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Brentwood. I keep hoping they'll bring it back--mine have served me well for many years, but it would be nice to replace them.
Looking over the 40 percent off sale for blazers and sport coats today, I had a difficult time finding anything I was interested in in my size. It seems like things are pretty picked over online. I may swing by the store this afternoon, but I'm not holding out any great hope that I'll find something I have to have.
We're just about finished with our Christmas shopping. Now for the next couple of weeks we'll totally go over budget with last-minute impulse purchases.
I'm already laughing inside at the idea of him flouncing around the office, trailing handfuls of scarves, holding them up to random wimmins.
That would be cool. I've never met anyone from the forum.
Oooh. Looks like a trip to BB on Thursday.
Those look great.Also: you're certainly getting a lot of mileage out of those two photos.
Oh, I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with them--it's just that I would have limited opportunities to wear them. But I tend to be a pretty conservative dresser, so that's just me.
Those are cool, but I could only imagine wearing those once or twice a year--and really only to Christmas parties. Enjoy!
All of my AEs are 12Bs. These fit me perfectly right out of the box and are consistent with the other AEs I have.
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