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Update: it turned out that the temperature climbed healthily into the 90s. I had a decent run, but the heat got to me and I had to walk the last half mile back to the car. So that was only okay.
They sound like a screaming contest to me.
We were supposed to be preparing for a 50-miler with the scouts today (to head out tomorrow), but a bunch of last minute dropouts led us to cancel last week. So now my calendar at work is almost totally free. I may head out after lunch and go for a long trail run by Folsom Lake, since the weather is expected to be in the mid 80s today. Excellent.
I go out of my way to avoid those kinds of discussions with friends. I talk about it all the time with my estate planning/tax clients, of course, but that's all confidential and they are paying me to listen.+1, although I always look for a quick opportunity to change the subject. Usually it seems like people bring that stuff up as a fishing expedition to find out how much I make or how I'm doing financially. When I was a kid my parents drilled into me the idea that talking...
Thanks, guys. I had never seen this guy before and I was a little put off by his whole demeanor. I have sat through dozens of Eagle BORs over the years and I have never seen one where the scout got what I would have considered a grilling. Usually it's more of a victory lap--talk about how fun scouts was, talk about a few particular favorite experiences, walk through the Eagle project, talk about how now the scout can focus on high adventure and mentoring younger scouts,...
Unfortunately I guess this turned out to be the right thread for this story. We got to the place where the board was supposed to be held, waited an hour, only to be told that we had been double booked and that the board had all already left. Apparently there was some miscommunication between the Eagle coordinators for the district. So we've been rescheduled for the 9th of August. My son actually was very gracious about it and didn't get upset at all. I was pretty ticked,...
Cool. Thanks!
We saw Ghostbusters last night. It was better than expected and actually pretty entertaining and funny.
I thought I had read that a new Rogue One trailer was supposed to debut a couple of days ago during some primetime TV show (too lazy to go back in this thread). Did that not happen? I didn't see a new trailer anywhere on the usual interwebz outlets.
I never finished my Eagle because we moved just as I turned 14 and I lost a bunch of my blue cards and other information. Lame excuse, I know--I actually got all the way to where I just needed my Eagle project but I never finished it. I regret that quite a bit. I often use myself as an example of tripping at the finish line when I'm talking to my scouts. So having my son get his Eagle will help me feel a bit better about that.
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