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Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari I think the cost of modifying the Defender to comply with federal regulations (airbags) was too great in relation to units sold. Bummer. I'm surprised that the UK doesn't have similar requirements.
Has Land Rover ever considered bringing the D90 back to the States?
Quote: Originally Posted by clockwise Read half of this book on my flight between Hong Kong and Busan today. Wow! It is sensational. Norwegian wilderness. That book sort of sucker-punched me at the end. I found it quite moving.
Quote: Originally Posted by amstokesdb9 +1, the E30s are appreciating like no one's business. Wish I still had mine... With the Spec E30 racing class growing so quickly, even beater E30s are rising in value as people snap them up to create low-budget race cars.
Quote: Originally Posted by AEB A4 Mercedes 250s currently apart for restoration and other goodies... I love it.
I just rejoined our local gym almost entirely for the purpose of using their lap pool (although I'll use the other stuff as well to get a well-rounded workout). I haven't done much swimming lately and miss it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Opermann There's some sort of trend... can't quite figure out what it is... That's the best thing about Men's Health--you can never guess what's coming next. So unpredictable!
Quote: Originally Posted by ZhiMingBuFanDe My favorites are sea urchin, albacore, and bluefin tuna. I'm always craving Japanese street food though. I'd kill for some good yakisoba or takoyaki right now. I haven't had takoyaki in years. I'm not sure I've ever seen it in the US--not that I've looked very hard. I used to eat it all the time in Japan. Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas My favorite grocery store has an in-store...
I laughed when I saw this a while ago on another forum. I still laughed when I saw it today.
The teacher and the school's response seems to be a *shrug*. They didn't seem to care in the least.
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