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Mostly tax planning for high-net-worth folks and small/medium-sized businesses. I do a lot of estate/trust work and business structuring as well.
Oh, it was definitely a phone scam. I figured that was a given.It didn't help that the guy had a pretty heavy Indian accent and didn't have great English grammar. It also doesn't help that I'm a tax lawyer and have at least a small inkling of how the IRS actually works.
We had a recording on our answering machine a couple of weeks ago from the IRS. It told us to press 1 to pay our outstanding tax debt, or press 2 to have a warrant issued for our arrest. I felt sad that I was not able to take the call in person and press 2.
It's definitely important to learn some decent singing technique if one expects to have any sort of longevity.That makes sense. I don't see how anyone could make a go of a musical career without decent rhythm. We had a keyboard player jam with us a few times who didn't have good rhythm. It was impossible to play with him (even though, somehow, he could play pretty well alone) and so we had to send him on his way.
Professional singing is really easy if you happen to be blessed with a phenomenal singing voice. Otherwise, not so much.
This is how it happens. You have to commit and be willing to sacrifice a high-four-figure outfit.
I remember talking to a working musician I used to know. He played piano in local bands (who worked regularly) and so I figured that he was at least a local-level piano prodigy.Nope. It turned out that he didn't even use his left hand most of the time and most of what he was playing was stuff I probably could have picked out by listening to a song once or twice (and I haven't played piano since I was about nine years old).
If the human body were a consumer product, the downtime and maintenance and fuel costs would doom it on the open market.
Oh, okay. I'm glad for the clarification.
I guess if it was for laughs. I love to lie to children, but I only lie about things that are ridiculous. For example: for many years I had several of my kids' friends convinced that my wife was a retired MMA fighter.I kind of got the impression that his grandfather was more of a pathological liar than a jokester, though. Maybe I was reading the situation wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: