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We had planned on doing a 50-mile backpacking trip this week with our scouts but due to a lack of parent support we have decided to cancel it. So that's a bummer. I was looking forward to a few days up at Tahoe.
Betimes when I see a language professor who is teaching his native language in a foreign land (the United States, for example), I can't help but feel like he's cheating somehow.
I hadn't realized that Li'l Mathis was a real person either. I guess I just figured he was a figment of L'inc's fever-brain imagination.
Morrissey definitely seems like a cat guy.
I guess we're talking about different things. I meant the overmolded rubber grips. I'm not sure why anyone would take issue with the wooden Hogue grips and I don't have any personal experience with them.
I think a lot of people just find them unattractive. I like mine just fine but have to admit that I drool over some of the exotic wood grips people post here.
I grabbed a Hogue overmolded grip for my Ruger but it was only about 15 bucks. I like how it fits in my hand but it's certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing option.
I suppose if the comic is supposed to be a meta commentary on the situation. If the artist was attempting to advance a certain POV, though, it's less effective.
Eh. I just made an observation about the comic. Don't try to read a bunch of motive into my throwaway comment. I could have just as easily made the observation that the comic seems to be making the statement that the black community (if that's what the burning house represents) is a lost cause/not worth trying to save at this point. But that's a whole 'nother can of worms.
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