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My second guess was James Carville in a black wig. But I guess I was wrong.
You just can't resist the rainbow sheen of Arby's sliced "meat."
I did that quite a few years ago. It was NBD. Just plan to take a couple of day off of work and hang out on the couch with compression shorts and an ice pack and you'll be fine.
That was a nice thing to say. Good luck, Ed. Hopefully things start looking up for you.
I guess I always thought you were a big StarWars fan on account of how your avaltar is Princess Leia (after one of her many plastic surgeries).
Maybe they're all black.
Did not recognize her at all. I had to reverse image search to figure out who she was and why she was in this thread.
Was I not paying very good attention, but did the dogs hunting for Theon and Sansa just sort of disappear once Brienne and Pod showed up and started killing everyone? I don't remember an explicit dog-killing in that scene, although there was plenty of people-killing.
I remember in ANH Ben Kenobi pointed out that the attack on the Jawa sandcrawler was too precise to have been the work of anyone but Imperial stormtroopers. It is pretty comical that (as far as I can remember) they never really lived up to that statement again, although they were pretty tough when they blasted their way into Princess Leia's ship at the beginning of the movie.
Wakes actually strike me as more depressing than funerals, especially if there's a subset of attendees that get sloppy drunk and then wail the whole time, making everyone miserable.
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