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I don't think I have ever had reason to refer to any room by name when at a friend's house.
I'm guessing you haven't had to deal with the credit card processing industry, then.
Nothing adds gravitas to dat moment of personal drama like Paul Stanley warbling Lick it Up in dat background. I'm shedding a tear just thinking about it.
I think the first mistake is leaving that stuff behind when you move out and assuming that people will still consider it "your" stuff.
Hey: don't knock it 'til you try it. It's incredibly satisfying to crap all over other people's carefully-crafted ideas.
I'm in El Dorado Hills, outside of Sacramento (on the way to Placerville). Our troop number is 558. We're an LDS troop.
Last night my family informed me that for Father's Day this year they had bought tickets to see the Cure in Oakland next Thursday. I never got to see them back in the day so I'm looking forward to it. I have heard good things about this tour and hope that they'll put on a good show.
Bump. We've set the date for July 21-23. We will be starting at Echo Lake and hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail counter-clockwise to Spooner Lake on the east side of the Tahoe Basin. I'm looking forward to three days of light packs and big miles. We'll have a support vehicle meet us each night (no wilderness sections this time) and have huge evening feasts and bonfires.
If there's an answer that involves "try to sell the customer a variable universal life policy," always pick that one.
New Posts  All Forums: