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I feel kind of bad that I can't actually remember what that drug was.
You could have answered from a lying standpoint and told her that you were born with dat tattoo already on your carcass.
Maybe he actually had a stroke when your words hit his tympanic membranes, if you know what I mean.
I agree, but I get a little hibbley-jibbley if I quit a book halfway through. I'm a fast reader, though, so I should be able to polish this one off quickly.
I received a handwritten letter from my daughter in the missionary training center written entirely in (simple, but perfect) Japanese. She has been there three weeks and is doing great.
This image appeared in my sidebar on the StyleForum page of the web.
I had a birthday a few weeks ago and it put me into condition of happiness, no two ways about it. I enjoyed the well wishes from friends and appreciated that a bunch of people got together and ate dinner with me.
I'm a couple of hundred pages in now. It's not that good, but I will soldier on in hopes that at some point it becomes worth it.
I remember being very impressed with that book when I read it. I was also 18 years old. I dunno how well it would hold up if older, perhaps wiser me read it now. I do remember wondering at the time why the author was such a self-absorbed douche at the same time as being kind of wise/profound.
Sorry to hear it, L'Inc.
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