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I don't know. That's why it's in the "don't get" it thread. My initial responses are 1) I remember seeing lots of pictures of people falling. It doesn't seem like they were airbrushed from history to me; 2) I have never heard anyone suggest that the people who jumped were cowards. So perhaps you're right that this is all just something that someone dreamed up in an effort to create controversy. But it's not like I'm an expert on history or, especially, 9/11, so perhaps...
I suppose the specific drama is from an article I saw circulating discussing how the images of people falling/jumping seem to have been "airbrushed from history." Here's a link to an article (which was written in 2011 but is making the rounds on my FB feed): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2035720/9-11-jumpers-America-wants-forget-victims-fell-Twin-Towers.html The article seems to suggest that people don't want to talk about how hundreds of people jumped from the...
Apparently there's some drama about images from 9/11 showing people falling/jumping from the towers. I guess this issue resurfaces every few years right around the anniversary date.
Ladies who are my FB friends posting what they think their cats are thinking always seem to think that their cats consider them "mom," as in "hey, Mom, when are you going to feed me? Why is there a new dog in the house, Mom?" This appears to be the case regardless of whether the person is a parent to actual human children or not. I'm no cat expert, but I doubt that cats think of the people in their homes as "mom" and "dad"--more like "servant" or "lackey."
Beautiful. Thanks for posting!
I don't think that he meant to say that he was writing his own diarrhea-stat-tracking app. I think he meant to say that someone else was doing it.
What kind of stats are you tracking there?
How much for a full sleeve?
I don't think I have ever heard a Godsmack song. Time to Spotify, maybe.
I went for a run this morning. Usually I bring along my phone and listen to music on my headphones while also tracking my progress in Runkeeper. I like to track my distance and (especially) my mile pace, which I have been working to improve. Today I decided to leave the phone behind and just go for a nice, relaxing run. It was very pleasant. I also found that it was easier for me to pace my breathing--I wonder whether I have been subconsciously pacing my breathing to the...
New Posts  All Forums: