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Oh, that makes good sense. Thanks for the spot-on explanation!
If it is, I have a dumb question: why does that boat have two wheels right next to each other?
It was fantastic. The weather was perfect and the scenery was incredible. We had a great time.
We saw it. It was pretty bad. There are plenty of reviews online (some of them quite funny) that outline the movie's many shortcomings.
So do I. I am pretty good at playing a chord and then...wait for it...playing an entirely different chord! Sometimes I will even switch to an entirely different third chord or perhaps return to the first chord.But stuff like that sloppy video: nope.
Ah, okay. I can't really help you with any of that. Hopefully you find something that's a good fit for your needs. My experience with MountainSmith is limited to their lumbar packs from about 20 years ago (which seemed pretty bulletproof). I liked mine quite a bit. Unfortunately, the guy who broke into my Jeep one night apparently liked it a lot, too.
I just finished a six-day backpacking trip. My pack is a 50L, and FWIW it was just about right for traveling light and fast (most of my gear is very lightweight). I don't think I could have fit everything comfortably into a 40L pack. Most of the people on the trip had 65L packs.
Is that you (new to the thread--maybe you post these all the time)? That's pretty cool.
Ah. Well, good luck in your search! I've got a 2004 ZHP convertible and I post on the forum (mostly OT) quite a bit.
Sure. Apparently it increases the value of the car by about 300 percent.
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