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Maybe if the Rams had more church-goin' folk on the roster they'd have more wins.
I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who tells me he has a "black belt" in Six Sigma. I realize that that's what it's actually called.
I'm not sure that anyone I know would understand what that means. Plus it just sounds filthy.
You probably should have had a sigmoidoscopy instead.
No. We're very happy for you to be here. Welcome.
Eh. I wouldn't put it past you.
I would have guessed so too but the avatar isn't Bjork so I'm convinced she's the real deal.
I'm not normally considered pretty/beautiful, in the classical sense. I'm usually called "cute," like a small baby or a cute baby seal.
I've never been a football fan but if I changed my mind and decided to root for a team you can bet that I'd pick one at the top of the league. But I would also likely abandon them as soon as their fortunes turned, so whatevs.
Thanks for the info, guys.
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