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I sort of appreciate that he doesn't seem to take himself seriously at all.
It's a definite head-scratcher.
I enjoyed the first 40 minutes or so, but the combination of shaky-cam camera work and IMAX theater gave me motion sickeness and I had to go walk around outside the theater to keep from throwing up. Nobody else seemed to have this problem, though.
This looks like the kind of movie that might have used the word "hijinks" in the promotional materials a few years ago.
I guess I never thought about that before. Is Aunt May supposed to be the sister/sister-in-law of Peter's parents, or is she a great aunt? It really doesn't make sense to have her be so old in the comics if she's not a great aunt.
That cover gets a solid "meh" from me.
I serve on the board of a local youth service charity. One of the major events we put on is a haunted house at the local town center. I have been asked to help on the construction committee of this event. The construction team is headed by a high school young man. We were supposed to have a team meeting today (our first) at the local town center market (which has a meeting room) at 6:00. The young man sent out an e-mail reminder this morning, confirming the time and...
He looks like a frat bro wearing a Superman costume to a Halloween party.
The eight other guys who live with him and his daughter also pay $780, each.
Is it an actual tape, or just a digital playlist (which is also cool)? Making actual mixtapes was a time-consuming PITA back in the day.
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