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I'd be curious to see whether an employer would fire someone for legally smoking weed but not for legally drinking alcohol. I figure it's just a matter of time before someone tries to sue for that reason. Although the guy is probably at-will, I'm not so sure that the employer would be able to fire one employee but keep another doing much the same thing. Maybe someone with more employment law experience than I have can chime in on this wrinkle.
I wonder if Spanx could do something about my gigantic backside. I will have to check it out.
After the story about the mom who got all upset about the store clerk who told the woman's daughter she needed Spanx to wear a certain prom dress, I had to google "spanx" because I didn't know what they were. Now half the sidebar and banner ads I see on SF are for Spanx. I wonder how long that will last.
Most of what I have seen is a kid asking grandma to co-sign on a loan for a car the kid can barely afford. Frequently the kid already asked mom and dad and got turned down, so the kid turned to dear ol' granny, who might not be all that sophisticated about these things but has excellent credit. Grandma loves the kid and wants to help out, but the kid is (like a lot of kids) a selfish shiz. IMHO, this fact pattern is elder abuse. So far, of course, I have never seen...
I've been kind of curious about this. If you test positive at work for MJ but you can prove you partook while you were in Colorado, where it's legal, can your employer fire you for doing something that was legal in the jurisdiction you were in at the time? I recognize that it would still be illegal under federal law, but from what I can tell the feds are taking a hands-off position on this.
Maybe get some fancy sleeve garters and snap them over the rolled-up sleebs. Perhaps you can find some with either contrasting lace or even some sort of fancy medallion.
Just tell them that your attorney told you never to co-sign on anything for anyone. In the alternative, maybe tell a little white lie and say that you're just about to buy something big on credit (like a car or investment property) so you need to have your credit as clean/clear as possible.I've had several times when I've had to be the bearer of bad news to clients who didn't realize that by co-signing they became equally liable for the debt and that the creditor could...
Are you headed up?
I love to head up in the hills and shoot clays all day long, but when it's dark and raining, the indoor range with its fancy-schmancy target carriers and excellent ventilation systems is a pretty good way to go.
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