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Looks like it's clearing up today and tomorrow, which is good for me because my wife and daughter (and our new dog, apparently) are headed home from Utah tomorrow.
I'm going to use that the next time I need to lay down a sick burn on someone.
I go to movies frequently and I'm about as un-queer as whatever-dollar bill you would say is the least gay denomination of dollar bill (probably a five).
In my immediate family (myself, and my wife and children, whom I have warped over the years) we call them "bevs," which is short for (you probably didn't guess it) "beverages."
That's a douche move on his part. I feel bad for you even though you didn't have my back on the whole coke/soda/pop issue (I actually usually say "soda").
It's "pop," breh. Pop. Coke is a registered trademark of the Coca Cola Company.
Betimes people will become friends with someone new and then go through that person's whole FB history (especially photos) and comment on crap from years earlier.
I can't speak as to how it is with other languages, but when I was a missionary in Japan we used to laugh at the translations of common hymns into Japanese. Usually by the end of the verse you had maybe gotten through the first line of the English version. They didn't seem to translate very well at all.
My wife and I were part of a 90-day fitness challenge thing we did with a group of friends. We had a closed FB group where we could talk about how things were going and to share ideas and keep each other going. I think it would be annoying AF to have someone post that kind of stuff on a general FB page. I have/had a few friends who do/did that and almost all of them are now unfollowed or unfriended.
I don't mind the baby pictures on FB, but it's probably because I'm a bit older and so I don't have all that many showing up. Most of my FB friends aren't in the baby-makin' years.
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