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Your library was trying to inter-library loan with a French library. Joke's on them--there's no such thing as a French library.
I haven't been in the market for a new jacket but I have noticed that hoods seem to be all the rage right now. I would normally consider that a plus, but I'm not a skier and so having a hood flapping around isn't a problem for me.
Many, many years ago I was traveling with a boss of mine (a total skeezeball and dipsh1t) who managed to wrangle an upgrade to first class for us on a flight from Austin to Sacramento. The peasant seats, where we were supposed to sit, were apparently overbooked and there was some extra room in first class, I guess, so they let us upgrade. But later that day as we were waiting for our flight, he approached the counter and told the attendant there that we should get comped...
Finished A Little Life a few days ago. It was a good book although at times it was almost like the author was going out of her way to make sure every horrible thing befell at least one of the characters.After that downerfest I decided to read something a little more pulpy, so I'm halfway through Ian Tregillis's The Rising, which is a sequel to The Mechanical.
I'll get some pics up when I get home.
Guilty as charged.
They should have those higher-quality travelers stand up as they are mentioned so that everyone could clap for them. What's the point of being a diamond traveler if all you get to do is sit smugly in your seat as your kind is mentioned?
Looks great. It doesn't appear to be a tii, and with the square taillights and big bumpers it's '74-76 vintage. I have a 1975 that I have posted here before. They're great cars and super fun to drive, and you're right that they can park just about anywhere and open the doors on both sides almost all the way without any problem.
I was trying to find a meme that someone posted on my FB page earlier today, to the effect that if you like an author's book, you should write a positive review so that others will buy the book, or, if you can't write a positive review, you ought to at least bake the author a pie.Unfortunately the meme has been buried in the daily avalanche of FB drivel.
I'll probably just use my REI 50L Flash. It's the same pack I usually use for anything where I have to carry a tent and a sleeping bag. I used it last summer on our hike through Desolation. It's what I will use on this 50-miler as well.We're talking about fastpacking the overnighters, with a car showing up with all our overnight gear at a campsite. If we do that, then we'll just carry essentials (water, some food, first aid, etc.) in our Camelbaks. I have a Peak Bagger...
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