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Hopefully no images available. I'm sure some of our resident pervs could find something, though.
Definitely not something I would want to google. :shudder:
But you have two kids? Or is the first kid with someone else?
A firefighter/EMT friend of mine once told me to beware of the titanium ring: apparently if you have an allergic reaction, snakebite, or for some other reason your hand swells up and they have to try to cut the ring off, you could wind up with one less finger. Gold and silver are easy to cut off. Titanium? Not so much.
LOL. Thanks!
I never take my ring off for any extended period of time (like more than 10 seconds). I do, however, like to sit and twist it around my finger when I'm at my desk, like some sort of Bond villain. I will also fidget by taking my ring off, turning it the other way, and putting it back on. My hand feels weird without my ring, especially if I make a fist.
If you call a moron a moron, is that truly an insult?
Caustic Man insulted you without cause? Hm. Never would have seen that coming.
I have a trust fund.It's my living trust. Full* of stuff I put into it myself.*only "full" in the sense that the trust is only as big as the assets one puts into it. We're currently approaching quadruple digits, probably.
Everyone knows the correct phrase is "at where are you?".
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