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It's an easy mix-up. I've always wondered why the companies didn't do a better job of differentiating themselves.From what I've seen, Farmers has decent insurance products. It's just the sales model that sucks, and then mostly just for the salespeople. State Farm seems to follow the classic agent sales model.
Maybe TwanginFool.
That's a change from my normal nomenclature, which is to call it "dat Oculus Rift." I keep hoping it will catch on, but alas.
No worries.
No. When I make grand revelations I usually preface them with "Thus saith VaderDave" along with a fog machine and maybe a strobe light.I never said that the sentiment was wrong or even misguided. I just find it amusing that a supposedly eight-year-old girl would be expressing such adult-like sentiments. Perhaps she's unusually precocious. I also find it amusing that we're supposed to take the letter more seriously because it supposedly comes from a sweet little girl.I...
That reads exactly like something an eight-year-old girl would write...while taking dictation from her anger-infused mom.
I love how whoever markets the OR has somehow gotten everyone to call it "the" Oculus Rift, like it's some sort of magical talisman.
I only know a couple of people who admit to being BeachBody coaches. Both of them are sort of pudgy and not very inspiring from a fitness perspective.
I love how when you put a red-dot sight on someone and then press the little button on the top the red dot just burns a hole right through the person's entire carcass. So deadly.
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