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Is it an actual tape, or just a digital playlist (which is also cool)? Making actual mixtapes was a time-consuming PITA back in the day.
It was pretty cool (the screens extended up the side walls almost to where we were sitting), but it wasn't all that panoramic, because of the transitions between the screens. I will be interested to see whether the setup catches on and becomes more mainstream--I think that Star Trek is the only movie that has implemented this so far (and only in certain scenes).
I thought Trainspotting was incredibly depressing.
We just got home from seeing it. It was entertaining, but I guess was a bit underwhelmed with the villain. Was he supposed to be someone we had heard of before?Also: we saw the movie in a triple-screen (super widescreen) theater. It was called a Barco Escape system. It was cool but not something I would have paid extra to see.
I finished it last night. I really enjoyed it as well.At the end of the e-book was the first chapter of Barkskins, AP's most recent novel. I liked the first chapter, so I downloaded the whole book and am about 50 pages in now. So far so good.
If you don't know what mozzarella is by the age of 10 then you have had a sad childhood and the heavens weep for you.
We have a couple who have been close friends of ours for many years. Over the last year or so their marriage has started to fall apart, although they have periods where it looks like they are reconciling and post a lot of happy/lovey photos on Facebook. They have begun to withdraw from our circle of friends and are becoming more and more resistant to our overtures of friendship (invitations to go places, etc.). Maybe I just live in a Pollyannaish bubble, but I've never...
Almost as much as the average Snickers bar.
I guess it wouldn't take a lot of damage to each uniform to render them unusable at the professional level. Maybe a box cutter across the front or just a pair of shears to remove a sleeve or something.
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