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That has to be gross. I don't think it's possible for a person in the US to net $150K in a single year.
Just reading this makes me hibbely-jibbely. I enjoy meeting with clients but almost all other meetings are a waste of time.
That seems reasonable. Did they suggest that you should be banned from using said highway, or maybe banished from the state or perhaps even killed?
Did you have a plate of dry white toast?
Pretty much. That's why we use such heavy, fancy paper.
Inherent Vice made me feel like Pynchon was trying too hard to make his characters colorful and "what a character"-y.
Yup. And although I care about each of them a little bit, there are always people out there who want me to care a whole lot, even to the point of making them the focal point of my daily life.
Nah. I care about that a lot. I'm talking about crap like dolphins and the environment and race relations and income equality.
Maybe I'm just a bad person, but I just cannot bring myself to care about most of the things people seem to want me to care about online.
Yup. I had to post two pounds of fluff to cushion my short answer. A lot of real estate folks will defer capital gains by doing 1031 exchanges of property, but that's a whole other subject.
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