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Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford I think in the big cities you have a lot more options. Certainly in Phoenix I'd much rather go to Durant's or Drinkwater's than Morton's. However, in Sacramento I have yet to find a great local steakhouse. The two that have been recommended, Chop's and The Broiler, have failed to impress in food or atmosphere. So when I want a good steak I head over to Morton's. It also helps that the Morton's here has great...
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki As I mentioned in my post above: http://www.singervehicledesign.com/ and for those who want a ridiculously expensive remake of an FJ40: http://www.icon4x4.com/ I was reading about the ICON FJ. I think it's cool, but not $100K-plus cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki There are a lot of beautiful Alfas here in SF. I also like the Singer 911 which is retro-styled, but with new tech... I'd take a Toyota 2000GT over any other car out there, period. But lately (influenced by some ACL posts) I've been liking early SUVs a lot, from FJ40s to Broncos to etc. I used to own a 1970 Bronco. It was a great car until the rear axle sheared at the left hub while I was driving down...
I currently have a 1975 BMW 2002 (project car) and a 2004 BMW 330CI convertible ZHP (daily driver). Both are great fun to drive. I have also owned a 1965 Mustang GT. While the styling was classic, the handling and braking left a great deal to be desired.
I do.
I just got a thank-you card from LEC today thanking me for my purchase and reminding me of their unconditional guarantee. It even looked like it might be hand-written, although it was signed "Customer Service Representative," which I thought was a little weird. Not bad follow-up for a $35 order.
Quote: Originally Posted by yamete is clarks DB appropriate for business casual? I will frequently wear mine with a pair of chinos (BB Clark fit, interestingly) and an OCBD. I think it's a decent look, and very comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari I found myself laughing while reading this. Not something I was used to when reading McCarthy. Yeah, when I read the blurb on the back and it mentioned "humor," I was a bit surprised. I haven't gotten far enough into it to find any yet, however.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc I have rather long toes... would that sort of defeat the purpose of these shoes (since my toes would still be restricted if they didn't fit in up to the joint) Yeah, you sort of have to have VFF-shaped feet. Otherwise I don't think you're going to be happy with the fit. You could try some on and see for yourself, however. Maybe they would fit okay.
I'm thinking about taking my son on an overnighter up from Loon Lake to Buck Island Lake right outside Desolation Wilderness in CA. Has anyone done this trip? It's about six miles in but only about 500 feet in elevation gain, which my son would appreciate.
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