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I misread that at first and thought "that's pretty good!"
I've seen a bunch of local kids rockin' that look. It looks pretty cute on them as long as they are cute kids to begin with.
I'll be the brave soul who casts a vote for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Last night at the mall my wife and son insisted on buying a pizza stone so they could make pizza in the oven at home. I thought it was a bad idea, but they bought it anyway. Tonight they made their first pizza, and I must admit that it's pretty dang tasty for a first pizza. So I'm happy to be proven wrong.
I'm so sorry to miss out on this stuff. It sounds like I'm really doing myself a disservice.
Of course. That shiz is gross.
It's one of the highest expressions of true love. It's art.
Definitely not googling that term. =|
I have a friend who is litigating a case where there's an issue of testamentary capacity (the capacity to draft a will/trust, etc.). The other side has hired an "expert" who will apparently be testifying that it was impossible for the deceased person to have capacity because the person had stomach cancer and knew he would be dying soon. Apparently once someone realizes he's going to die he's so hibbley jibbley that he can't get documents drafted (or revised, in this case).
New Posts  All Forums: