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I will definitely be sending my wife to kick your ass. You've been warned.
Disagree. My wife put "ALPHA" in big vinyl letters on the mirror in our bathroom so that I could remind myself of that each morning as I flossed my teeth.It's only on my side, of course--my wife wouldn't let me put "ALPHA" in big enough letters to cover the whole mirror.
I don't really know anything about how they are compensated or how their workloads are allocated, but I'd assume that most UPS/FedEx drivers have little or no incentive to stick around once they drop and knock/ring. The longer they wait at the door, the longer their delivery day is going to be, I assume.
I get the impression that a lot of it depends on your local post office/branch, but at our office we routinely (like four times a week) receive mail in our box that's clearly addressed to people all the way across the country. It's like they got these letters, didn't know where to put them, and so they just sprinkled a few in everyone's mail and delivered them around town. It's baffling.
That's sort of the impression I get. FedEx used to have to be that much better than the Postal Service in order to justify its prices. Now the USPS is so terrible FedEx can drop its level of service and still look good in comparison.
It's like reading a Bret Easton Ellis novel.
I sometimes wonder whether anyone has ever stolen L'Inc's online persona and taken it to another forum (like a forum dedicated to Chevy trucks, for example) and adopted it as his own, with all the members of the other forum thinking he's so original and entertaining.I post this because it has occurred to me more than once to do just that. I have not done so, however.
Awesome. Congrats on filling your tag and enjoy the full freezer!
Thanks! He's not a character I've ever read about.
Hm. I'm not immediately familiar with the guy in the middle (with the Transformer face on his crotch).
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