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Plus you'll have tons of sizzurp ads show up as banners and sidebars on StyFo. But only from the finest purveyors of sizzurp, so no worries.
Do you mean you gained weight and got up to 170? Or that you lost enough to hit 170?
I have a Marlin 30-30. I have taken it deer hunting a couple of times but because of my almost total lack of hunting skill I have yet to fire it at an actual animal. But it's a great little gun.
That's what they mean when they talk about a "point man" in "bizdev."
As a new year's resolution I have been trying to drink more water throughout the day. My goal is to drink four liters a day, and so far that has been pretty easy to reach. The main downside is that I have to pee about every 15 minutes, which significantly cuts into my forum posting work time.
We don't get too many salespeople coming to our door, but most of them come from the "pity me and my hard-knock life story" school of door-to-door sales (mostly for magazine subscriptions). As far as I can tell, the only sales strategy these people are taught is to 1) have a story of personal woe (single motherhood seems to be popular) coupled with 2) the ability to speak almost forever without stopping to take a breath (which would give the other person a split second to...
I tried to watch that show, but failed.
That's why I only eat at restaurants where I get to stand when I talk to the servers/staff.
And, like a lot of sales tricks, it sounds absolutely ridiculous when you describe what's actually happening. The key is to pull off the trick without the other person realizing it.
Yeah, the MBE wasn't so bad after what we went through in actual law school.That's pretty cool of your professor. I had a couple of professors who were willing to entertain questions and comments/challenges after the exam. I never had any, but I heard of a couple of people who went in to challenge their "wrong" answers. I don't think any of them ever got anywhere, though.
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