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Someone left a newspaper on the table at the cafe/restaurant where I had lunch with my wife yesterday. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed opening it up and reading it for a few minutes while we waited for our food.
I like zucchini. I think it's good if you throw it on a hot grill for a short time and then eat it while it's still sort of crunchy.
To be fair: Tom Ford is probably a big fan of Sully.
At the risk of sounding like a Pollyanna: don't you worry that someone at work will learn about your ganjabaire ways and cause you career damage? Where do you get your supply? What happens when your supplier learns you run a company and decides to blackmail you? Or is this all just not even on the radar as an issue? I live in CA and have several clients who run dispensaries out here, but I also have a bunch of Intel clients who would lose their jobs instantly if they...
Yep. It was the 124.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
You might also check the driveshaft bearing/mount/carrier/whatever it's called and the guibo.
I saw the new Fiat-Miata (Fiata?) in a concourse at the local mall today. I think it's good-looking in person. The model they had was almost $30K, doe.
It seems like a cut and paste is in order.
I would have crumbled like a dried-out souffle.
I never knew that Rush toured with Kiss in the '70s. I find this kind of shocking.
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