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It's true, although I was sort of hoping that things were headed in an interesting new direction at the end of the last book. I never read any of the Dune books written after Frank Herbert died. I agree that the first three books were classics.
I'm still kind of bitter about that.
Maybe a mod could modify the thread title with a spoiler warning.
After all the violence in this show, for me the most cringeworthy moment ever was when the slave trader cut off that Unsullied soldier's nipple with the dagger. Guh.
Yep, I saw that too. I was hoping that that character might get her act together and follow an arc similar to the books, but...I guess not.
I haven't watched yet, but from what I'm seeing online it looks like I was wrong on all counts.
I think Merle killed off half a dozen all by himself last week. Never underestimate the power of adding "that other guy that was standing on the wall but didn't have a name" to the mix when tallying the body count.
Today, in San, Francisco I stopped by, the Ralph Lauren store. I was greeted, by salespeople, who told me that, today was the last day the store, would be open. Then they tongue, in cheek invited me to, help myself to whatever, I wanted from the, shelves. Unfortunately, all they had left were things that, in my haste, could not, fit into my, backpack.
I think that if Peter Dinklage can nail his role in Elf playing an obnoxious children's book author who is super-prickly about his stature, he can handle a little *** ********.
New Posts  All Forums: