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He could be like the Boomhauer of StyFo.
Hahah so true. I've had people tell me they turned down raises at work because it would bump them into a higher tax bracket and they "did the math and it would actually cost" them money.
I brought home some incredible examples of origami when I returned from Japan 25 years ago. I never learned how to do much of anything myself, however.
I don't get why people feel the need to comment on tax issues (in this case, the sort-of-embarrassing revelation that Trump is still milking his net loss carryforward from years ago to avoid paying taxes on current income) when it's painfully obvious that they don't have any notion of how taxes actually work. They just read the headlines of articles (Trump Probably Hasn't Paid Tax in Years!) and freak out.
The first rain of the fall is here. It's pouring outside. Excellent.
Oops. Forgot to update. I finished Dark Forest and am on the newly-released Death's End, the final book in the trilogy. Good stuff.
This may have been beaten to death a few (dozen) pages ago, but I'm 2/3 through Jessica Jones and the plot holes are starting to bug me. I think I will take a week off so that I can watch with a fresh outlook. I really liked the first five or six episodes, though.
To be fair, though: you could probably cut through an old Wrangler's hardtop roof with a decent-sized pocketknife. I'm glad your dad was okay, though.
Mostly tax planning for high-net-worth folks and small/medium-sized businesses. I do a lot of estate/trust work and business structuring as well.
New Posts  All Forums: