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I'm about to go to war with my HOA because the board has failed to enforce even the most basic CC&Rs for the past decade, including stuff like basketball courts. Our neighborhood is nice and quiet, for the most part, but it bugs me that I'm paying dues to a board that literally provides no value whatsoever.
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Maybe it's just that I'm an inherently laid-back and lazy person, but I find the idea of an occasional shutdown of a city pretty appealing, as long as I'm 1) at home and 2) not without utilities or supplies. I dunno why everyone would be so anxious to get back to business when it's cold and stormy outside.
*Insert generic "client wants to do something dumb and probably won't take my advice about not doing it" post here.
Ah, okay. Makes sense. I had never seen the picture before and don't actually know who "Yeager" is (or that he was ever overweight ).
Were they actually firing? Or is it just a staged picture with empty guns?
Apparently Asif and Mudasir made up shortly after this whole thing went viral worldwide. So hopefully it was a happy ending for everyone.
I can't help but be reminded of this guy:
I've always just said "California" or the name of the city where I live/lived. Sometimes I will throw in "Northern" to clarify.
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