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That will be at the end of the process, once his application gets vetted at the district level then sent off to National for review. Once a scout gets to the board of review, it's really "victory lap" time. I've only known one scout who failed an Eagle board of review, and he totally brought it on himself by copping an attitude.
My son finished his Eagle Scout service project this morning. Now all he has left is to finish his paperwork and turn in his Eagle application.
I love the equivocation in the "in his own way, perhaps" language. That is hilarious."Taking a bunch of variables into consideration, and realizing that we don't have all the facts and, maybe, never will, we're going to go out on a limb and say that our protagonist is, perhaps, in some circles, THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN WHO EVER LIVED!"
My experience has been similar to yours. The blades are nice and sharp and last for quite a few shaves (although I'm pretty babyfaced so that's to be expected). I've got three packs of blades sitting in my bathroom drawer, though, even though I switched to every-other-month delivery.I shave in the shower, which is quick and convenient for me.
No worries. I've had them for several years. I think they look good and they have held up really well.EDIT: for some weird reason your post isn't coming through on the quote. Sorry about that.
The original MacNeils, or the 2.0? I have a pair of the pebbled originals. I like them.
Oh, that makes good sense. Thanks for the spot-on explanation!
If it is, I have a dumb question: why does that boat have two wheels right next to each other?
It was fantastic. The weather was perfect and the scenery was incredible. We had a great time.
We saw it. It was pretty bad. There are plenty of reviews online (some of them quite funny) that outline the movie's many shortcomings.
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