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Oh, of course.
Why do Iron Man's eyes need to glow?
I'm excited about it. I commented on it in another thread on another forum.
From what I read, the posters and previews made it look like a comedy but it was really a ponderous and depressing story about a self-absorbed woman who abandons her family to chase her selfish and far-fetched dream of being a rock star.
I, too, thought that once. Please allow me to disabuse you of that notion. Gods of Egypt was terrible, and not in a way that was amusing or entertaining. It will make you angry at how aggressively bad it is.
That sounds like a good reason to marry her, all by itself. I still smile every time I walk up to my E46 in a parking lot from a distance. I love the way it looks, even 12 years after getting it.
Congrats! Not everyone makes the cut. Good on ya for being one of the select few.
Oh, that sucks. I'll be sure to post about it four years from now.
That is hilarious.
Nitpicking is fun. I approve.
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