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Sorry to hear it, guys. Our youngest is 14 now so we're pretty much past the flu-of-the-week stage.
I guess it's a Maidu word (native American) meaning "clear water" or something like that. The syllables would definitely work in Japanese, though.
Is this car supposed to be a daily driver? Maybe that's why your guru is telling you to move on--maybe it would be a great weekend warrior, but just too much to try to use as daily transportation.
They were supposed to race tomorrow. Unfortunately, the water flow is too high at Lake Natoma to race this weekend (too much runoff/drawdown from Folsom Lake) so they had to cancel. I guess they can still practice, though--so that's what they're going to do. Spring is race season, so we have regattas almost every weekend for the next month or two.
This is turning into the "silver linings" thread.
Our son told us that they're having an extra crew practice tomorrow (on top of the five they've already had this week). I don't like getting up on Saturdays either, but I'm happy to do it for him. Maybe I'll go for a run around the lake while he's out rowing.
It might make the news for once!
I don't know how they do anything they do. All I know is that every time I watch I can't help but think that if the sled suddenly stopped the rider would be sliced lengthwise into thirds by the curled front ends of the rails.To my knowledge, this has never happened.
I suppose I mean in comparison to something like, say, soccer or baseball.
Congrats! Hopefully I get there soon so that I can finally show my face in public again!
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