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Dang, man. Stop being such a friggin' sexist.
I kind of felt like I had started to find a home on StyFo and then people started taking potshots at my favorite mopey alt-band of all time. Now I just don't know.
It always cracks me up when I hear about people spending hundreds/thousands on a haircut from a celebrity stylist and then the results look no better than the local corner barber's would (see Bill Clinton when he was president).
Perhaps they should try illustrating that with a house that isn't already completely engulfed in flames, then.I get the analogy, and I support the idea. I just think it's poorly executed.
Yup. I just got tired of driving around by myself, so the SL had to go.
I had an '89 560SL for a few years. I got it when it was about 12 years old. Even then, when I would take it in for smog, the engine was so tight it blew a zero on several emissions measurements. It was a fun car and a great cruiser, but I needed a back seat so I sold it and bought my ZHP convertible, which I still have.
I honestly don't think she's consciously milking the situation. I think she is just so self-involved that she doesn't realize that all of her posts are, at heart, about her first and foremost.
We've got a pork loin roast in the slow cooker right now. We're going to cook it until it falls apart with a coke/brown sugar/chili/enchilada sauce and then shred it and eat it on tortillas.
I haven't seen anyone mention anything like this. Are people making this argument?
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