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"You're with me, leather...in the unemployment line."
And dealing (badly) with the fallout from your bad acts isn't an "inspiring show of character."
So kind of like the edamame of Dat South?
I was totally ignorant of the existence of boiled peanuts until this discussion in this thread.
I have been enjoying a thread on my FB feed started by a woman who adamantly insists that she would have gone over dat wall to save her baby, no ifs ands or buts about it, no sir. Even if it meant that Hurumpty would have torn her limb from limb, it would have saved her baby so she would do it without hesitation. The responses are comedy gold.
The local roadside strawberry stands are producing some stellar strawberries at the moment. I am trying to find ways to incorporate strawberries into everything I eat.
And just like that, Facebook's bandwidth usage drops by 80 percent."I would never want my child to fall into dat gorilla cage!"
I think she'll skewer her with Needle, but Jaquen will do the actual face-peeling. He seems pretty good at it.
Yup. We named him after you.
Maybe "Coldhands" is just a job. There may have been multiple Coldhands(es?) over the centuries, especially since the White Walkers don't seem to have panned out for the COTF very well.
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