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Thank goodness you bought hers first, though. Imagine if you bought yours and then didn't get one for her. That would have been awkward.
Started this a couple of days ago. I expect I'll finish it tonight. It's pretty interesting and not really what I expected.
Turns out Piob is Ann Richards. Who would have guessed?
We were just walking down on the American River Parkway by Lake Natoma. Today was a crew (rowing) regatta--there were dozens of boats out on the lake waiting for their turn to race. It was pretty cool. My daughter did crew in high school and my son is in the apprenticeship program this fall (he's 13 now). This is the wrong thread to post this but since you guys started talking rowing here I didn't want to try to port the subject over to the "things that are making you...
Hold on. I'm almost done taking my 15 minute break weeping in a stall in the bathroom.
They finally restocked the soda machine at the office with Diet Mt. Dew. It had been out for about a week and a half. It's going to be a jittery afternoon at VaderLaw.
No doubt. I have a team of 850 and we average about 650 million calls per month. Last month was so good I was almost (ALMOST!) able to move out of my parents' basement.
I think that's for your "team" to make $100k/yr. You would get to divide that amongst the 14 of you.It's a no-lose proposition.
After reading the convincing arguments in the Farmer's Agent thread I have decided to close my law practice and seek a job as a subproducer in a Farmer's Insurance agency, hopefully for someone who knows how the numbers work and that it's all a numbers game.
I like how anyone who remembers Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch never remembers him as just "Oliver." It's like the word "Cousin" was part of his actual name. Nobody I know refers to his or her own cousins that way. Did they actually call him "Cousin Oliver" or was that just how he was described in the credits (or something else entirely)?
New Posts  All Forums: