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Hahaha! I had a similar experience when trying to decide between a PhD in English or a law degree. All of my English professors strongly suggested that a PhD in English wasn't the greatest idea.Of course, if this were happening now a law degree might be just as inadvisable.I use a Square card reader in my practice. When I run a client's card the e-mail address is often just there as an available option for receipts. It does censor the first part of the e-mail address so I...
That is kind of disturbing, now that you mention it.
A friend on another forum reminded me that Daryl shook hands with that kid earlier in the episode, and then licked his fingers.
Any thoughts on what happened with the Where's Waldo kid at the end of the episode? Any connection to the dead pig? Any significance to the totally glossed-over eyes when he reanimated?
Zach (Beth's out-of-nowhere love interest) might as well have been wearing a red Star Trek uniform.
My wife and I have been married for almost 24 years. We got married when we were in college, and we didn't have much of anything. So we've always had joint accounts. I can't even imagine having a separate account where I kept money that I considered "mine." I can see (especially after reading some of the posts here) how it might have been different if we had married later or if we had been further along in our careers, but everything I have at this point I owe to her...
It might wind up sucking! Then you'll be able to laugh at me for being such a sucker.Thanks!
So the interview went well and I was offered a board position the next day. I really don't have any idea what I've gotten myself into. Hopefully it doesn't wind up sucking. I think it will be fun, though, and a good chance to get involved on some level in local politics.
I have an interview tonight for a board position on a foundation that was recently created to help with fundraising in our community services district. In this case, the district announced the creation of the foundation and solicited applications from community members.
New Posts  All Forums: