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otc@gentlyusedsechstoyz.com"gently"--get it? Get it!?!
I started watching Daredevil last weekend while my wife and daughter were out of town. I have watched five or six episodes from Season 1 and so far I like it. One thing I thought was weird, though: this is a series produced by Netflix, right? For some reason, when I scrolled through my Netflix options, I didn't see it anywhere. I actually had to do a manual search for "Daredevil" before I could even select the series (and even then, it only showed Season 1). It was almost...
Sorry to see it. I hope it all gets worked out quickly.
I had always thought that "Celsius" and "centigrade" were interchangeable terms, but it turns out that "centigrade" was officially abandoned in favor of "Celsius" in 1948. I think it's interesting that "centigrade" continues to be used/known--I learned it back in elementary school in the '70s.
I'm thinking it's "e" and "u." And then another "e" in there somewhere.
I wonder how that scene would mesh with Yakety Sax in the background.
It's true. It's not like Cersei wasn't going to go to war with Dorne regardless of who was on the throne there.
I expect we'll see more of the Sand Snakes, but they'll be actively going to war with the Lannisters. I think they just skipped the whole "how are we going to get around Doran" part of the story.
Agreed. I can see the point with the Dorne storyline, though. From what I recall of the book, Doran's strategy was to "play the long game" as far as getting revenge on the Lannisters. I'm not sure that the showrunners are interested in much long-gaming at this point, and maybe long games don't make for all that great of TV.
I kind of get the impression that the show is going to start trimming the proverbial fat from the book storylines. It seems like the showrunners see no point in showing a bunch of boring intrigue in Dorne if the eventual result is just going to be Doran bleeding out and Areo stabbed in the back anyway. I expect we'll see a similar treatment of the Iron Islands story.
New Posts  All Forums: