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Am I the only one that thinks that the Faith Militant would crumble immediately without the High Sparrow? It seems like it's just him and then a bunch of interchangeable low-level sycophants.
Ah, okay. I wonder where the $70M figure came from. $24M isn't all that impressive.
I had googled that the movie did $70M over the weekend. I guess I'm getting old because that sounded like a pretty strong opening weekend to me. Or it's possible that that included other markets besides the US.
It looks like it posted solid box office numbers in the US this weekend. I will be curious to see whether this leads to more video game-based movies in the future. I would like to see a Skyrim or Fallout movie if it was done well.
If Lady SH is lurking with the BWB, then Beric ought to be dead--although it's easily possible that they're not going to worry about the whole "passing the resurrection" thing from the books.
Do you actually make shoes? That's pretty cool, if so.
Although it is kind of satisfying to see a character who has been sort of a loser all along stay true to loserish form. Edmure was a broken man in captivity. On a lot of shows it would be expected that he'd stand up once released and spread his wings and over! come! the! odds! to be the hero he all knew he could be, deep inside.Agree with everything else.
I've worn a similar outfit many times (except without the chelsea boots).
Yep. I specifically brought that up with the people who are trying to get my son and me to join their team. They said that "that's not this race, it's one of the others." I suppose we'll see.
I have been promised that electrocution is not part of the program. I did see a picture with some barbed wire in it, though.
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