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Yup. My favorite is when a client schedules an 8:00 Monday meeting for a document review, sends the documents via e-mail to my secretary over the weekend, then shows up and is upset that I haven't received the documents from my secretary who didn't come in over the weekend and isn't in the office yet (she usually arrives around 9:00). Invariably, my secretary will have told the client at least a week ahead of time that we need plenty of time to review the document they are...
Definitely not whining here.
Saturday night after the Halloween kids stopped showing up my wife and son and I sat down and watched Episode IV. Last night we followed that up with The Empire Strikes Back. I was pleased with how well these original movies have held up. It was also kind of fun to point out the places I caught (I'm sure I missed a few) where scenes and effects had been added--some of them were pretty obvious and sort of jarring, while others were okay. Anyway: good times. I am thinking...
Finished the last 20 pages of Armada this morning before heading to the office. It was pretty disappointing. I enjoyed the author's last book, Ready Player One, but this one just read like a book written by a 15-year-old nerd checking off a list of nerd stereotypes.
Of course, as soon as I posted that nobody had shown up...kids started showing up. Whew!
It's almost 6:15 here and we haven't had a single person come yet. We live in the middle of a nice suburb with tons of kids. WTF am I going to do with all this candy?
Little-known fact: Cracklin' Oat Bran (the cereal) is actually named after cracklin' oat bran (the shoe texture), not the other way around.
Finished that, started this:Sorry for the massive graphic.
Finished Gold Fame Citrus, started on this:
"Butterfly shoes." That's actually pretty funny, at least when I'm at work on a Thursday afternoon. I may regret this post later.
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