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In hindsight? Yeah. Plus he's one of those guys who doesn't seem to realize that if he texts/e-mails something to his wife that his wife might be able to keep that text/e-mail as evidence of his less-than-stellar behavior. So there's some evidence there.
Do his family members, after caring for him in his room, eventually turn on him and destroy him for his creckeltous behavior?
This.On a related note: there's nothing so irritating as sitting through the first hour of a deposition where the attorney asks the party being deposed to give his or her life story, starting with name (first, middle, last; how do you spell that?) then moving on to all the places the person has lived and then all the places the person has worked in the last 25 years. I guess I understand the need to get that shiz on the record but it seems like all of that could be covered...
I'm a little conflicted about posting this here (instead of the happy thread) but it looks like my wife's youngest sister is getting a divorce. The sad part is that she has a couple of kids who are pretty young (as young as 3 or 4) but the good part is that her husband is kind of an alcoholic narcissist and sociopath. So hopefully she'll be okay and the kids will be okay. It's weird for us because her husband is one of those guys who is always on his best behavior around...
I cackled for an hour after reading this and realizing that it was a reference to the pots. At first I was all "hey man c'mon now everyone knows that should reduce down to 1/5 time to simplify y'know" but then I got it.
I have been experiencing this as well. It seems like it doesn't happen for a few months and then a bunch of auto-play videos (with sound) show up on the ad bars.
Exhibit A.Onsite legend? You decide.
Perhaps GorillinFool could give GF a testosterone injection--I would think he has an animalistic excess of testosterone.
What if you stripped GF of his onsite legend status and awarded it to me? That seems both fair and equitable.
New Posts  All Forums: