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I kind of like it when a character tosses out a line of dialog that recasts what I think of/know about a character (whether the same character or a different one). I'm not sure the whole "Poe Dameron not dying" thing is the best example, but when done well it's a good storytelling device.
I personally remember having discussions like these at the lunch table of Summit Jr. High in the late 70s. This was the precursor to the internet fanwars that we see today.
I liked it because it was a movie where a group of obvious nerds step up and save the day using their nerd powers.
With all the snow we've been getting in the Sierras, I'm hoping to get back up to Donner Summit to do some snowshoeing sometime this week. We are between storms so the weather ought to be perfect.
A friend/client of mine is a bariatric surgeon. She does lap bands and other surgeries for people who are seriously (100-plus lbs.) overweight. She gives informational seminars every month and says that just about every time someone shows up who claims to want to lose weight, but is sitting in a wheelchair and still guzzling a 64-ounce soda and snacking through the whole presentation. Sure enough, if they opt for the surgery they still somehow manage to eat their way...
Maybe they could just start over. Do we really need Luke Skywalker in the storyline? I mean, really--do we need Luke Skywalker?
Having not watched the Clone Wars cartoons: what happens with Darth Maul? Does he get kilt f'reals after being a spider tank, or is he somewhere out there still?
I liked it, but the Sarlaac had tentacles and teeth and stuff. I didn't see any tentacles when the TIE fighter went down.
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