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Et tu, Atticus? http://review.gawker.com/nyt-turns-out-atticus-is-a-racist-in-new-harper-lee-no-1717126836
I haven't paid much attention to E46 prices but I don't think I've ever seen an M3 sell for less than a ZHP.
You only go to Taco Bell when you want to eat eight tacos and you don't want to pay more than five bucks for them. It also helps if you're looking for an explosive diarrhea experience sometime in the near future.
"Hi, this is the IRS. We'd like you to come in for a meeting to discuss your tax payment history. Oh, yeah: you'd probably better bring your toothbrush."
On our way to dinner last night my wife and I drove by a Taco Bell that just reopened after a total refurbishment. Instead of the horrible 70s colors I normally associate with Taco Bell it has a tasteful, subdued color palette and nice exterior lighting.I came pretty close to turning around and going to Taco Bell for dinner. Only my wife's panicked exhortations kept me on course.
If there were a Venn diagram of the people who posted this and posted the thing I posted, it would probably look like a blurry circle.
I spend a lot of time pandering to my kids as well, but because I have brainwashed them to mostly enjoy things I enjoy, it's a win for everyone.
I don't have a real job either but I will frequently bore my clients by telling them about the fun things I did over the weekend. Sometimes they even seem a little interested.
It's sort of like this abomination: http://kitchenette.jezebel.com/kfc-weds-pizza-and-fried-chicken-in-unholy-matrimony-1716301498Except...who knows? Maybe sushi burritos are really good.
Why is it that the biggest supporters of this idea all seem to have fewer than 10 posts? Did you come here just to advocate for water fasts?
New Posts  All Forums: