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In this case, I'm pretty sure that the old man didn't even know that anyone was watching him. He was apparently with his wife but just stopped and knelt down to help a stranger.In FB land, the video would have ended with some hipster douche going over and very publicly giving the old man like $300 and then having everyone applaud (the hipster).
Today someone on my FB feed posted another anecdote about a kindly old man who knelt to help someone tie her shoelace in a grocery store. Although this is a heart-warming story, and I hate to sound like a douche/hater, it sort of cheapens these things for me when they go viral. Kindly old men have been doing kindly gestures forever. Making sure something like this goes viral makes me wonder whether the people who are so amazed by these stories have ever associated with any...
Ah, okay. So the actual clap sound is used for something (audio sync)? How interesting. I guess that's why it's good to have that sharp percussive sound, then.Thanks!
It's a catchy song, no doubt. I don't really listen to this kind of music but if the song comes on the radio I'm probably not going to change it.
As a non-moviemaker: what's the purpose of those little signs with the snappy clacker-stick on the top? Why have something like that instead of just having that information automatically generate on-screen at the beginning of each take? I understand that traditionally they served a function, but it seems kind of archaic to me to be writing all that information in grease pencil before every take.
I'm a big fan of Black Eyed Peas AAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAA rhyming patterns.
During the heyday of BLM protests several of my former law school classmates who have gone on to pursue careers in the SJW arts started using that term on Facebook with alarming regularity.
Sorry to hear it, MrG.
Was it pre-browned?
But not too latent. You don't want to have to try too hard.
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