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I was wondering if they couldn't take that approach with the ships--a couple of short cuts showing the whole battle, then closer scenes of people/ships/chain/green flames. But I'm certainly no expert--maybe what I'm suggesting would totally suck in practice.
I don't know much about the movie/special effects industry, but it seems like doing the chain wouldn't be much more expensive than, say, putting together all the sets for the ruins of Harrenhall. But I guess we'll see in a few days. Either way, they are certainly building this up as an epic battle. I hope it doesn't disappoint.
UC Davis.
Yeah, I've gotta agree with that.
That's pretty true to her character in the books, though, isn't it?I think it's interesting how GRRM manages to make the people who rigidly adhere to a moral code seem like the dupes in the story. It's the people with fluid morals that seem to do well.
I just got an e-mail from the new president of our LS alumni association. One of the things she did (naturally) was hit us up for donations. She mentioned this sobering statistic: in the decade since she (and I) graduated from law school, the tuition has more than quadrupled (from $11K per year to $46K per year). I was stunned. I always thought that my school was a relative bargain in the law school world. Not any more.
I totally agree. Some of the casting choices have been a bit "meh," but they hit that one out of the ballpark.
Two problems: 1) Talking about your M5 is just a great way for your professor to say, "what a douchebag--he's a college kid with an M5." That probably can't do anything but hurt you. 2) Trying to "educate" your professor is a bad idea. Your professor isn't going to take the time to understand your POV unless it's fully contained in your paper and compellingly presented. Anything else and you're just asking for a C.
Can you make a living doing this? Or would he have to have some sort of regular job?
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