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Unfortunately they knocked down all the buildings from the 18th edition, so you'll be out of luck without the newer one.
Oh, I believe it! I don't litigate but it seems like most of my litigator friends have their "everyday" court outfits. I'm glad to be able to wear whatever I want.
I finished We Are Now Beginning Our Descent last week but forgot to post it here. I thought it was only okay. The main character turned out to be sort of a douche, and not in a way that made him an interesting character. I wouldn't recommend reading it.I downloaded The Circle by Dave Eggers but I haven't dived in yet. I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that I've been wasting all my reading time for the last few days playing Wordbubbles on my tablet.
I figured that had to be an old article if they were talking about $40K Porsches.
I could see doing that once (if a person discovered that he or she just couldn't handle the responsibility of a pet), but a person doing it twice seems pretty bad.
So the woman was adopting kittens and then giving them up once they became full-grown (or once the novelty wore off)?
It seems like a lot of them expected the show to run forever, like the Simpsons.
Some comments I have read (not necessarily here, but definitely on other forums and in comments on articles) seem to suggest that some people are upset that things are actually moving forward on the storyline(s), as if we were just supposed to sit in GRRM limbo forever and never finish any of the story.
I didn't like the Arya scenes. She seemed awfully unconcerned about the fact that she was in trouble/being hunted. She didn't even appear to have Needle with her.
It turned out that I had a small leak in one of the hoses in the system. They had to order it in, then did the work today. So now I have icy-cold AC in my car again, just in time for summer.
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