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I hope it does--each section sort of leaves the reader with a mystery. I think it would be sort of boring if they made it linear.
I found it disappointing.
Another thought: even though you might be humble and just trying to fit in, you have to remember that a lot of law firm partners are stuck up, self-important assholes. You may just want to "fit in," but a lot of them aren't going to like the idea of someone they see beneath/behind them dressing like they do. So even if you are self-effacing and nice to everyone, they're going to project their own biases and insecurities on you and that's going to be two-plus strikes...
This was mostly what I was thinking.
I didn't get the final discount even at checkout. I had to call BB customer service to have them fix it. They did, immediately. Shirts are on their way--I hope to get them by Friday.
I FINALLY watched the last two episodes last night. What a great season.
I felt like I just watched the entire movie. But it might be kind of cool to see in 3D.
Bump for Dawnguard DLC.
I'm wearing a suit without a tie today. But it's a summer-weight unlined tan poplin suit, so it's a little more casual. I don't think I would wear a regular wool suit without a tie, although I will frequently wear a sport jacket with slacks and no tie.
Hey! That's my real name.
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