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I wondered if maybe he came out of the blocks and cramped up or something. It was like he couldn't lift his legs more than six inches off the ground.
I don't get what happened to that Haitian hurdler tonight at dem Olympics. It was like he didn't realize he was coming up on the first hurdle.
Sorry to hear it, L'Inc. Best wishes for your mom and family.
I had to look up Imo's because I had never heard of it, and in doing so I learned:1) What Imo's is2) That there is such a thing as "St. Louis style pizza"3) That one of the features of said pizza is Provel cheese product4) That all this time whenever L'Inc said "Provel" and I thought he meant provolone cheese he really meant, actually, Provel. Huh.
I forgot to update from a couple of weeks ago. My son had his Eagle scout board of review on Tuesday and became an Eagle scout. We're super proud of him and all his hard work. Maybe not so much on the "making you happy" side, but I also found out that I am going to be released as scoutmaster for our troop. I have been called to a new assignment at church so the scoutmaster gig will pass to someone else. Tonight is our court of honor (just the regular end-of-summer COH,...
I actually love walking around Home Depot and looking at all the shiny new tools and other stuff.
Betimes you just can't help yourself and must express yourself with one of your lower appendages. It's just human nature.
Sorry to hear it. Maybe it's time to move on.
From the moment I saw the first Ballers commercial (which was repeated hundreds of times over the last season of GOT) I knew that I would find it meh. I watched a few minutes of the pilot and my initial impression was validated.
Probably for the best.
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