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I did that. She was looking right at me. I still have no idea what was wrong with her. Maybe she just sort of got on autopilot. Anyway: I was pretty shaken. It just reinforced to me that even if you do everything right (as much as possible), there's always going to be that person who might just run you over anyway.
I almost got run over a few weeks ago, in a crosswalk, at a four-way stop, after waving two cars through and then holding my hand up to show the next car (which was stopped) that I was going to cross. It was scary. The woman in the car started to dart into the intersection, looked over to see me mere inches from her passenger window (she was in an SUV so we were basically level with each other), and just about had a heart attack. I was wearing reflective clothing and a...
Maybe if the Rams had more church-goin' folk on the roster they'd have more wins.
I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who tells me he has a "black belt" in Six Sigma. I realize that that's what it's actually called.
I'm not sure that anyone I know would understand what that means. Plus it just sounds filthy.
You probably should have had a sigmoidoscopy instead.
No. We're very happy for you to be here. Welcome.
Eh. I wouldn't put it past you.
I would have guessed so too but the avatar isn't Bjork so I'm convinced she's the real deal.
I'm not normally considered pretty/beautiful, in the classical sense. I'm usually called "cute," like a small baby or a cute baby seal.
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