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You have probably answered this before so sorry to ask again: why 1870 meters every time?
Cat shelter workers? Wouldn't surprise me.
I know a lot of later-famous actors got their starts in commercials and other low-end acting gigs, but I'm not sure I know of anyone else who has simultaneously been a commercial shill (not counting those sweet, sweet lucrative Japanese gigs) and an Oscar winner.
You mean Oscar-winning actor, J.K. Simmons? I still sort of chuckle about that.
This is sort of like when dat Thai hooker shows up on your doorstep a few years later with a kid she has named after you, demanding that you pay back child support for "your" child. "We named this cute kitty after you! You can't let him die! You just can't!"
"Hey, we named this cat after you!""Oh, wow, what an honor! Thank you!""Yeah, we're going to kill him on Friday."
Finished From Bauhaus to Our House this morning (woke up early, had a few minutes). It was interesting but I guess I was hoping for something a little more generally informative about architecture. This was much more about the various cults of personality that arose in the architecture world in the mid-20th century. I sometimes find Tom Wolfe's writing style a little off-putting.I haven't started anything new yet--getting hibbely-jibbely about that (it's been almost three...
It's always better to underdeliver on these kinds of things from the start so that expectations remain low.
Turns out that Botha (Both?) is just a suburb on Corsuscant.
Well, that's very interesting. I hope that it's true--I thought he was the center of that whole movie and losing him would make the next one much less interesting to me.
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