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I'm looking forward to an explosion of discussion about it on the 9th in this thread.
Agreed. Frankly, I'm just glad to have any sort of decent fantasy/swords and sorcery show on TV.
I like the idea that the magic in GOT usually sucks and has horrible, taxing consequences on the people that try to use it. It's a lot better than the whole "wave a staff and my enemies are vanquished" stuff you so often see.
[[SPOILER]] This is my first time using a spoiler tag. I am very proud of myself.
I was wondering if they couldn't take that approach with the ships--a couple of short cuts showing the whole battle, then closer scenes of people/ships/chain/green flames. But I'm certainly no expert--maybe what I'm suggesting would totally suck in practice.
I don't know much about the movie/special effects industry, but it seems like doing the chain wouldn't be much more expensive than, say, putting together all the sets for the ruins of Harrenhall. But I guess we'll see in a few days. Either way, they are certainly building this up as an epic battle. I hope it doesn't disappoint.
UC Davis.
Yeah, I've gotta agree with that.
That's pretty true to her character in the books, though, isn't it?I think it's interesting how GRRM manages to make the people who rigidly adhere to a moral code seem like the dupes in the story. It's the people with fluid morals that seem to do well.
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