was recently created to help with fundraising in our community services district. In this case, the district announced the creation of the foundation and solicited applications from community members.
Finally back from the paint shop. Now for the rest of the interior bits and the bumpers, and it will be done.
I really enjoyed it.
I just finished Cryptonomicon last night. I started Gravity's Rainbow and am about 50 pages in.
I like to use non-P glasses when driving because I have the same issue others have mentioned with seeing the nav screen and other displays in my car, along with the windows (although the windshield appears to be fine). I have also noticed that when I run or ride my bike with my polarized sunglasses that I sometimes have issues with puddles and wet pavement--I will see weird patterns that are really quite disorienting. My polarized glasses are Oakleys and Maui Jims, so I...
I like it. I'm just scratching my head over the "pastries" part. It's not a word that comes up a lot in popular music.
I wonder if you're talking about Ed Sheeran's "A Team," which is a song about a crack whore. That's the only recent song I can think of that mentions pastries.
This morning I happened to see a 458 in white (the first one I've ever seen). It didn't do much for me, especially looking at it head-on (from across the intersection). It just didn't seem to have a lot of presence in white. I have several clients who have Teslas now. They all love them and say they're are great to drive. I'm not sure what constitutes "great to drive" for them, however.
I finished Anathem; now on to Cryptonomicon. I'm about 150 pages in so far.
Last night my wife and I bought her a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (Sahara). We traded in her 10-year-old Tahoe for it. She loves the smaller size and maneuverability. It's a fun car to drive.
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