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Maybe Harrison Ford wants to have a Solo-style exit from this series as well.EDIT: isn't he also doing a sequel to Blade Runner? Perhaps he's going to try to wrap up all his long-term roles in the same way.
It seemed like the last movie sort of closed the Indiana Jones story out (married, with a kid?). Are they going to have him out showing Mutt (worst character name ever) the archaeology/grave robbing/cultural rape ropes?
I just started to feel bad about suggesting that it was a bad thing he got called there. I hope he has a great experience, although if it were my daughter going there I'd be pretty hibbley jibbley in spite of myself.
On the other hand: it's jarring AF when you accidentally forget to use L'inc spellings on this forum and write like a regular person.
When they belittle you just tell them you're a fan of the "canned foodie" movement and let them know that they're behind the times for not knowing that. Then let them know you're also a fast foodie and a freeze-dried foodie.
Her imaginary love for you will continue to grow the longer you are apart, no doubt.
Maybe a shorter commitment as enlisted? Otherwise, I can't think of any reason, either.
Dat fourth wall, doe. You're breaking it.
I have always enjoyed reading/imagining L'inc's posts in Bjork's horrific nails-on-a-chalkboard voice.
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