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It's not really a story until three middle-aged soccer moms on my FB feed repost it.So we're 2/3 of the way there.
Nobody seems to be talking about how Ryan Lochte shattered taboos by breaking into a gas station bathroom, though.
Does he ever just fire them over the forum? It seems like that would be more efficient than having to call them and tell them that they are fired from their jobs, wherever they might be.
Does Piob try to get you fired a lot?
It's all reasonable. I just think it's probably overkill, except for the "hey: you're a lawyer? I'm a lawyer too--I understand you and what you need" angle (which might be pretty important). But if the product is software based and they are clueless about software (like you mentioned earlier), it seems like it would be better to have someone with more software knowledge and less legal knowledge. But I haven't ever worked in that industry so I'm just guessing. EDIT: I guess...
It seems odd that they would have lawyers as their salespeople. That seems like sort of a waste of a law degree to me.
I am grateful for the feature that allows one to hover over a link and see what the link URL is before actually clicking said link.
Yes, it was definitely just tobacco smoking, not vaping.
I heard on NPR yesterday that smoking among American teenagers is down to like 9 percent. That's pretty awesome. It was within the context of a story about French teenagers, where the smoking rate is like 40 percent. Gross.
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