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We have a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited. It's the Sahara model, not the Rubicon. It has been a good car for us and is actually pretty good on road trips (from CA to UT). We have kept it stock so far and it's still a pretty capable vehicle off-road.
I had to look up reverse searing as well. It basically means "bake in the oven to cook, then slap it on the grill at the last minute to get the seared crust." Seems legit.
It looks like his medal scene outfit from ANH, but without the jacket.
Sure. It's a good place to kill some time and go for a walk in a climate-controlled environment while immersing yourself in over-the-top materialism.
My wife and I wandered the local mall tonight. It's pretty much already Christmas Central over there. The place was packed, too. I've got to admit--it put my mente in the holiday spirit.
Finished The Quiet American last night. I really enjoyed it. I just started reading Purity by Jonathan Franzen.
I have never eaten a Take 5 candy bar. I'm not sure I've even ever noticed their existence.
Although Butterfingers are one of my least-favorite candy bars, I appreciate how the so-called peanut butter filling is like some sort of peanut butter shale--you can chip it off in sheets with your teeth if you get them between the sedimentary layers. Although this is disgusting, it's also strangely compelling and usually enough to get me to eat the whole fun-size bar.
All this talk of Christmas is making me want to set up the Christmas decorations. We got a new fake tree last year right after Christmas (so we got a pretty good deal) and I want to see what it looks like. I know that this action will do violence to the mentes and psyches of those who champion the cause of Thanksgiving, and for that I am sorry. Fortunately, I'm a pretty lazy person so chances are the tree won't go up anytime soon.
And probably 190 stale Butterfingers.
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