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I love Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, if only because the words have always sounded like the ultimate downer to me. Even when I was a little kid I used to think that it was about a couple of drunks who have hit rock bottom and are hoping (futilely) that things might get a little better over the holidays.
I think it depends on the time of year. Last night I went for a walk with my son after dinner. We both remarked how cold it was--probably 60 degrees or so.Then we laughed at how when it gets up to 60-plus degrees in the spring, we'll probably already be busting out the shorts and flip flops.
I downloaded The Quiet American to my Nook last night. I have been wanting to read this for a while but it hadn't been available on my Nook, so I lazily opted to read other things. I expect I'll start it tonight.
I agree with this. The fights in Ep2 and Ep3 were sort of baroque in their pointless technicality. Plus they seemed to go on forever.One of the things that seems promising to me about Ep7, based on the previews, is the sense that lightsabers look really dangerous. Kylo Ren's crackling red lightsaber looks really menacing in every shot I've seen.
I agree that the fights in the OT are much more plot-driven. My personal favorite, like someone else mentioned, was in ESB, where it's pretty clear that Luke is totally outmatched (Vader doesn't even bother fighting with two hands for most of that duel). But the fights themselves don't seem all that menacing to me. One of the things I liked about Darth Maul was the sense that he was actually trying to kill someone every time he turned on his lightsaber. Perhaps that's...
Eh, I liked him. I appreciated his physicality. It was a refreshing change from the first three movies, where the lightsaber battles were tepid at best.
The only downside of skipping Ep1 entirely is then we don't get to see Darth Maul. But I agree that you can skip Ep1 without doing much damage to the storyline at all.
Interesting. I will have to suggest it to the family. What will I do without my dose of Li'l Ani?
Is this really that unusual? Don't people have assistants anymore?
She coordinates almost everything for me. I don't set my own appointments, either. I just show up when she tells me to show up and basically do what she tells me to do. I'm not sure who's the boss anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: