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I think she'll skewer her with Needle, but Jaquen will do the actual face-peeling. He seems pretty good at it.
Yup. We named him after you.
Maybe "Coldhands" is just a job. There may have been multiple Coldhands(es?) over the centuries, especially since the White Walkers don't seem to have panned out for the COTF very well.
We just got back from a nice afternoon up at Sutter Creek, a little Gold Rush-era town up in the Sierra Foothills. After a little heartburn, we decided to take our new puppy with us (14 weeks old). We were worried that having him with us might be a problem, but as it turns out Sutter Creek's main street is very dog friendly. Several of the stores even had bowls of water out front for dogs to drink from. we took him into most of the stores and everyone seemed to be happy to...
This will definitely not go over well with the WNBA's core fan demographic.
People seem to be relying on a line from the books saying that Coldhands is thousands of years old, and a GRRM liner note in a manuscript to the effect that BenJen isn't Coldhands. That seems like pretty flimsy evidence to me, but whatevs.
Given how Sam wound up at the Wall in the first place, that had to be expected. I think they did a great job of casting on that one.
It looks like he's working for the Three Eyed Raven and the children of the forest now. It seems like his job is to wait to escort Bran to safety and then help him continue his particular journey. Maybe that's a recognition that the wall is becoming irrelevant in the larger war.
I'm starting to wonder whether there are any fan theories that aren't going to pan out at this point.
I don't think I have ever had reason to refer to any room by name when at a friend's house.
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