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No joke: that song was sort of the soundtrack of my first real girlfriend relationship, so even now when I hear it years later I get sort of wistful in the mente, even though she was not a good girlfriend and I was only 14 years old at the time.
First you need some self-appointed expert to tell everyone who will listen (or even not listen that well) about the inherent design superiority of the H-16, complete with some charts and graphs. Many of the superior traits should involve intangibles like "rev harmony" and "valve sensitivity."
Heh.I guess I should feel honored that I've been here long enough to merit a double entendre from GF.
Sometimes I forget that this is actually a forum about men's clothing and style.
Looks like we've got five days of rain ahead.
One of the things I'm noticing in my practice is that the USPS totally sucks (and has gotten noticeably suckier in the last 10 years or so). We get mail for people addresed to people on the other side of the country sometimes (like three or four times a week, easy). If that's happening to them, I can only imagine how many times it has happened to us. I know of at least a couple of times when we haven't received notices from our local courts regarding matters we're working...
They are? I always thought they were remarkably easy to clean--just remove the non-stick pot and wash it, wipe off the inner lid, and you're good to go. Now, I haven't used a rice cooker on a daily basis since I lived in Japan from '89-'91, so perhaps my standards of cleanliness have risen somewhat.
I would have thought that playing soccer would result in a net decrease in testosterone.
I finished The Rising yesterday and started American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett. The Rising was not as good as The Mechanical (which was pretty interesting but not exactly Shakespeare).
Speaking of cold calls about cars: our gardener called us the other day to ask if we were interested in selling my daughter's 1995 VW GTI VR6. It was parked out on the curb the last time he came to our house and one of his workers is a huge GTI fan, apparently. I had to tell him no, of course, because it's a blast to drive and now that my daughter is away at college I have taken on the responsibility of making sure it gets driven at least once a week.
New Posts  All Forums: