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My son just texted me to let me know he has started learning how to play Sweet Child O' Mine on the guitar. Interesting.
Had some ramen at a local restaurant. They threw in some kalbi beef and a little kimchi. It was a delicious moment in Korean-Japanese relations.
No, I don't think that's what he's implying. Nope.
Well, you know the old saying: once you go black with a stripe down the back...you never return to your prior habituated proclivities.Or something like that.
Oh, of course. Silly me.Solvang is a charming little town. We visited a couple of years ago when we went to pick my daughter up from a youth leadership conference she was at at UC Santa Barbara. I'm pretty confident I could polish off 10,000 calories there a day without even trying very hard.
McDonald's is Irish food.
Reading her stuff always made me sort of hate her, even if I liked the point she was trying to make. She seemed like a shameless self-promoter who liked to take potshots at people even/especially when they weren't necessary.
Ah. I guess if I have to ask...
Does Diderik ever see people playing Pokemon Go and worry that you're going to turn him over to the professor who will grind him into candy and then give him back to you to feed to his siblings?'Cuz that's what Pokemon Go is basically all about.
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