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Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian He was yelling something like: "...PUSSIES, you're all acting( playing?) like a BUNCH OF PUSSIES...and it PISSES ME OFF" to the players sitting in chairs. Hahahah! That's actually pretty tame. I've heard worse than that a few times from coaches in our local peewee league.
I mostly worry about leaving my kids behind. They're only 8 and 13, so I'd greatly prefer to at least get them through to the point where they are adults.
Quote: Originally Posted by viator I have a full-on leather Coach soft briefcase and I am not 100% satisfied with the leather quality. In my view, the bag you pointed to runs afoul of the "don't order fish in a steakhouse" rule - that bag is nylon, but Coach has built its name as a leather goods company, so this bag is a way for them to cash in on the brand value while not giving you the quality (leather) the brand promises. At $200 I would look...
I've had good luck with the BB extra-slim fit shirts as well.
The video is gone, but I can imagine what the coach was probably doing.
Quote: Originally Posted by il ciclista i agree, i wore combat boots/workboots for 8 years and these were way worse of a break-in personally. Mine are breaking in nicely, but they are still a bit stiff. Now that it's getting cooler, I'll have more opportunities to wear them.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK Knife people have fantasies about the day they get to use their knife up to its capabilities. I'll never get my money's worth out of the customs and high ends, but accepted that and have cut down my collecting to reflect it. I've only got 8 knives remaining, and if I do buy, Spyderco is as high end as I go now. My edc is a pocket clip, card case, and small pocket knife (generally an oldschool folder like my canoe). ...
My normal daily pocketknife is a Kershaw Leek. It's nice and slim and keeps a good edge, which I mostly use for opening letters at the office.
Quote: Originally Posted by Animal Thug Mint vintage Europeans and sometimes American cars always get me. There's a mint Datsun mini truck in my neighborhood in a mustard yellow color with mirror hub caps that always captivates me. One of these days I will do a full-on resto. Yeah, every once in a while I'll see an unusual '60s or '70s car that is in beautiful condition--something that would have been a regular old grocery-getter back then....
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria ^^ Is that OP behind the rubbish cans? - B I almost cried.
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